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  Chapter 7 Beamer acts strange
******     As we pulled in to camp, we could see Ted  down by the river, Looked like he was dragging some thing, Then the trailer door swung open and halina came running out Papa has shot something, hurry of coerce beamer is barking franticly happy to see us  settle down beamer, Stay here halina an charley started running to  help ted, What is it ted it's huge and look at those teeth!!
  Look at those teeth We found a logging chain chewed in half, We better find Nicos, and figure out how to protect our self's Back at Dianne's camp they had a barricade  and it was not good enough.
It's a huge rodent about I would say 150 lb, we shot at one twice that size, I hit him but the took off., I can't believe that something could be that big out here ,Look at his claw it could rip you apart
If the teeth are this big on a small one And how big is the big ones teeth and  claws?
 I don't no.

What are we going to do with it, Burn it, I guess It Stinks  This is what we must have been smelling, Well one thing when we run into the smell We will have an Idea of what out there.
  What do you think, Jim Man it's ugly that looks like a gofer, Yea it does Jim, You know  I was thinking, That big hole up their in the woods that we found ?  Their might be another entrance, Out on the farm I Shove a hose down the main gofer hole and the water some times would comes out over in the other pasture, they have lots of tunnels that lead back to their nest, This could be one of their babies, Then charley say's I wonder if mike was trying to set a trap  with that chain around that tree, he could of caught a small one and tied it to that tree and Then build that barricade and waited, Could you imagine  what  could of come out to rescue it's baby, He must of shot at it , We found at least 50 empty rounds, and it bit his rifle barren in half. But where is mike , Who's Mike Said Ted? That's Dianne's husband, Who's Dianne? come on I introduce her to you. She's in the trailer with Halina. Halina comes out of the Trailer and says be quite you gyes Dianne was exhausted and laid down ,sound asleep Ok we will talk to her later, Look It's late  said Jim We will get started early first light  Lets go back to where mike put that chain around that tree Ma be we can find a main entrance, Ok said Charley. Whereas Beamer said Halina I don't no he was just here, said Ted You go inside helina I will look for him. Beamer Come on boy where are you, I seen him go down that trail over their,  Thanks charley, Beamer come on. beamer  how far does this trail go   I must of walked 300 yards Beamer where are you at boy, Beamer come here What are you doing, What are you chewing on, Smells like raw hide, where did you get That, Come on It's getting dark  Come on , What? you want to stay out here all night Al right Do I got to carry You,  Man your getting Fat,Good Boy. Now get in that trailer, Halina is missing you. Thank Papa I love you. Did you find him? ask Jim. Yea but he keep looking down  and wanting to keep going down the trail, and did not want to come back with me, I had to carry him, Strange!  he never leaves halina and nicos side, never seen him leave camp like that. Beamer It's 4:00 in the morning I don't want to let you out  Just wait, Bark Bark Bark. Halina said  Ted spoke up Let him out problem needs to go potty ,Ok . Beamer Papa He just ran down that trail, Go back to bed Halena I will get him in a min , He is just checking thing out He's a dog you no, No he's not He's my baby , Go back to sleep , Ok , Don't forget beamer, I WON''T  That stupid Dog where is he it's almost 5 in the morning, Got to get up any way. I will start the fire and throw the coffee on.
    Morning Charley , Got some coffee ready Jim?  Hot and strong Good  I heard you whistle for beamer, Did you find him? No he went back up that trail he was on last night. Ok Let me have some coffee and I will look around.
 he went down that trail ok. I see you found him, Ya  He was was acting like he was waiting for some one or some thing,   Good morning Ted, How is our visitor Dianne, Their she is  Good morning, Coffee, Please and thank you for helping me, Hey we are all in this together, sit down eggs and bacon are going to be ready pretty Quick. Sounds Good.
  Hey come here beamer where have you been , you are sure acting strange  lately, Halina looking for you. Beamer Beamer come here baby yelled Halina from the trailer  Beamer where have you been  get up here, Don't you be running off I love you baby as halina started to dose off back to sleep.
  ok Let's Get a plan said Charley,. Jim spoke Lets first drive down towards the main road and see if we can get through and ma be from their we can reach some one or the radio, Then we will come back and Dianne can tell us some details about what happened, we should be back in about an hour, Then when we get back If Dianne would watch halina  Then the three of us could go back to mikes camp see if we can find that hole, Ok I will get our stuff packed ropes and stuff, be sure to leave Dianne a gun, Can you shoot? Sure Can, Raised on a farm. shot a mule deer at 450 yards. Nice shot. Lets go Charley. Hey Ted make sure that you pack up those Elk bombs, Good Idea.

  Chapter 8 Beamers new friend