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  Chapter 6 Ranger station deserted 
      I hope nicos is all right Ted says bobby, I know he will, He can figure stuff out , I Remember when he got a cat out of a  dry water well, He dropped a wooden box down into that well with a open can of tuna and that cat jumped right in it and he pulled her out. Really, Yep then he accidentally dropped his glove down that well, He took a rock and tied it to his rope and put his bubble gum on the bottom of that rock  and dropped it right on top of the glove ,Yep that glove stuck right to that rock pulled it up. That is cool, he is a genies. and then down at the mall kids would loose their balloon and it would get caught on the ceiling  way up their so they would buy a balloon sand string, put tape backwards on the balloon and tie the long string on it and then run their balloon in to the ones up their and they would stick to their balloon and then bring both down ,they would get about 20 balloons that way, and then he would give the balloons to kids that were poor. He is nice, Just like dropping those marbles We will find him, Their the truck lets get back to camp, As we pulled in to camp Halina and Jim and beamer came running out of the trailer Did you find him? Well we think we know where he is, But we need ropes and lanterns.  Ma be that ranger has some said Jim, Charley why don't you and I go up their and leave Ted with Halina, Helina is real worried and needs her papa , Ted speaks up, I will pack up some food and what ever I can think of,  halina  you can help me ok I have a small first aid kit in my back pack  go get it ok, Hurry back. Lets go charley ok Jim you drive. I'm going to see if I can raise any one on this old radio  ,keep yours on Ted Channel 7 That's the channel the loggers use. How far is that Ranger station Charley well it's about 6 miles from Jim's old camp, ok Their is jims camp  now about 2 miles up is where he dumped that thing he found,  right their to the left  pull in looks like a lot of trees fell when we heard that rumbling, stop, lets look over that edge, see any thing no, you no ,Let get to the ranger station , another 4 miles  their the ranger sign, turn right now about 3 miles up.  Its steep so be care full, got ya,  their it is Honk your horn Honk Honk , lets go knock  Any body here yelled Jim Hello Hello, I don't think he is here, open the door lets go in. look on the table a note.
Tues day !! this is  Saturday  ya and look  that sandwich is stale bread it have been sitting here a while.
  We need to go down their  look for a map of the area,  try the desk, Here is one charley, you see if you can find it their camp. I'm going to look for some rope.  Hey look down by the shed, ok!!
 I found the spot not too far, look  everything we need ropes, lanterns, gas, Flares, hey a hoist grab it and  get those shovels, and pick, what's this?  Those are elk sound bombs They run the elk out of certain areas, Their loud  Grab  a couple of boxes ok Grab all of them, load this stuff up back the truck up here Jim I'm on it.
    Let's see according to this map turn right at the 5,000 marker Right, now  left go past high water, their stay to the left look like a valley, yea the 3,000 block rd is below us

   theirs winder creek, keep going  4,000 rd another mile,  their turn north now about according to the note about the 1,000, look their is a truck tipped over to the right, Stop,  Get that rifle Jim, ok, can you see any thing hardly It's really humid like a  we are in a fog, their that's smell again. look what was that hold on Bang Bang did you hit it, I'm sure I did I heart the thud and I seen it flinch, What do you think it was Jim? It look like a bid rat but the size of hippo but moved really fast. Yea I thought it was a 500 pound gofer, That it it look more life a gofer then a rat, Any body here Yelled Charley Hello, it was dead silent,  Jim look  just by the tree a upside down table and boxes chair and mattress, Look like it was a barricade for a last stand ,Look at that Jim must be 50 empty cartridges Yea look at that rifle charley! I think the gun barrel was bitten off. hey look at these tracks   Huge what could have made these. We need bobby here, he would know,  and look by that tree its blood and hair,  I think you did get him, look at where that blood is eating into the tree bark, Yea. let do a search for these people or any thing that might help us. I can't find nothing, their is a tow chain rapped around this tree, and it has been bitten off see the marks on the end, He must of caught one. What was he going to do with one? lets go, Did you here that yes it sounded like a woman, Hello Where are you, I think its coming from over their Hello! Hello! Quite Jim I here a tapping noise, Me to its coming from mmmm  from here,  tap on that stump, Tap Tap Tap, Hello we hear you, Get the shovel charley and pick, got it Dig here ok, Chunk Chunk sounds like metal Its a truck door  Pry it up!! help me here it comes. pull it out of the away. shine the light down   O my are you ok? Yes let us help you Thank you thank you How long have you been down their. about 4 days some thing came in to our and grab my twin boys So my brother mike put me in here and went to find the boys, have some water, Get in the truck  Hurry lets get out of here, They took me the day before but I got away and got back to camp then they got the boys. I'm glad you found me we got to find my boys and my brother Mike  ,Yea they took one of our kids  so ma be we can help each other. What's your name Dianne, ok Dianne we will find them. don't worry. 

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