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****** Chapter 16 Devious plans Back fire
  Halina got up in the morning and Ted had the day off , Kristy was asleep with the babies. a knock at the door . It was Bobby and Linos Ted said come in we have not see you for at least a month, Linos said we been cramming for finals at school, I heard you were studying Genetics. Yes and Halina got me interested in DNA. Halina came around the Connor through her arms around Linos I have missed you ,did you get my last letter ? yes Hi Bobby You are getting prettier every day, and where  is beamer? Their you are come here boy. good dog .They all went in to the kitchen Halina was cooking her mother some breakfast. Bobby said smells good. I got  lots of bacon and eggs and I'm making waffles.What are Waffles ask Linos?  You will see. Bobby said their the best. Nicos turned in to the kitchen, yea if she could cook! Nice to see you gyes, Halina said you were coming. They started to talk about old times ,Ted said got to run ,see you gyes later , Halina asks Linos, How is your father? He said he is much better Jim got him in a assisted living apartment in town, The doctors said that his condition need to be medically monitored 24 hours a day. But he is walking and sleeping good, He loves it their has many friends. They love his stories. Our tribe received the mineral rights to Grotto mountain. Good jester to the area Red Bluff is now growing. My dad and I now receive our Indian rights check every month, It pays for schooling and my fathers care. and we received a large amount at first. I put in in to savings ma be for a lad some day Sheriff bob has four deputy's now. and wants to retire and settle down, Halina said I talked to Dianne  last week and she said he had spent several days with Her and mike, I bet the get hitched said linos. Oh I hope so said bobby I like Bob.
They finished breakfast and went down stairs to Halina  small home lab that Ted was helping her fix . This is nice, Papa is very good at design and look at those computers and that lab equipment  My dad got them for me. and redesigned them for the new technology of DNA research Their was a fire at this collage that he was doing some computer work for, and they had a fire in the lab, So he traded some work for most of it ,They got a grant for new stuff for their new lab. Pretty nice. Come on Nicos said bobby lets get those boxes that Torry sent And that cylinder. Bobby and nicos returned with several heavy boxes, What is in them ?       Here is a note for you Halina!
Open them Look at this stuff It must be worth Millions said Halina, Linos laughed and said this genetics computer is perfect, Look at all these Data research disk  We got lots of work to do. Well you and Linos have lots of work to do Come on Bobby Nicos said lets go ride my new 4 wheel Grizzly bear  The new one Yep the 480-ZX turbo and off they went.  

    Ted got home and help the kids set up their new equipment, This is the latest high tech stuff their is. Linos said the government always buys the newest, best and most expensive.  look at this small cooling box ,it goes down to 65 below zero Wow Even the cylinder that he sent you has a battery operated cooling system in it  here hook it up to that out let must be some kind of liquid oxygen around the inside of the cylinder that when you recharge it and the batteries it activates and keeps it cool. Sweet Now lets get to work
  The Military operations header by the Marine Captain was under way in a small country that had several rebel bands that were warring each other. They pick the most powerful tribe The Gardeekus and said they would help them to take over power the Dunggee tribe They brought in the head rebel Kantar of the Gardeekus and explained what they would do, they provide new trucks guns, clothes packs boots, and food for their people  and provided lots of cash He agreed, that was a little over a year ago and the operation was in full swing. They were now implicating their new weapon that Ralph and some other military scientist had developed. So far the Gophers have dug tunnels under the enemy lines and were taking prisoners underground to the holding chambers where the ants were feeding and guarding them. The emery Rebel tribe could not figure what was happening to their men .They were disappearing A great success . But the Captain wanted more he did not want a bunch of prisoners to feed and care for .He was a man of war His thinking was get rid of the emery for ever.
  A convoy flew in to the base operation where the Capitan was. They brought Ralf and several military scientist down an elevator about 1,500 ft down. a small carrier vehicle picked them up an it traveled down a cement and steel corridor. Came to a stop and we entered a set of huge steel doors. On the other side was a room  a command center. The Captain Reached  out to shake Ralph's hand Good to see you! Got The Package? Its on is way down Good. lets get you to your Quarters and after dinner we will get started. 

Cat Face

Here is a photo of what we have done We took a Cat Face Spider DNA and put in into a Trap Door spider The solder spider can run trap and it drag it's pray deep in to its hole and eat him and remember his hole is about 14 ft deep A buried enemy is hard to find.

Trap Door
This solider Spider we call them ( Eaters ) Eaters that a perfect name .Lets get the eaters to the field and see how they do.
How do my men control them They are harder to control then the gophers but we have a chip implanted  in the first lawyer of the skin .We tried it deeper  but they would not respond to the electric pulse. Then we put in just the first lawyer of skin and they think it is the out side danger and then they responded like if it thunders means rain get to cover or vibration  like walking  they can feel it and respond That is where the trap door spider is good  he can feel the vibration of his pray We used the Hind legs DNA of the cat face to give him the ability to run and jump Ok then
Tomorrow let's release them said the marine captain. Good job Ralph Ok we start early. How many do we have? 16 weigh about 95lb
about as much as a saint Bernard but 20 times stronger.

The captain loved the reports that he was getting  the enemy was disappearing The only problem was the Eaters did not hide  like the gophers and the eaters came out during the day where gophers were night critters Like the captain said Doesn't matter they will think spiders are doing it not us That's what i call a secret weapon.

