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****** Chapter 17 Nature solves the problem
     The phone line at the pentagon were jammed What's is going on? No ones knows! Senator Patrick Called General Billings on his private line You need to come see me. I have some of the answer that you want.  I have all ready consulted with the President  I will be at he capital  in the morning. See you then
  The General arrived  a little past 9:00 and met with Senator Patrick, He could not believe this Who authorized this? Patrick Said that some one was working directly with the Captain, Who? We are not sure .Just then Patrick secretary entered and whispered to the senator  Their are 2 Marian Sergeant Majors here Bring them in. as they sat down Senator Patrick started to tell them what he knew. General Billings said we will get to the bottom of this .Just then The President entered they all came to their feet At ease boys. We got a problem. An ambassador of Dungee has called a special session of the UN about being attack by a member nation. We have a teem trying to calm him down, We have to work fast You have what ever you need now get to it. Yes Sir. The the Majors left. Patrick told General Billings about the lab that he was working with , The general said you get them on this and use us  how ever you need, I am taking a company of men to secure the area We have already had The Marine captain arrester. They have a lab some where General You must shut it down. We will find it, that captain will talk we got methods . Good. After the general left Senator Patrick called the lab where Halina and Linos were He talked to Nephi and said he was on his way, gave him a little detail and said I will fill you in when I get their.
  Patrick arrived at the lab ,  They all were going to met in the conference room.  They showed him the Spider that they had .You are kidding What were they thinking?  They sat down all the scientist and Halina and Linos. We have got to stop these spiders they are powerful and move swiftly  They over ran that out post with in minutes. They were trying to figure it out Morning had pasted and it was later after noon Linos and Halina with Matthew were working on some  formulas  but nothing. frustrated. Halina cell phone rang It was Nicos, What has happened ? On the news their was something about a bunch spider that attracted a military base. Halina told him some Detail  and she said that the men that were in charge of the spiders said that the spiders were not responding to the chip that they had implanted in their skin. Nicos not really thinking said their skin?  Theirs the problem spiders shed their skins don't they. Yes said Halina Hold on, Yelled across the room, Matthew spiders shed their skin  Da  Matthew said the chip was in the skin and they can't control the spiders because they don/t have the chip any more. Bobbie was on the other line and said Halina I got an Idea What ? I took a class in  Entomology, In What? Study of insects, O yea , Well their was a wasp that ate spiders, Yes  you are right I got to Go I will call you later, Thank you I love you gyes said Halina, She called a meeting with the other scientist and told them what they learned Ma be we can stop these spiders ,We could drop these wasp in the area where the spiders are. Nephi said we can put put some wasp in with our eight legged friend. and see if they will eat them  Yes Senator Patrick said I will make a call to our research lab and they can locate some wasp and get them here. Great 
   The Wasp arrive and they put them in the case with the Spider. 
                          It was working
Senator Patrick Called General Billings . Send us some trucks with some containers for the Wasp,
   It's Working

Now to get rid of the wasp Put those birds that we had sent to us from the area that the spiders are from, in the spiders cage. They are eating the wasp Nature takes it coerce
Problem Solved And we have learned don't mess with
nature ,That's for sure said Linos

           The General also had some Weapon Designers come and they designed a Air gun with a tank that would work like a flame thrower that could through wasp in stead of flamesPerfect. Then the trucks arrived and took the wasp and throwers to the air base and off to the war zone.
  Senator Patrick was able to get ambassador of Dungee to his office We have to work together to remove this threat. you must talk to your men, and we will provide you with the equipment that will stop these spiders, He was still upset How could your country do this to us, having our people killed for you war fare research We have done nothing to you.. You will be compensated You have my word on it.
    The truck arrived and they loaded up the  containers with the wasp, The military had a large transport plane ,loaded the equipment and fresh troops. they landed and unloaded they cargo to choppers and headed to the main area where they last sited the spiders   it wasn't long till they had the spiders killed and they piled them up and burned them. But secretly One of the chopper crews Under who's orders?, took one of the spiders It was not dead but almost. is was paralyzed from the stings of the wasp. and took it to a place where a truck was. They loaded it up and took it to a private small airport where they put it in to a solid steel container and on to a small private cargo jet.
  The news of the success of the spiders being killed and the area secured reached Senator Patrick who now was back in Washington. He made a private phone call to the president and informed of the success of the mission. The president told the Senator that he would like the ones that brought this disaster to the attention of the authorities to be brought to his office So he could personally thank them. Senator Patrick had Nicos Halina Bobby and Linos flown to Washington They were so  excited ,they got off the plane and they were taken to the Royal villa hotel in a Black 6 door limousine. After lunch they were taken to Devon's exclusive boutique, where Halina was outfitted with a beautiful sleek suit from chenl The boys were custom fit with Botney 500 suit with a silk black tie. Linos came out of the dressing room and Halina said Wow is that you Linos He blushed and walked up to the full length mirror I never thought I would have clothes like these Look at you Bobby said linos as Nicos was standing their looking like a million dollars and they started to all laugh and giggle.
  They arrived at the white house and entered in to the lobby at were sitting on the most beautiful furniture they had ever seen very nervous Senator Patrick entered Well if it isn't the heroes of the year. Welcome The President will see you now. They enter the room The president stood up and walked up to them and shook their hands, and said It's good to meet such fine young people The future of mankind stands before us. We are honored for your services . Halina spoke up No thank you for letting us meet you, Bobby nicos and linos said thank you. the visit was not long for the president had to attend to important  business. Senator Patrick had arranged for the kids to go on a tour durning the rest of the day Then he met them at a 5 tar restaurant and the ate Fillet minion and lobster and imported, shrimp from Mexico. He gave them each a check. to show the country's gratitude. Give this checks to Matthew and Nephi. and one to your father Linos and your father Nicos Yes sir. and Nicos. Halina I had some Boxes of Lab equipment that the President felt that would benefit you and all of us, Like he said, some times with the right equipment you can become a provider of good. Halina was speechless.
  On the flight back  Halina said to Lions You know their is enough money between you and I that we could open up our own lab. Nicos herd Halina and said we want to help to and Bobby agreed. then Bobby said to nicos and I going to get that new all terrain 4 wheeler, me too as nicos nodded off to sleep.