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  Chapter 4 Nicos is missing
******  What happened? I think it was a earth quack, look at the road their is no snow on it at, all no rocks, no fallen trees, I know I don't understand!  Trees were fallen on that landing, but not here, ma be it's like a tornado hits one farm but not the other, Ma be Stop Look down at the river it must have rose about 10 ft, hurry that is higher then our camp, I know I know,  one more mile, their is the camp pull in, It's not under water it looks perfect. Hey Jim where are the kids, Dad Did you here that rumble What was it. yea says nicos and bobby at the same time. I think an earth Quake. Earth Quake Said Jim We did not feel a thing, The water about a mile up stream or so has rose about 10 ft, Not here look it the same as when you left, Did you spot any Elk Dad What nicos? You and Jim left to spot elk, o yea that's right, Nope but we will keep trying. Come over here Jim  Ok charley I got to tell you something about what happened, ok, charley spoke as calmly as he could telling Jim what happened Jim could not hardly believe, but with everything happening  it's possible. What should we do I don't no, tonight when the kids go to bed you and I and Ted can come up with a plan.
   That was a long day, finally the kids are in bed , I'm glad their safe says Jim  Me to charley agreed, with everything happing we never got up to the ranger station, said Ted I know spoke Charley, and continued Lets go first in the morning down  the valley and see how bad the road is, see if their is another way out, Then lets find that ranger I thought with the thundering mountain and the mountain sliding  down would of got that ranger moving around and checking the area, I never even heard a truck all day, In fact I don't think I heard any birds or squirrels chirping, Me neither and I don't here any crickets now, last night they were so loud that I could hardly sleep sad Ted strange, well get some sleep its going to be a long day tomorrow ok Good night.
   It was almost 4:30 in the morning that beamer starting barking, woof woof woof loud  and more barking running down to the river barking and barking like something is out their. Ted jumped up , What is it beamer Beamer stop barking , but beamer continued to keep barking as hard as loud as he can, charley got up and ran out side and beamer was just frantic and would not stop barking, so Ted yelled  Nicos Nicos come out here and settle down beamer, Then a scream came from the tent Halina was screaming ! nicos is gone nicos is gone , Ted rushed over to the tent nicos was not in his bed, Nicos yelled Ted as well as charley and beamer was barking and running up and down along the bank of the river. shut up beamer  Bobby get that dog  Ok Jim ,as Jim was lighting the lantern, get your truck Ted shine your lights on the river where beamer is barking, Get back here Halina stay away from that water calm down quick crying We will find him. O daddy I'm scared what if he is dead, Now settle down He's not dead  yes he is, no he is not, Find him daddy ,Go sit down and quit yelling so I can think, Pull that truck down here said Charly to ted , use that spot light, shine it over to the other side of the river, Look charley  what is that  its moving up the hill, shine the light on it, The trees are in the way, Get out of the water Jim ,No I'm going after nicos  as Jim plunged in to the river, Their he is said bobby on the other side on the bank heading after nicos, What are we going to do cried Ted my boy my boy I love nicos so much, I got to find him. daddy what are going to do, Bobby get some wood on that fire yes sir charley right now hurry , Bobby get Halina over buy the fire settle her down, and get her a blanket to put around her, hurry bobby. Charley Charley yelled Ted get over here  there is Jim on the other side he's coming back, What did you see Jim you must be freezing get over here by the fire. I seen something!! What? yelled Helina   It was big, and was moving fast, I could not keep up and it, It was dark, very dark. I could not get a good look it was moving fast and disappeared in to the trees and then Quite,  nothing, Did you see it nicos? ask charley, no, what are we going to do? first settle down, We can't do anything in the dark, it will be light in about an hour, and we will find him .He's a smart boy He will stay alive He's dead, I know it sob heliana No he is not said Ted, He is your brother and we are going to get him back., Jim Jim come over here to the river yelled bobby Look! Look at all these dead fish  in the water what happening I don't no Lets get with the others and stop that dogs barking, Come here beamer yelled  Halina and picked him up and was crying You got to find nicos beamer please please I love him.  Every one settle down We will find him, What we will do cry Halina.  we will search for him at first light  Now get some coffee going Charley and I will get our rifles out and some gear together and first light Ted and I will cross the river and look for nicos Me too said bobby I'm a good tracker, I'm not scared  Necos is my friend Your right said charley you come with us.       
  Chapter 5  Nicos is alive