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  Chapter 5  Nicos is alive
****** It's light enough to cross the river Ted said Charley, Grab the rifles Bobby and that back pack. ok Ted do you have that campus Yep. and some rope just in case, Good now jump in the truck about a half mile back is a fallen tree in the river that will help in crossing the river. ok their it is  lets cross. Charley why does the water look like it glows and feel it, It's really warm. Be care full bobby I don't no, now  keep your eyes open and be quite watch for signs, Their is the camp we can pick up the trail here . Look Charley said bobby  some kind of drag marks, look a blue marble. Nicos had a bag of blue crystal marbles tied to his belt Yea he showed them to me said bobby    lots of them, head up that hill.  it looks like those marks are going in three different directions, which way do we go Charley said Ted Look said bobby I see another blue marble down that trail see it shining in the sun. Yes  Nicos must be dropping them so we can follow him  Smart kid I told you He's alive said bobby!!  Get that radio out bobby lets see if we can get Jim on it. Here charley  Breaker Breaker  Jim  Hello Jim  Come on Jim You Their Yea charley breaker , Nicos is alive Breaker Al right Helina grabs the radio  let me talk to him ,Give      that radio halina  sorry, Did you find him Charley breaker No but he left us a trail  with those blue marbles breaker Good find him Breaker Ok Jim get back to you later over and out,Yes lets go be quite. I will go first  said bobby, look a broken branch and some marks on the rock, let me see said Ted it's from bobby its a circle  with a line on the bottom.   he learned it in his boy scout class  to leave a trail marking, Can you smell that Charley said bobby, yea its getting stronger lets go this way towards that thicket of trees, that the kind of trees that I found that dead wolf  in,  Lets go around the back way. up this set of rocks  and behind that hill. look at the trees they are glowing like the water and their is no snow on the trees. We must be getting close. It's dark in here and really stinks, Here charley is a flash . thanks Ted , now get behind me bobby, Keep that rifle ready Ted I got it but I cant see nothing in front of us. be quite, NO No  stop stop Help  I'm slipping Help I can't stop  THUD  Thurd Help I can't see I have fallen in a hole. Move bobby are you ok ,I think  don't come any closer. what should we do Ted , What should we do!! help him, I will throw you a rope grab it, hold on I dropped the flash light , Ma be I can reach it, got it Throw the rope bobby, try again ok hold it Got it Tie it around you said Ted Ok, Now pull Bobby  ,ok,  their he is come on ,keep pulling bobby  I made it.Thank you gyes you saved my life. Shine the light over their what is it ? a huge Hole said charley,  how deep is it ask bobby, I don't know , Hold the rope while get closer I will shine the light in, I cant tell the batteries are getting low, Hold no charley said bobby ,Where is that back pack, here bobby give me the flash light, What are you looking for bobby ask Ted Glow sticks  we always take them with us when we go hunting, Good thinking bobby said charley, Got em here is one charley, I got six of them Great, Lets see break it wow it's bright ,I'm going to drop it down the hole and see how deep it is , Look it's falling ' I can barley see it, but it stopped, it's got to be 250 or more, We cant reach it with what we have , Lets climb down, We Can't The walls are straight down like a well , I got lucky and landed on a ledge where a big root was sticking out. What are we going to do? ask bobby, We got to see if we can get help and more rope and lanterns,  What about Nicos,  I know Their is nothing we can do till we get more rope, Look Charley Ted
another marble, He has to be down their, Hurry lets get help break a couple more of those glow sticks so we can get out of here. 
  Chapter 6 Ranger station deserted