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****** Chapter 8 Beamers new friend
  Well it's about time you got up, Halina , come here beamer Want a piece of bacon You love it ,    Good morning Dianne, Good morning Halina, Charley and Jim and my Dad will find my brother and your boys and mike, I know it, They seem pretty smart said Ted, Here is your breakfasts halina, thank you Papa,

    Look at that!! the road is blocked  their is no way around it said Jim as they got out of the truck. I don't under stand, something does not look right, What do you mean Charley  climb up here , Look down the valley every thing looks normal ,no trees down no land slides, no Big rocks on the Road, Yea it looks like this slide was deliberate so that no one could get out of this area, Lets climb up this side, looks like a trail of some kind, yea to wide for elk , Look Jim big tracks like those other one, Go get the rifle and some of those elk bombs, ok be right back, Hey what did you find? It looks like a ranger jacket see the patch on the sleeve, let me see it It must be the rangers. the name tag says Larry on it, their is something in the pocket. Looks like a letter from the sheriff's office. What does it say Jim,


Here I will Read it.
   Larry We heard back from the feds about the things that were happening  that you were talking about. They said They don't no any thing about the matter. But we got a call from a man , would not say who he was, but told me that years ago they had a research lab up in that area and for some reason it was abandon and an old Indian chief from that area said their was a big explosion and the mountain covered the entrance of the place Be careful, he said they were doing experiments with nuclear waste and some kind of gamma partials and some kind of enzyme and some kind of DNA research. Don't no what that means, Just if you find some thing get back to me Bob

  Charley see those 38 casings over there, Larry must of got off a few shots off, Yea,  Look up their see how the rocks are It looks like some thing has push them in to those other rocks and it starter the land slide, That must be the rumble that they heard at camp. But the ground was shaking where we were said  Charley, Why,  ma be !!!Scary..

 Lets follow this trail, How much further do you think charley? well we are about the same level as those rocks are, Quite Look Where? Their,. it must be at least 10 of those gofers about the same size as that one Ted shot . look ? it looks like they are smelling the air and they are all looking in the same direction
Yea, Look Look Where? There It must be the Mom  of those other 10, Look at those teeth. Their are  like a saber tooth tiger from the ice age 







They must have a main entrance here Yep looks like it Jim. Lets go back to camp and get Ted and see if we can find some thing over at mikes camp, Ok It's sure stinks. But that's good they cant smell us we are down wind

  What did you did you find out ask Ted? Let's load up the stuff you got and we will tell you on the way Ted We don't want to worry the girls any more then they already are. Ok Get halina and tell her to mind Dianne, Bobby we want you to come with us, We might need to do a little tracking. ok, let me get that glow in the dark caution tape I use for tying on trees so I can get back to camp when it gets dark, Then charley remember that's right we used that tape when we were trying to find that bear I shot, and it ran down in to the canyon and you tied some of that tape about every 500 yards and it was easy to find our way out, Good thing because I or got the flash light  and it was pitch black no moon said bobby as they all chuckled. See you gyes in a little While. I love you papa I love you to Halina

    Dianne Dianne,  Yes have you seen beamer? No halina, he has been gone for about an hour at least
Well lets walk down the path and see if we can see what's up helina, Lets be quite  and sneak up on him  Ok. .Do you see him yet no? I can here him barking, up that trail Halina, be quite! look Their is a man down their playing with beamer , No I think is a Indian boy. your right Dianne I wonder who he is  Lets see if we can talk to himHello!!  Hi how are you,  Don't run Please help us said Dianne Then Halina   step in front of Dianne and said What's your name min is Halina Have you seen my brother? The young Indian stopped and just keep looking at them as they walked closer them beamer  ran right to halina and wagging his tale and barking in excitement, Who's your friend beamer as beamer turned to and ran back to his new friend, My name is Linos brave of the Chinook Tribe, My father was Chief  living water Son of Chief Sun Eagle, I'm not afraid I have been watching you since you arrived. You speak English very well. My mother taught school at fort saddle horn and I learned from her. It's so nice to meet you spoke Dianne Please come back to camp with us, Halina spoke My dogs name is beamer he likes you please come, we are scared and we can't find my brother nicos as she started to cry. I have seen him, You have, yes Please come with us pleaded Dianne, and I have seen two boy who look as one My Boys Are they alive Yes, my husband is also missing  he and the ranger are with them and alive,  Please Hurry! we got to tell my dad Ted, thank you hurry. 

  Chapter  9 Charley Finds the main Tunnel