   Back at the Helena's lab they have been running test on the DNA that Torry sent them Linos had been up most of the night when Halina came in with some coffee Linos said  Their is just something I'm missing. Halina started  one of the computers up that calculated known DNA and you know ma be we have been looking at this the wrong way. Ralph used Gophers and we have been searching rodents I was focused on the beaver The beaver said Linos . What about the ants  ,Yes maybe he is using Bug DNA what kind of bugs? Halina  clicked on another program and started running it , she typed in some information for types of bugs the area, elevation of Grotto mountain. it was scanning the DNA at a rate of 4,000 clicks a minuet Then it stopped They looked at the screen and both of them said at the same time spiders, Halina said spiders what kind The computer could not  give them that info, Linos said We have mixed DNA we have to call Torry for Help. I will call right now she dialed and got a recording ,Linos said Don't say any thing just what he told you to say on the note. Ok Hello Torry I miss you, and she hung up. they started looking at some types of spiders in the area on the internet their were hundreds in that region. The phone rang, Halina grabbed it Hello, It's Torry , We got a hit on the DNA It's some kind of spider, What kind of spider? We can't tell we need more equipment. Ok Torry said I will call you back later today Remember this is Top Secret Ok we will wait. Linos and Halina were excited they work on it all day
     The phone rang Hello Halina answered, It's Torry I talk to Senator Patrick He said He wants you and Linos to come to a private military lad. It has every kind of computer their is and we have several private Scientist  that are civilians .and some good friends of yours Matthew and Nephi .Is Ted their?  Yes I will get him. Ted It's Torry Hello Torry , Halina and Linos they have broken the DNA sample But we need them to come stay at a private location for more research Senator Patrick has ask me to ask your permission. You all will well compensated. What will they need ask Ted We will provide every thing they need and you have my word nothing will happen to them. Yes sir You got me on your side Torry could hear in the back ground Linos and Halina jumping up and down with excitement. We will pick them up in the morning .And how is Kristin and the babies? Their walking and they act just like Nicos. He has been teaching them the moon walk What never mind you have to see it Next summer when we have are reunion again .That's right It has been almost two years all most. They will be ready, Later. They arrived at the Lab It's so nice to see you kids said Matthew. You rember Clark he is with us  He didn't lie His family was threaten  and we been getting messages from some one warning us about what was going on at Grotto mountain  It was Clark, We just didn't pay attention on the problem like we should have. How did you get this DNA ask Linos Matthew spoke up Charley you tell them. Torry has a friend that worked with all of us at Grotto Mountain  and He left with the group of scientist when they closed the lab down He started being concerned about the things Ralph was doing, He called Torry and Torry had him keep quite and then The Marian captain contacted him and ask if he would help them to continue the research from the mountain. So we have an informant since He got us this sample to us .Their were only a few that new what it was, But now we know. Thanks to you kids Lets get to work and figure out just exactly what the military has.
three weeks had gone by Linos and Matthew gave Clark a sample that they had been working on ,He put it in the incubator and the next morning it was moving could not quite figure what it was yet but Friday morning it had grown in to a spider and weighed about 4 ounces by that Monday it had reached 25 lbs They moved it in to a large square glass container the size of a bed room in the middle of the lab. They put some rats in the cage and it devoured them instantly they brought in a live roster and it killed it and was starting to eat it with in another 3 days, the spider was up to 95 lbs, The threw a full size wart hog in the cage, they wanted to see if it could give  some resistance to the spider with it's tusk. It devoured in in about 2 hours. What a hideous weapon the army has created.  12:30 on Friday. Torry got a call from Senator Patrick What is going on I got a call from General Billings He is supposed to meet some Marian brass and a few other 4star Generals  to fly to some country to see the new secret weapon that will change the way we conduct war? Torry said we have duplicated  his secret weapon The way he altered the gophers and ants, He has been doing a test run with them in some country, only He has introduced a 100 lb killing spider as a weapon Spider you say Is he crazy yes sir we are working as hard as we can to learn more. Well I'm stuck right now I don't out rank some of these players and I don't no how far it goes up the chain Just find a solution. Yes sir said Torry.
   The Generals arrive at the air base The Captain in his best uniform meets them Welcome You will be proud .Let's see what you got said General Billings Yes sir. We will head out to the war zone main military camp. In the morning we will fly you over the area and you can see it in action.
 They arrived at the camp You three Generals can stay is these quarters, This is nice, just like hotel on the in side and military building on the out side. We were preparing for your stay with us. General Billings your quarters, Pretty impressive. This Better been worth the money. O yes sir! You will be impressed.
  Bang Bang Bang a gun shots and a loud sound of fire from a m50 machine gun General Billings came to his feet What is going on? several flares went off then warning sirens It sounded like we are being attacked. He glanced at his watch 3:00 in the morning. He looked out his window and it was was like daylight with all the flares lit
He look over at the Marians Generals barracks and yelled what is going on what are those? They are attacking the generals. One of the spiders drug out a 4 star general then another one men were firing at the trees the Spiders  nothing was stopping them the spiders over took many of the solders and all the generals in their quarters The firing stopped,  you could here some firing in the distance as marinas were chasing the spiders soon a silence just people yelling medic medic .General Billings flew in to the middle of the camp Their stood the Marian Captain he grabbed him what have you done?. What have you done? I don't no what has happened, You better find out you are responsible for those Generals. The Captain ordered a helicopter pilot to fire up a bird and get the general out of here to the safety of the main base. As the General chopper was in the air ,the captain assembled some of his men .What has happened why are those spiders attacking us .Sir the controlling devices were not working they would not respond at all. They are functioning perfect just would not control the spiders.We could not stop them.They could hear some more gun fire in the distance The captained order Kill those spiders, All of them. Yes Sir. As it got morning they could see that their losses were heavy many men were missing.

  Chapter 17 Nature solves the problem