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  Chapter 1
   Who turned out the lights?
******      What Happened ? as I rose to my feet, Where am I? It's dark I must be at work, my watch say's it's 3:23am What's that noise ma be it John in his office. No It was in the hall and it sounded like some one had hit the wall. I got to find the light switch. Got it my phone. hit key their a light ,I hate the dark, the light switch, they work lights on. Wow look at this room ,it looks like a twister hit it papers thrown every where, computers smashed, What is going on? That noise again ,what is it? I'm scared. I got to settle down. I will peek around the door, I don't see nothing, It sounds like something is pounding the wall, I heard a door shut hello hello is any one their. It sounds like some one is dying, hello, hey the lights, some one turned off the lights, my phone, Here it is, the light key, Who are you, Wack  wack  Stop hitting me I'm going to die. I'm bleeding, I can't see nothing.  "Help Help"  I got to be quite their is that moaning , where is my phone. My glasses .I got to crawl  towards that noise!  Hello some one their?  Here is a door I see an exit light in the other side of the room,. Is that a body laying their?  it's moving  are you all right?  who are you? A faint voice It's Linos, Linos What happened? I got to get a light hold on Linos, I crawled towards the bath room I started to see a little in the dark my eyes are getting used to the light. their on the shelf, a flash light, Your bleeding Linos, Let me find my phone in the hall and I will call 911 .Faint voice No Nicos  don't call Why Not?  They took Halina. help me to the chair, they must of hit you on the head. here let me get some water on a rag, there that not to bad, just going to hurt a while. Help me over to the window Their was a red Van when I looked out the window about 15 min before I was hit I see it's gone. their were a couple gyes in it, I thought they were out of place. Look call Tracy and have her check out the area where the van was. Ok she was here earlier in the lab. Her number scroll down here it is   Tracy. Tracy we had a break in Halina has been kid napped, hurry we need you to do your Forensic stuff,  where the van was parked Van Red van? Yes I saw it and I got a good look at the two men in it. Hurry. I'm on it. she is coming as he turned back to Linos who now was headed down the hall, I ran and caught up with him  they tore up the office, what were they looking for? Linos did not say any thing except go get the latter out of the store room, Why ? just go get it  as he returned with the ladder Linos had moved a couple of desk, He looked up and their was a air duct grate, he climbed up the ladder and pulled away the filter, he pulled out his pocket knife he reached way back and and cut some tape away, He pulled out a small box and a envelope. handed it down to Nicos. What is this? hold on, ok, Nicos did they get all the hard drives? Yes Go in my office and look in my books on the shelf t2nd shelf from the top 3three or four books in , their is a book called Caribbean water cycle. Let it rain. bring it here be care full their is something in it. What? Just go get it. Wait take the ladder, o yea. Got it" here it is ,What's in it? Look you carved the pages out It's a     It's a USB Flash drive. Great place to hide it, yes now lets get to my house and see what we got, Tracy your here ok we are going to my place and start their. you learn what you can, Go down to the market on sage and 5th, buy a throw away phone. We will swing their a buy a phone too I will put my number on the light pole over by the feed store, Is that pole still their yea  and old Joe made his boy climb up it and hook a light to it on an extension cord. Billy the boy with the hand with only two fingers on it yea  he must be crazy yep. Don't use your credit card here let me get you some cash out of the back up safe said Tracy, Nicos said ma be they got it. Tracy  laugh and went over to a flower vase on the shelf buy water cooler and took the flowers out and turned it up side down out dropped about 3 $100.00 bills and some 50ts , I did not know that was here no body tell me nothing, They began to laugh and Linos said let's go Nicos. let's go and down the stairs to the main floor and out the door. There was hardly any sound ,you could hear a train in the distance ,they got in the car and headed to the market. Linos went in side and got a phone  He programmed in a number and grabbed some sodas a coffee and some donuts for Nicos,. As they arrived at linos street ,Linos stopped and shut off the lights and told Nicos stay here I'm going to walk down this alley to the back of my place and check it out ,Ok As he got to the end of the fence ,he stood on a wooden box an looked over, he could see his place, the back door was opened and he could see flash lights through the windows, He jumped down and ran back to the car ,He backed up and turned down the side street with his lights off. He could see a red van parked down the street .He parked and told Nicos Don't move get down ,I'm going to check it out. Nicos do you have your phone ?yes Give it to me. I thought we weren't going to use our phones I got an Idea, He got in the glove box and grabbed a role of black tape, He quietly crossed through a yard and then behind some bushes .Their was the van., he looked in the back window of the van no Halina ,empty just some boxes and junk, he crawled under the van and was taping the phone to the frame of the truck He looked up and he could see the men returning. he had no place to go so he crouched as close to the inside of the tire as he could. They started up the van He reached up and turned the phone on vibrate and laid out flat as the van drove off their he laid motionless exposed in the street hoping they would not look in the rear view mirror, the van turned the Connor, he jumped up and ran back to the car. he jumped in out of breath. Nicos that was close you looked like you had got run over they began to laugh scradley .He started the car and took off. Where are we going? I don't no let me think. He jammed on the breaks  and grabbed a pen off the visor I got the plate number ACH 7116 You Did all right.  Nicos said lets go to the twins house Pat and Dave they have an apartment on the east side of 1st Ave. between James St. and Cherry, their are computer freaks, I have not seen them since last summer at the fair. ok  but we need to go to the feed store and write this number on the light pole ,Ok  turn around and head to walker street go left. to maple. They wrote down the number and headed to he east side. where Pat and Dave lived lived.
