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****** Chapter 14 Down the drain
    As every body reached camp they were all a buzz about what has been happing ,Halina yelled your back your back and hugged everyone, yes including Linos. who this time hugged her back. as he softly spoke I'm glad you are alright.
  Jim started to hook up the trailer, No don't hook it up It won't pull that hill,  you are right Ranger Larry. Just load the blankets and gear in to the trucks  and we got to go. Nephi said look everyone I grabbed a bunch of stored food from the lab , Must be 20 boxes of food, yes beans canned cake, carrots, meat and also a box of candy, It's the new army rations. Good!  ok stay behind us, you take the lead Larry, Mike Ted you get Dianne and some of the kids, Hurry, come on beamer get in said nicos I'm riding with Dianne and Linos said Halina, Nicos said under his breath who would of guessed that and then he yelled back at halina ,don't for get your perfume ,She just ignored him, But it was in her back pack. There is the turn, they traveled up about 4 miles     We will be at the top soon around six or seven more turns, It's steep said Dianne, yes but we will be safe up here. good said Dianne to Mike
    Sheriff Bob and Charley parked the truck at the cross road to the lab, quietly worked their way up to the back entrance door. Charley put his ear to the steel door he could here movement in side. then he heard the latch on the inside of the door release, he grabbed Bob and they turned an ran to  a big rock  that had a few small trees in front of it, The door opened and Ralph set down a pack and then went back in, a few moments later he came back with a case that looked like like a small glass case. Hold on Charley Said Bob in a whisper. let him shut the door first, as Ralph turned and shut the door. Sheriff Bob stood up and pointed his gun right at Ralph Don't Move Ralph, Ralph turned and seen them ,he turned and began to run Bob shot two rounds just above his head and yelled the next one will be right in the middle of you, Ralph came to a stop Drop that stuff and put your hands up, He did! now turn around, Bob said to Charley hand cuff him  Charley took the hand cuffs that bob hade on his side and secured Ralph's hands.
Where you headed , Your going with us. Charley searched Ralph and found a hand gun in his belt and a device in his jacket .Look Bob It must be that device that he controls that animal. Good we got you Now get to the truck. What's in this foggy glass container ? Don't open it  yelled Ralph What's in it Bob Grunted , Please don't open it Charley grab it be care full, When they got back to the truck they tied Ralph feet and hands to the back roil bar. and secured the glass case by putting it into a cooler in the back of the truck. The Sheriff said time to blow this place to Charley. Head up to the ranger station we will have good line of sight.  Call Jim on the radio! ok Jim over Jim you there over, yea over, we are going to blow the beaver dam over, ok  bombs away over, ok over and out. As they got their They grabbed Ralph and headed up the stairs of the look out I can see Lake Saree said Bob  Ok hit that button Charley Charley took the Explosive multi switch and hit the button of the tunnel where they seen all the young Gophers down below where Mike and Halina and the rest had gone up high on the mountain Ga Boom they could here it go off below them, Nicos yelled They blue up the entrance look below  Yes it completely cover it, with rocks and trees, Then another explosion to their right way off in the distance it was where they first found the whole where nicos was taken close by where the dead wolf was, Another explosion , Bob said that's where you seen nicos alive in the cave entrance, yes lino got nicos a note to him. Ok now blow up that beaver dam Here Goes Ga boom Ga boom Ga boom three charges went off you could here it for miles then as they looked towards the lake they could see the water moving but not going down the side of the mountain like a river  it was flowing right down into the cave, We did it ,will see said Bob. As they watch from above Dianne said look water is trickling out of the rocks  It must be working Sheriff Bob got out his field glasses and started to focus on the area where the lab is but could not see any water, Charley got on the radio called Jim ,over Jim here over, Can you guys see any thing over just a little water coming out of the rocks  over Ok we will head in that direction in a couple of hours over ok we will hold tight over ok over and out.
  Three hours had gone by and Jim got on the radio Sheriff Bob over, go ahead Jim over  you won't believe this but the gopher entrance that is below us  just burst water running down the mountain like a water fall and river   their are hundreds of dead ants and gophers every where. their is all kinds of boxes metal tables equipment with it. Bob yelled You did it charley you got the lab  Charley was jumping up and down and laughing yes , Bob said to Jim we will head in that direction soon ,over and out.
    Sheriff and Charley with Ralph a gained tied up in the back headed to wards the secret lab, Sure enough it had water running out the doors Charley said lets blow it up so nobody can use it Good idea said Bob Charley went in It was totality washed out  mud and debri every ware he set the charges,  got back to the truck, Ga Boom That's done now to the main lab. They got to the road where the main lab was and Charley took his device and at the same time was going to set off the charges that they put inside by the front door and back entrance early. Charley turned to the Sheriff you want the honors? Yes sir Charley said hit both buttons at the same time  Ga BOOOMMMMM  Rocks cement water  went flying 200 ft high completely destroyed that lab. Let's get back to the others Let's go Bob.
   Look Linos, bobby and Nicos yelled as they were standing on a hill above camp, It's the Sheriff and Charley! As they got out of the truck every one gathered around hugging each other and laphing and patting each other on the back even Rusty starting barking beamer was jumping all over as halina was trying to calm him down Soon those rusty was standing quietly next to Sheriff bob, Dianne said to Bob He sure is a wonderful dog. She bent down and said rusty come here but he just stood by bob and would not move. then she pulled a cookie out of her pocket and rusty could not resist Bob whispered a command to rusty go ahead she is a nice woman. so their he went Dianne started petting him as he chewed on that chocolate chip treat, Bob look at Dianne and said look like rusty has a new friend, And  she walk over and pored a cup a coffee and offered it to Bob with a cookie Bob said softly thank you Dianne. Dianne and mike had cooked a bunch of that  army canned meat and vegetables from the lab and started feeding every one. the kids already got in to the caned cake and candy ,The boys threw some more wood  on the fire.ok lets bed down in the tents, we can all fit and then in the morning we will try to get the the canyon to the main road ,  beamer climbed in to Halina's sleeping bag,  Linos and Rusty and the Bob bedded out by the fire taking turns watching the camp just in case.  
  Chapter 15 Finally safe in Red Bluff