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****** Chapter 15 Finally safe in Red Bluff
     Good morning That coffee smells good Jim what time is it 6:30  good Dianne what are you doing ? I'm making a big fruit bowl and pancakes  , Big ones? Charley, Dianne turned and their was rusty What want a cookie here boy. You are going to spoil that dog, Sheriff Bob sad go ahead,

he has done a good job for us , sure has said bobby and Linos agreed, How long have you boys been up Jim said they are the ones that got the fire going, where's Nicos  Sleeping with beamer I thought beamer was with Halina  , Think those cookies Nicos got  last night  had something to do with it. You heard that didn't you rusty beamers eating your cookies. Dianne said don't worried boy I got a pocket full for you. Just then Bob said I thought they were for me Dianne, Well get up I got pancakes for the big boys! Coffee Bob, black is good ,Hot, you bet Thank you Dianne. soon every one was up  Charley and Ted jumped in to the truck and said we will check out the road below Bobby jumped in the back rusty right behind him then linos grab the side of the truck and swung over the edge landing on bobby they laughed and down the road they went. Nicos came out We got any hot chocolate Yea  look in those army rations  their is some Hershey powder, and powder milk.
  It wasn't long and they got to the road  where they could see the valley and the main road below, over their where the water ran down  , It looks like it cleared a path for us   see right from the cave entrance, down the mountain then it
    pushed those big rocks to the main road. Lets get the others      .Ok lets go.
  We can get down Ted told Ranger Larry  Charley said we got plenty of rope from your look out if we need it. Pack light little water and some cookies, grab that first aid kit the radio we will be able to reach my office in Red Bluff when we get to the main road and up around Casper pound. They headed down the mountain ,they tied ropes together and Linos and Nicos would go in front and tie the rope off where it was steep  ,they would all hold on the rope and then do it again. That was a good Idea Nicos said Bob with the rope Nicos said, that's how we learned to work as a teem at our summer camp. Look at all those dead gophers and ants, Don't tough them  just get around them Matthew was carrying the cooler with the glass tub in it, and  Nephi had Ralph tied  by a rope on his right arm with  hand cuff attached on his belt and to the rope on his arm keep him from lifting that arm any higher then the rope they used to hold on to to get down the trail. They reached the bottom to the main road and started walking ,soon they got to dry creek and about a mile further it was Casper pound as they turned the Connor Sheriff turned the radio back on hoping he still had enough battery life, Breaker Breaker Red bluff come in Red Bluff come in over,  Sheriff is that you said Marry, Yes over, Where have you been? we have been worried sick about you over, Is Tom there over, Yes, over Get him, Bob , where are you over, Tom bring the big van the patty wagon out to Casper pound and pick us up over, patty wagon  who is us?  over, a bunch of hunters and their families. Ok I leaving right now be their in 20 min or so over, Bob out, Who's Marry? sheriff ask Dianne, she runs the hardware store and is the school teacher "O" said Dianne. She is the wife of our preacher "O" said Dianne with a slight grin on her face. Bob just nodded nice folks.
  Sheriff Bob and Ranger larry  were looking down the road when they seen some vehicles coming It was several police cars the Patty wagon with all its lights flashing, and about 10 cars behind them and honking their horns as they pulled up to the sheriff, He took off his hat and said It's half the town. Every body was happy, two of the officers grabbed Ralph and put him in a squad car and put the cooler with the glass cylinder in the trunk, Clark put his hands up  Bob said no he is ok and charley said your right ,he can go with us, most of the friends from the town made every body jump in their cars  Tom said no body is going to ride with me in the patty wagon Nicos said I want to can I turn the siren and lights on Yes sir get in, as soon as he open the door linos and bobby jumped in with him Tom said That's more like it, Lets lead the way, Sirens blasting and lights a flashing the boys for a moment forgot all the things that were happening. Here boy grab the radio get Bob on it.