      Tracy Reached the market and got her phone and called Linos. He told her what happened and said we want you to meet us at Pat and Dave's house, ok  I'm going to call  Bobby He will help us he can run that plate he has that Detective business now, That's right! call him and have him meet us their, tell him Its 401 east Cherry st. East side. Tracy called Pat and told him what has happened and that Linos and Nicos were on their way . Pat said ok He woke up Dave told him what was going on. Dave said I'm going to run down to the market and get some bacon and eggs they are probably starved, grab some orange juice, got ya. Pat went out side and Linos pulled up Hey What's up? You would  not  believe it Halina has been kid napped. I got some stuff you need to run on your computers, It might help us to find Helena's kidnappers ,Sure come on  in Hey Nicos  How are you buddy? good. Go in to our office "Wow" their must be 6 computers in here, seven and two full servers, and remote eyes and phone tapers, and a communication net work from here to any ware in the world. Nicos your dad helped us set it up. Ted did a good job for us. We will call him later today, Let's see what you got.
  Dave started breakfast and it smelled good, stay out of the bacon Nicos, make your self use full poor the orange juice. COME AND GET IT! Go ahead you gyes It will take me a second to figure out the setting to read this hard drive.  Did you get it? Here Pat your plate Thanks Some thing wrong ask Linos? no It requires a special pass word. I have to figure it out. Linos said  Helina put it in their for a back up security, I don't know what it is . Lets call Ted after we eat and ma be he knows. Ok Pass me some more potatoes, said Dave just then a voice from out side the door, Save some for me you hoggies!  It's  Bobby, come on it  Looks like the gang is all here, Every body was excited for a moment  and Bobby said  Let's see you got let's find Halina, This is good food  Dave, Thanks bobby, Pat went back to the computer and tried to open the hard drive. Pat said to Nicos go sit in that round back chair, the one that looks like a video machine ? yes  This is cool now see the buttons  call Ted.
A couple of rings  and Kristin answered Hello Mom How are you Nicos. yes mom, Linos ran over to Nicos whispered Don't tell here about Halina Get your dad on the phone. ok Mom is dad home I got a question to ask him , hold on I will get him, Dad! Hi Nicos  Dad this is important Linos wants to talk to you. Linos got on the phone and explained what has happened, Ted said what do you need me to do ? Hold on I will get Pat on  the phone. Howdy Ted We have a hard drive and Halina has put an extra pass word on it and we can't figure out what it might be. Do you know? I Do! Her first pass word was her favorite Pets name, Linos spoke up her first ferret  Nicos said  Ferintina.  Pat typed it in, Bingo that's it, we are in. Thank you dad. Bobby got on the phone We will find her. Ok what ever I can do. Dave grabbed the phone  Yea their is some thing you can do I will call you tonight  and you can help us. Ok I will be here, Good By Papa. Good by Nicos I love you .Bobby said I need to call Sheriff Bob He got some friends up here in Seattle area, I seen Bob and Dianne last summer Is hard to believe they have been married 8 years. How is your dad Linos ? Doing Good  he got married He did yes ,Nicos said it was funny him and Joleen used their walkers to get to the alter. That was funny said Pat. I'm sorry I missed the wedding I got an invitation but I was on a under cover job and could not get their. It's ok Dad can't remember any way ,But he is happy. How about your mom Nicos and the triplets, Good They think they are private eyes like you and
They are 10 years old, Has it been that long since Grotto mountain, yes, but we have had some great adventures since then, yea we have we will have to get every body together and try to remember details, sounds fun. and your mom how is she? Doing good, she went back to school and became a broker for antiques, import and export,  Pat said I got something look some kind of formulas and drawing, Get Ted back on the phone Nicos.
Chapter 2 Give us what we want

   Bobby went out side and called one of his associate, who has helped him on many cases, Angie was good at tracing cell phones ,cell towers and phone tapping. He gave her the phone number of Nicos phone that was taped under the red van. He gave her Pat number and they could work together as he walked back in to the room, she had called Pat, Pat turned to Bobby, I got these special radio transmitter units, called a
CRG,. that have a frequency that no one can tap, it also has GPS and full internet. including a camera and video recorder, One of  Dave's expert Ideas. I will set up a private email for you and Angie, you take this radio for her and  one for you, here is yours Linos. Nicos here is yours. Your Pass word is  "Seattle in the Dark" it will also have a private chat and web URL so we can upload any photos or documents. and this little button pop it up and a little switch .Hit it and it's sets off a loud ear shattering screech and that might be the edge you need to get away. and if all fails take this little cyanide pill "Just kidding"  let's find Halina. Yes and Bobby here is a little device you can put on that van if you find it , it has a GPS signal and If they use a cell phone in the van it will send us the number that they dialing, kind of like getting a credit card number remotely when they scan your card, Great.
