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****** Chapter  9 Charley Finds the main Tunnel
   Their is your old camp Ted , How far do we got to go ask bobby not far, Stop the truck I want to take a look at the Terrain Jim, said charley,

Here is that ranger Map Looking at the terrain you see that area where the ranger station is  pretty steep now look at mikes old camp  it flows toward the small canyon now down  by the main road that is blocked we seen all those rodents it's on about same elevation as the canyon below Ted's camp. I bet where Ted dumped that gofer is that could be the place where that research lab was, Yea lets start their  Bobby said I agree said Jim I know that area I hunted all day over their, But I did not see any thing, You weren't looking for odd stuff  Yea just that
 big Buck, lets go charley

Breaker Breaker Charley are you their over,  Hey bobby grab the radio, Dianne is that you, over, Yes, Over Every thing ok, over Yes nicos and and mike and my boys are alive Over, They are, are they at the camp Over, No over we met a young Indian boy that has seen them and knows where they are Over, Where is he now, Over Here at camp Over, We are on our way ,Over and out, That's good news They are alive. Hurry. I'm so glad my boy is alive,  I miss him so bad, we will get him back won't we Jim,  yes bobby you bet says charley
    Their back. yelled halina as she ran to the truck grabbing her papa  nicos is a live  Yes Yes  ,we will find him, now lets talk to that boy, Hello I'm charley and this is Jim and Ted, and I'm Bobby My name is Linos, how old are you 17, where are your folks? my mother died 2 years ago and my father is ill and his brother has taken him to Seattle to get help ,When? 5 mounts ago. Tell us what you know about the boys and where they are. I can show you. But we must clime a mountain and cross a river and then we must travel up stream for several miles and then climb up to the forest and you can look down  at sun set and see them being brought out side the cave. Who is bringing them out? You must see. Ok said Ted Lets go! Lino spoke is a days joinery their are no roads just elk trails and rock. Ok We will leave first light said Charley, We must stay their at night and decide what to do said Jim. I want to go said helina No It's to dangerous spoke Lino, He is right, Lets get a good nights sleep and save our families in the morning,
    Charley was up about 4:30 am  got the camp fire going, put the coffee on and started heating a big pot of stew that he had made early, figured every one should have some thing in them to start the trip , He got in to the utility trailer and got out that jerky they brought up Plenty for a couple of days. Jim your up? you to Ted  bobby and Lino are most likely still sleeping, Don't think so I heard Lino leave about 4:00 Get bobby up, Hope he comes back, me too because he knows the way to get their. Lino your back we got worried, I went back to my camp I got this a while back from a truck that went off the road and they left it. Let me see it, That's a Geiger counter. it works, Yea it dose said Ted, I had to take a class on uranium in collage, Great said Jim your in charge of the electronic gismos. also this was in their some kind of key, here Ted your department. The girls are getting up and bobby too Dianne are you sure you will be all write?  Yes I got a rifle, Beamer and Halina, Yea I can shoot can't I papa, yep. Lets go we are burring day light Day Light said bobby that's moon light. Load up good buy see you soon. said Jim.
  Let me see that map you have Sir No it's charley, ok charley  those blue line what do they mean That's where I thought they might have dug their tunnels, in those directions My father and ranger Larry were friends, our Camp was above this blue line where it says 5000, their is a lake to the south and large stand of pine trees, I seen many of those animals their. We are going right here, see where you have those lines meeting each other, The way you have drawn the lines it looks like you have found the main tunnel  their where you put the blue x .see Yes, if you follow your blue line and up a little from the 3000 mark, That is where I seen the boys down in a valley below.
     Why did wait to tell us where the kids were? Ask Ted,

Their were some men here a 2 mounts ago and I told them that I have seen big animals, and they said I was Lying,
and grab me and tied me up and took  me to their camp, I heard one man say we have to get rid of him, I got free from the ropes and got away ,They shot at me and tried to follow me, but they were too slow I hid and watch for several days, They were looking for some thing, They had a big truck with a dish thing on top that turned. Did the truck have any markings on it? Yes the letter U.S. Jim Spoke up I new it. the government has to be behind this. Charley then said The letter that was in that Rangers jacket that we found said they were doing experiments with nuclear waste and some kind of gamma partials Bobby Said and kind of enzyme, and DNA research It looks like it up to us to stop this, Well Lets first rescue every one before we  try to save the world spoke Ted  Your right let get those kids .    

