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Bobs Stories Book - 1

Grotto Mountain

Chapter 1 Danger in the woods
Chapter 2  Bobby meets new friends
Chapter 3 Rumble in the mountain
Chapter 4 Nicos is missing
Chapter 5  Nicos is alive
Chapter 6 Ranger station deserted 
Chapter 7 Beamer acts strange
Chapter 8 Beamers new friend
Chapter 9 Charley Finds the main tunnel
Chapter 10 They find the lab
Chapter 11 They must be sick in the head
Chapter 12 We must destroy this project
Chapter 13 Set the Charges
Chapter 14 Down the drain
Chapter 15 Finally safe in Red Bluff
Chapter 16 Devious plans Back fire
Chapter 17 Nature solves the problem

Grotto Mountain
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Bobbies Adventures Book Two
Seattle in the Dark
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