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  Chapter 3 Rumble in the mountain
****** Just pull in their,  Got every thing?  yes sir, Thanks again for letting us camp by you, Worrier about  that smell and all, No problem Ted, says charley, We love to have  the company Jims a pretty good cook.
Hey Jim meet their dog Beamer, come here beamer come on this is Jim, Hey little feller your sure spunky
Lunch is ready  Going to eat that fish and craw dads and of coerce macaroni and cheese and peanut butter sandwiches yea as nico &  heline and bobby are dancing and jumping around and beamer is barking
 Settle down says charly, let's eat. Well that was a good lunch , can we go down to the river and throw rocks. Be care full nicos  watch your sister ok dad
    Good kids yea,  Tell us what you found,  ok I did not want to say any thing around the kids but yesterday I got up early beamer was growling and shaking in his boots scared of something but not barking,  I notices that the fire pit that we had dug had the coals spread all over and it look like some thing had dug it up. were talking a bed of hot coals, we had a pretty big fire last night  and I had put some big wood on it so that we would have coals for breakfast, well the logs  were deep in the bottom like they had been buried, I went and got my shovel and starting digging around in the bottom of the fire pit, I  notice a hide or something in the coals , I tried to pull it out but is was stuck on something ,I kept digging and their was some ooze like puss from a boil or infection, smelly and very sticky, I went and got a pry bar out of the truck and I pried up a head of some kind attached to the skin I had been pulling on, still could not pull it out, so I got the truck  and tied a rope to it and pulled  this huge distorted oozing glob of something that was dead Could you tell what it was ask Charley, no and it had a bunch of  I don't know legs or
tentacles like an octopus but made of rock like bone, So I drug it out of camp up the road about 2 miles and pushed it over the side of the road  I took my ax and tried to chop off one of the arms, Hold on look at what it did to my ax head
   Let me see that said Jim its chipped but it looks like you got something on it and it dissolving the metal,. Its not melting it, but It looks like something is eating it like a caterpillar eats a leaf. Yea it does,. Charley speaks up and says come on Ted,  let's you and I go up and see it, Ma be we can take a picture of it for the ranger .ok let me grab my coat ,put that ax in the back of the truck, we don't want to leave it here, Ok Jim tell the kids we went to spot elk , Be care full  something is wrong out there.
      Theirs are old camp just a couple of miles up Nice View. look at the road  their is no snow in the middle of the road I drug that thing down this this morning and their a was at least 8 inches and it has been snowing all day  Stop lets check it out Charley does the ground on the road seem warm to you, Yea  and look at the tree trunks  It look like something is eating them Look at that bark, Get me that ax Ted I will knock a piece of bark off it Ok Charley, hit it again I did is like hard as iron I cant even penetrate the wood Unbelievable  Come on lets get up their and check out the spot you dumped it, ok is only about half a mile from here. Go,  lets go, ok,  I took this little landing rd off to the right  and its about 200 yards in on the landing, Their I pushed it off the side. stop Do you smell that, Yes I never smelled it that strong before, Hold on I got a 45 in the back seat for bear , Go get it, ok hey I don't see anything down there It has to be It was right their I know I could see the road a way down from your camp I see the turn where we headed up to camp, ye this was the place.
    Look Jim the mountain looks like it falling like a land slide and Wow It's an earth quack, Hold On Get up Get to the truck  the ground is shaking and the thunder of that mountain big rocks and mud  sliding ,It  wont stop  hold on I'm look the trees are falling their going to hit us,  back up  Back up That was close it almost got us, Wow it stopped  It stopped That was terrible Jim, yea look the road is totally blocked We are trapped up here ,We need to get back to camp, Hurry, I hope my kids all right  I know their scared. You dropped your gun,  Just leave it we got to get back to the kids hurry.
  Chapter 4 Nicos is missing