   Nicos grabbed the radio Breaker Breaker Sheriff Bob you got your ears on over, I do said Bob over Tom  grabbed the mike we will go to the Hospital lobby and we can get you folks checked out I radioed ahead to them and they will be waiting for us. as they turned in to the parking lot their must have been the other half of the town including  old Sammy the barber. Hey Sammy said Bob. Just thought you might need a shave , Yes sir and a steak and a shower, Well I can wait on the shower Jim Yelled No way you need a shower.  Ok Man It's good to be home. Ted went in side and got to a phone and called Kristy to see how her and the twins were doing, Darleen ,Kristy's friend answered and said that she was at the hospital and she might have the babies early. Ted said tell her we will be their as soon as we can. My truck is up on the mountain Don't worried said Peter I have a  4 seated plane I use to bring our mail and in with we will fly you to Port Angles and you can get  a flight to Settle. Ok be out at the airport say 2 hours and I will ready to go. Ted got Nicos and Halina over to the Hotel where the folks of Red Bluff had set up a place to shower and get a bite to eat. beamer right behind them. Every one else got checked out  by old dock Fredrick, who by the way is also our vet on the weekends and emergencies. In fact he gave rusty a tetanus shot, He had a pretty bad gash on his rear leg from that critter he was fighting with. He loved old rusty In fact his dog  Cappie  is one of rusty puppy's well Grown up puppy.
  They all ate and seen Ted and Halina and nicos off , Linos just moped around like he had lost his best friend.
 Next morning they all met at the sheriff office and  wrote down what they had seen and heard Bob told Mike and Dianne and the Twins they could use the car out back to get home and they could bring it back latter. Charley went down to the used car lot in town and worked out a deal for a van.   so Charley and Jim and bobby were ready to go home Jim ask Loins to come and stay with them Just for a while and he would drive him up to see his dad in Seattle and if his Dad was better he would bring them back here,. Linos said I don't want to be a bother .Bobby said you won't I will take you fishing and their are plenty chores to do, and then whispered Halina just lives a few towns away. I will work and stay in your barn, Well we will see about that, Bobby's mother Sara loves kids and can she cook apple pie, Matthew and Nephi got on the phone and called a government friend that they could trust, his name was Torry. He told Matthew he would drive down and get him and Nephi and Clark that what happened down their was just the tip of the ice berg, They also told him that they had a glass cylinder  from the lab. Tom had locked up Ralph in the jail house and was standing guard, a sleep on Bob favorite chair feet on the table and a twelve gage double barreled scatter gun, Rusty was right next to him, wide alert, They called rusty their 4 legged deputy. would put a hat and badge on him during the towns parade during rodeo days in July. Bob was out at his place  to get a little shut eye before reliving tom and the jail, when woke up to a loud knock, He grabbed his 45 and open the door all of a sudden a light shown bright in to his eyes Drop your weapon said the voice This is the us military .Their must have been 4 jeeps and a truck with ma be 12 fully armed marines, what do you want ,Drop your weapon No I'm the sheriff, then he heard a sound he was familiar with being an x Marine himself, it  was the sound of an M 16 slamming a round in to the chamber,. All right he laid the gun down . two marines grabbed him and loaded him in to the truck. Where is Ralph Hamilton ,Who Don't mess with me ! The man you brought down from the mountains. He is at the  Jail They drove to the jail, Rusty jumped up and started barking Tom flew to his feet and glared out the window, could not believe his eyes , Open the door commanded the Captain. Bob Yelled Barricade your self in, Don't give him the prisoner, one of the marines smashed him in the gut with his rifle barrel and he bent over I will kill your sheriff right now grabbing the sheriff and pointing a fire arm at his head ,then we will blow up this town , We mean business. The sheriff yelled let the prisoner go  so tom got Ralph out and un hand cuffed him  Ralph walk out the door Put him in my jeep Now where is that glass cylinder? What Cylinder said Bob as a marine smacked him in the head with his gun barrel I will kill him ,where is the cylinder  It,' in the back storage room  Two marines burst by him and into the storage room they came out with the cooler a Load up and the Marines left. Tom rushed over to bob yelling get the doctor, Fredrick was coming down the street get him to the hospital hurry for bob was bleeding pretty bad from the gash on the right side of his head. As dock was fixing his wounds, Nephi Charley and Clark came in the the room. Bob said they got Ralph Was it a captain  real big gye? Yes they must of have wanted him and that cylinder, Matthew said  I only talked to Torry about Ralph