    Park here, Jim Get all our stuff, bobby you and Lino go in front. Ted you keep a eye behind us ok charley. Do you see that ridge? said Lino We need to get their buy that set of trees. This is a pretty good elk trail. You no I have not seen 1 elk or a deer, said Ted Bobby said we seen some mule deer earlier, but that's it . Yes lino spoke  up, the squirrels and birds have been missing too, We found lots of dead fish in the river. but I caught some live ones. some thing strange here that. for sure Jim said, ' We got to stop and take a rest soon said lino its just up a little ways and we will be on that ridge,. here we are. Bobby where are you going I want to go over to those pine trees and look around , I will go with you said lino. Come on lets go . Their is that smell but not very strong, and look some tracks,  they go over here. look a dead elk, yes and a hole in it's head  like the wolf that Jim found. Look over down their! we are going down to that Big rock them along that ravine and back to that ridge, from their we can be in place to see your friends, Lets go back and tell Jim about this elk.!! Jim Jim !! We found a dead elk with it's brains sucked out How about it's feet Lino spoke up Yes It looked like it had been caught in a trap and the elk had pulled his foot out and ripped the sin all the way to the bone off same as the wolf said Jim, Let go! Ted said, I want to see my boy nicos  as he grab his back pack, Slow down you boys Its Steep going down , We are old men,  Lino laugh so is my dad, and bobby said their so old they new chief Sitting bull ,Struck lino funny bone and replied Like to see them ride a buffalo like old sitting bull did,  Jim got thrown off a horse last year and had to use a cane for about a week acted like an old woman Lino and bobby just laughed and laughed What so funny  up their said Charley? and that just laughed some more. I'm glad you came to help us, Me to you are a great friend bobby, and helina is very nice too, You like her don't you? No Just as friend, and they started laughing again.
  Here is the big rock, we will snake our way along this edge of this gully  them we will have to climb to that ridge  pretty steep but we can do it,. Jim ok said charley after about an hour  they came to a spot where rocks had slid down .Lino said another 500 yards and we will climb up. when they got to the spot Jim said lets eat first Every one agreed, that got out that jerky and cheese, It's good Then Ted Had a surprise and got out of his pack a hole bag of Hershey kisses, Lino had never eaten them But had no problem eating 10 or more and bobby he keep right up with him, then they started up the hill and about half way  Ted said we need that rope , Lino took the end of the rope and climbed up and tied it to a tree limb  about 100' ft up  .They used as a guide for they were slipping on the shell rock,  They climbed over some more rocks, lino showed them a trail and took it and came around to the top, Now be quite and  lets go through this thicket of trees, they came through the trees and in front of them were a bunch of huge rocks, so they went slowly towards them and their was a space between the two biggest rocks,  then just on the other side of them it was flat like a table and about 15 yards wide so they crawled to the edge and they look down to the bottom of the ravine and they could see a big hole in the side of the mountain like a tunnel Their he said they will bring them out here Jim Said Who will Bring them out Lino said you will see. as charley looked down he ask lino   where do they bring them too Lino said right by that big rock about 200 ft from the entrance. they let them walk around and get warm I think they are shivering . It must be cold under ground their Jim said, Charley thought for a moment  and said If we could get a note  down there do you think nicos could find it Yes lino said yes I will take it their  Charley said I will take it, No said Lino I can get in and out,  they will never here me I watch your camp, and took a jacket off the tree and you did not here me, That was you, why did you take the jacket. I wanted your dog to find me , I knew he would follow nicos smell on it. I wanted to make friends with him It's was lonely since my father left. Ok here take this note   Be care full Give me that rope.
    Look said  bobby Their  he is all most their ,where said Ted Their on the rope sliding down, That boy is good ,charley said You can tell this is his back yard, Their he is putting that note on that limb buy that rock, give me those binoculars. look like he is taking that red feather out of his hair and tying it to that limb it it blowing in the wind Smart said Jim ma be it will catch nicos eye Yea said bobby kind of like that glow tape. He's coming back he is climbing the rope.
Where is he ? ask Ted bobby said it's harder to climb then go down hill, I see him  their he is he is moving like lighting  said Jim , Your Back Good job son , Now all we can do is wait , how long said Ted  when the sunlight reaches that set of rocks to the west , They will come..

  Chapter 10 They find the lab