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    Chapter 2  Bobby meets new friends
******   Well that was fun but scary. Good to be back at camp Jim,  I know charley, What do you think happened to that wolf. Don't no, Can I go fishing after we eat? yea just don't cross the creek  just stay on this side , and don't go any further then you can see the road. don't go down one of side creeks like you did at Big Bear river, Remember! Yes I got lost I know  but I caught 4 trout, yep and they were tasty but your worth more then 4 fish , think I'm worth 10 fish?  Well ma be What kind of fish?  JIM" be care full I will.

  I grab my pole and tackle pouch, headed down the river bank, I think that river is about 30 yards wide and got some nice pool in it ma be 10 15 feet deep. look, Wow look at that fish jump, got to be a 2 ponder Charley said you can tell cause fish have scales Funny. I better try that Cobart spinner   It's
the one for that baby I get on that log  and cast  perfect come on hit that bait try again can't believe it I thought for sure he would take it. o well I move down stream. hey look a Helgramite They always work  Ok lets see, take this spinner off, put this small hook on  put a lead bead sinker up the line 8 inches hook up that old Helgramite and a little marshmallow Float it off the bottom. Their is a big rock sneak around it real quite fish can feel vibration, look at that I will drop in in this fast moving water and their it goes right in to that pool come on little nibble  come on  Got Ya   great now real slow,  keep my line tight, pole up come to bobby that's it in the net! Yes 17 inch rain bow  pink meat Yep Native. gonna have supper tonight. Now lets take and clean you. love this pocket knife Charley's brother gave me even has
scissors on it.    love it. now lets take the stomach out of it  And put on the hook and put  the net down in the water on that rock put the hook in the middle down in to the still water in side the net and see if we can get some crawdads to smell it and get close enough to grab them. theirs one no two he's big,  that's two on the net look another one come on get in that's it got ya 3 big crawdads put them in the bag now for some more fish ma be a 3 lb momma. what's that noise sounds like a truck door closing. there is the road hey look a couple of kids. Hello up their Hello Hello. The little boy yells back  Got any fish?   Yes,  I yelled hold on I will come up their , ok Kids my age neat, Hi  how are you gyes, fine, lets us see those fish,  Wow he's big,  and what are those? the girl ask, crawdads, can you eat them? yep their good, can I hold one?  No they will pinch you. What are you gyes doing up here ask bobby? We are up hunting with our dad, what's your name? the  little boy said Nicos hold old are you? almost 13 my name is Helina and I'm almost 14, My name is bobby and I'm 14 too be 15 next month,
     Have you gyes smelled that awful smell? yes it smells like my sisters ferrets kind of  worse and we heard some strange growls last night,  hey look theirs my dad. how day he said who might you be? I'm bobby, I'm Ted their papa, nice to meet you. You from that camp below We seen your lights when you cam in,. yea that's us me Jim and charley. Dad says helina, bobby said that he smelled that bad smell to, Yea We were  hunting early and charley found a dead wolf, him and Jim were going to report it to the ranger, something had sucked it's brains out, Yuck said helina, that's gross said nicos Well let's go down and meet your friends and I can tell them some thing they might want to hear. this is sure a nice truck Thanks. what's your dads name  Its my uncle Jim and charley, ok, where's your dad ? He died a few years ago, I'm sorry, It's ok my mom and Jim take pretty good care of us, Where is your mom nicos? shes home, going to have a baby It's twins says helina ,  I'm going to have two baby sisters.
  Looks like your Camp Bobby, hello what bobby get in trouble No said Ted  we found up on the road or should I say he found the kids, we are camped up high on the ridge, past eagle point, we got lots of snow last night, might move camp down the mountain a little. to cold for helina Yea she a girl you know say's nicos, Why don't you come down here their lots of room  right their says Jim , bobby could use the company and it would give him some one to talk to  He drives us craze, my brother Talks talks talks never stops they will get a long good and I can read and not be disturbed,  She's always reading about ferrets and skunks and stuff. Is it ok Charley  I could take nico fishing, Me too yea girls can go  we will have fun, well what do you say Ted, Ok Sounds good. can bobby go up and help us pack up camp says nico Yea sure says Jim  ok.
      Their another  thing we need to talk about We have been smelling this dead animal or something and we had some things taken from our camp the other night and I found some skin or something I don't no, I will take the ranger up their and show him We are going to talk to the ranger today  you can go with us Ok load up kids lets get this show on the road.


    Chapter 3 Rumble in the mountain