     I got my dad on the phone Pat. Ted I need to send you over a file I'm going to load it on a secure site the pass word, I don't want to say it over this phone. Ted said I have a scrambler, A Sedrick  scrambler 2500. You Do Then send me a  Beta meg signal to a tower close to the port of Settle and I will send it to you I have the new Sedrick scrambler. Great I will do it now, Hold on I got to turn mine on. Pat said I got your signal. Hold on now  pass word  sent  Ted said it's downloading Worked perfect. Pat said give us ten minutes  and check the site. I'm sending you a special CRG  radio, Bobby will bring it to you. Ted said ok. Bobby's phone rang Angie spoke I got a location on the van All right I will meet you at 43rd and Lincoln I have a radio for you said bobby.15 minuets I will be their. Bobby arrived and couple of minutes later Angie pulled up next to bobby's truck. He gave her theCRG radio, Now head back to your office and monitor us from their. We might need a wire tap, or a trace. Angie pulled away. Just as  bobby was pulling out,  Nicos pulled up next to him is his hot Corvette Jump in with me bobby  we will cruse their in style, Bobby said good idea the van is up by Capital district   rich area My truck looks out of place. Nicos fish tailed and left a little rubber and off they went.
 As they were following the signal Pat came on the radio are you there bobby? yes  turn up Front street then left on to Cleveland street. ,That's where the state meets for their consulate meetings , Yes said Pat do you see the under ground parking lot? Yes said Nicos. Look Nicos their is the Van! what is the plate number SWE 3382F  that not the plate I got it was  ACH 7116  Plate must of been stolen, Who owns the van? Bobby took the radio  Angie are you their, Yes, we got a plate number for you to run ,hold on I just walked in the door,let me turn on my computer I will call you right back, what's the plate number ask Angie? SWE 3382F  I will get right on it. Nicos  see if you can get your phone and put this  device in it's place. The phone is above the drivers side rear wheel, Ok. Nicos hunched down between the cars and slid under the van ,a few minutes later he popped up and came back over where we were parked. Angie call Bobby The van is registered to John Lewiston, Who? is that Angie said haven't you heard of Lewiston Pharmaceutical? I have said Bobby, Why would they want Halina? Let's get a CRG radio over to Ted
  As they flew down the street Nicos could handle that Corvette pretty sweet. had to slow down on the clover leaf overpass on the freeway ,his radar was beeping  ,high way patrol on duty, That was close , said bobby, Hold on said Nicos as he toped a steep hill and over the other side all most leaving the ground Butterflies in my stomach for sure. We passed the old mill and down wander lane into Ted's abode .The triplets were up in a tree house and kristy was on the porch watering flowers, Nicos jumped out of the car Kristy hugged him, the triplets ran by Nicos and grabbed Bobby come see our secret hide out ,we are detectives you know , Bobby chuckled, hey I got a surprise for you and he pulled out of his pocket 3 spy rings. He got from a spy catalog, The top would open and you could put a note in it. then he said you could talk into it and it would send secret messages to your spy buddies, and off they went in different directions with their new rings talking to each other Bobby enter the house and went into the kitchen ,Nicos all ready in the cookie jar  Ted said sit down bobby, Bobby said here is your CRG radio, Good I need to call Pat.

Chapter 2
   Ted called Pat" Those files that you sent me are very detailed of some type of machine, Not sure what it does, it has a cellular computer for DNA strands and also it analyses millions of code capability and the large section of the machine,  has a coded structural analyzer with presses, connectors, resigns spreading plates, solar  magnification power self sustainable, heat and cold resister plate cells, that can be reproduced, has a advance radar signal system for receiving and transmitting. Something Nassa would use on a space expedition. including a reactor core chamber ,looks like for a weapon of some sort. and hundreds of cylinder holding compartments. 3 feet wide and 8 foot long, each cylinder has a plug in device an feeding like tubes, and some kind of probes  that attach to some type of monitoring system. The front section has a guidance system, with hundreds of gages, the outside of it has heat shields, and retractable wing like system. on the bottom are locking ports and magnetic inter locks and recoil adapters, for handling a sever recoil impact. Ted said are they building this, Ted said no. Some of the other coded dada I translated pointed to the fact that this has been in operation for a while, some of the other drawings suggest changes made form the originals designs,  and then other files show changes to those changes , ma be the were perfecting it,. Ted said I running some back door dada on the files to see if we can date these files. I have found certain coding on the disk that was being used five years ago but the new changes are what DCI used in blueprinting. In been around at least five years. Wow said Pat. I will post my finding on our secure site and point to some of the areas I was talking about and I have tones of files to still go through.. Ok later said Pat as he hung up and started to call Bobby..