and the cylinder. They have most likely have had our lines bugged for a long time I remember their were new lines put in by the phone company  last spring We never thought any thing about it. they said it was just an up grade of service,  they did run new lines past Casper pound. Now what? We wait for Torry to get here he has a high official  that he trust with his life Senator Patrick. Ok we will wait. Later  in the afternoon I got a call from the airport and they said a military helicopter was landing it must be my friends, Bob grab the truck and we went down to see, Yes sir it was Torry  Come on and we headed back to the hotel and went in to the dinning room Marge had a private room in the back. We order lunch and started to tell Torry all the things that were happening. Lets take a fly over and look at that road and slide ma be I can get a military road crew to open it up. Ok so we headed back to the airport, The chopper had been refueled and was set to go. as they flew over the slide Torry could see the huge gophers and ants He flew real close to them. and turned to Matthew . This is where they developed these but they now have them in the war zone .Just no way to get close enough to their operation to learn exactly what they have Pretty scary. No said Nephi  That not scary It was the wolverine and Grizzly that they mixed DNA together a fighting machine  a real killer critter soldier. That's what Ralph was doing and they also have some thing in that glass case .Did you see in it. No it was sealed and that marine captain got it .That's not good, Ralph must be working with them I think so. Their is the old lab Wow You blew that in to smithereens yea and the other lab too. Let's head back before it's dark. said Matthew  Wait swing up to Saree lake as they got closer They could see that something had the dam half rebuilt. Fly in closer Look at the size of that beaver no Beavers They are dragging through the water a 150 ft long tree. I wonder what else they have mutated. What's in that glass cylinder? Torry said we got to find out.
   Ted and the kids were just arriving at the hospital in Seattle, as they entered  what floor are you looking for The baby floor said Nicos Halina all grown up said the maternity ward, That nice sweaty 3rd floor turn right. they headed to the elevator 3rd floor their is the nurses station We are looking for my mom, What's her name Kristy she is having twins. O Kristin she is down in room 34 and are you in for a surprise , Are you the father? Yes Ted.  Hurry down their ok as they turned the Connor room 34 ,they walked into the room Kristy yelled my babies your safe, Ted looked and then took a second Look an turned as white as a sheet. Halina said it's triplets  Kristy said 2 girls and a bob Nicos jumped up and down I got a brother yea  Ted was speech less mouth wide open, Kristen said your more of a man then I thought, And  Ted said theirs the proof. He was proud and gave the babies a sweet little hug and Kristen a kiss I love you she said. How is beamer, He is ok and halina ask how are my ferrets? and eggie?. still in the bathroom
 Jim and the boys arrived at the farm and a few days later Jim got Linos up and said lets go see your dad, they drove to Settle and got to his room .My son My father Chief  living water I miss you so much are we going home. One day we will I must take some medicine and get better and we will run with the wind. Please get better my father. This is my friend and I'm staying with bobby and his mother on a farm I will wait for you father. Jim spoke He is in good hands his friend is bobby and is his same age they have horses and good fishing we will let you rest and call you every day I promise. father I will be here so we can return to our camp .your a good son..
  As the winter passed and linos and bobby were in school summer came and the fall leaves were here, Halina is learning DNA research and is top of her class, Torry was working with Matthew and Clark with Nephi to infiltrate the captains military operation. to try and stop this madness Dianne wrote to Sheriff Bob, and he has went to visit with Mike and
Dianne out on their ranch several times They have all became good friends Linos write short  reply's to halina letters, and check the mail box in town almost every day. Bobby has stayed close to Nicos
   It has been about a year since all this has happened  Halina received an email from Torry who is a good government agent. I need your Help I heard from Charley that you have done quite well in your class on DNA research Their is no one that I can trust here at our lab, I need you to see if you can Identify this strand of DNA  Ma be at your small lab  Nicos was telling me about. You can't tell any one. I will have bobby and Linos come visit you and they can bring it to you. I don't want to send it in the mail it has to keep 10 degrees above zero. Please destroy this Email .She replied to him Everything is good here I can do this. Torry received her reply, He thought to himself is this the end of humanity or can we stop them before they destroy us?   

  Chapter 16 Devious plans Back fire