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****** Chapter 13 Set the Charges
  As they heated back to the trailer their  lay a big gopher off the trail Mike had shot it , and their  were 3 other ones dead by the camp, Mike explained how the rats surrounded the trailer, Mike slid out the back window and came around the side gun a blazing one of the rats knocked him down Halina and Dianne came out yelling to get the rats attention, then mike jumped to his feet the one gopher grabbed  Dianne the other Halina as mike turned he could not shoot at the rat that had halina for he might hit her ,he quickly turned and shot the gopher that had Dianne twice in the side hitting the gophers heart then Mike and Dianne ran after Halina, And Dianne said you know the rest of the story, Halina just looked at Linos and sighed. Linos said where are those sound gun, Mike said here is two of them Linos grab the motor bike  Said how do I start it  Mike said here let me on it and got it started , Linos Jumped on it as halina rushed up to Linos please come back Be care full, Dianne yelled hold on and ran to the trailer grab some cookies and gave them to Linos, Halina said I made them, Linos said I will love them and I will come back to you and rode off. beamer was barking Halina gave beamer a cookie and said  He will be back. Dianne agreed with a sigh, I hope soon, Me too
   Linos rode the bike right to where Charley and Bobby were, setting up some explosives  by the back entrance, They had already set up the
C 4 explosive in the front entrance Linos ask what about the entrance that we saw the boys at, Nicos said I will go down the corridor and put the charges at the end I have been down their, Bobby said I will go with you. Ok here I got a big brief case out of the office, So charley filled it with C 4 and said set this next to the entrance and active this beacon so that when we are ready I can hit the switch on this unit Ca BOOM!!! Be care full. we will leave the bike for you and we will head up to the lake Saree an set charges on that beaver dam So they took a sound device with them  and down they went Charley and Linos and jumped in the truck and headed up the mountain.
    Sheriff  Bob and Matthew and Clark, with Rusty in the lead Bob telling Rusty Be Quite Be alert, worked their way down the other side of the secrete lab so that the Gophers would not see them, Rust's ears stuck right  up and he was looking right at the lab with his nose sniffing They could here some loud Growls coming from the lab  Matthew said what is it Clark O No!! Ralph must of got him revived, Who? Ralph had a wolverine and a grizzly bear sent here and was
trying to put the DNA from the bear in to the wolverine, and then some genetic altered genes  from the warrior red ants And the wolverine collapsed and went into a coma, I thought he died, this is not good. What was he going to do with it? He wanted to clone it. and so that the military would have a solider that would go in and destroy any thing alive. in an area where the enemy could not be over taken, Like a secret weapon including the gophers and ants. Including any prisoners that they had captured .grizzly bears are foresees eaters and would eat any thing dead or alive and their would be nothing left to find. Then how would they get rid of the them? Ralph put a chip implanted in it's brain and a homing device to get it to return to their cages and then they could move them to their underground facilities  like the feed stations for the ants and prisoners. he named it Jbar. Short for Jaw Bar, I watched him bite a steel bar right in half. What are we going to do ask Matthew? Clark said I was really scared of it and I took the chip and put a second code in it, But  the code that I put in it would not control it, It would shut down it's ability  to function. It would put it in to a coma, Sheriff  Bob Said good now how do we activate the chip? Their is the problem! you have to reprogram the hand held device that Ralph keeps on him, Great back to trying to get Ralph, with his new body guard .Yea Ralph can control it to do any thing he wants it to do. that why you have not seen many elk and deer, he takes it out at night to let it feed it even eats birds It is a great tree climber. What about the sound guns? ask Matthew. No they don't do a thing to it. Their is a window behind those trees Matthew see if you can see any thing.      

 That was Quick? I could see Ralph and his buddy Jbar. Their must be something wrong with it ,It look like it was having a seizure or something, Yes it's the DNA mixture that he gave it It started doing that after he used the ant serum. He was using some kind of shock electrode gun on it. Sheriff Bob ask Clark how do we get in. I got a key  hurry lets get to the side door, keep an eye open for those rats out back , Clark open the door and they slipped in Bob told rusty you stay guard, as they worked they way down the hall they could see Ralph their by the table working on Jbar, Bob turned the Connor and pointed his 38 long barrel at Ralph and said Don't move,  Ralph jumped  and turned out of surprise, Don't move or I will shoot. Jbar was startled also as he was starting to revive from his seizure, a huge growl came from him as he lunged towards the sheriff as he came off the table he could not get his balance Bob shot three rounds at him ,at that moment Ralph turned and headed for an open door ,Matthew tried to grab him but tripped on the wires that were strung across the floor Jbar turned towards Matthew and was going to attract him, Bob could not shoot ,he might hit Matthew Clarke grab a chair and through it at the animal  and just as it grab Matthew by the leg with it claws Rusty in a full run jumped Jbar right at Jbar throat who was still woozy from the drugs, Ralph slammed the door and locked it, Clark could see him through the glass reaching in to his pocket, and pulling a hand held device out as Rusty was fighting with Jbar and was no match Matthew yelled Run Run so they headed for the side door as they went out Sheriff Bob was yelling at rusty come here come here Rusty turned and ran for the steel door, Clark slammed it shut, then rusty turned and caught site of a big gopher coming right at them, He lunged forward grabbing and biting the critter. Bob starting shooting at another gopher as it started at them, Matthew got to his feet and was trying to grab  his sound gun, the door was being pounded by the Jbar trying to get out at them, He turned and pointed the sound at the gopher that was now on top of rusty in a fierce fight and pulled the switch instantly the gophers started to respond as they turned to run. Clark said give me that gun ? Matthew threw it to him Clark turned and was turning a dial  just at the same time the door started to bust open by the Jbar as he was trying to squeeze through the door they all started to run up the hill the Jbar got through the door and started after them He was fast, Clark put that sound gun to another setting and pointed it at the gophers They responded to the frequency and turned toward the Jar bar and attack ,It was a fierce fight 4 gophers were trying to tear at the Jbar. The Jbar grabbed one of the gopher and lashed at his back ripping him apart it fell to the the ground as it jumped on to another rats back it started ripping it's neck then another gopher rammed the Jbar with its tusk another gopher rammed him as he was falling from the back of the other gopher They were getting the best of him because he was still not completely revived from the drugs, Just then Ralph came out of the back door, He pointed his device at the Jbar , The Jbar turned back towards the door He swung  the door out wide so that the Jbar could enter The gopher was right behind him and Ralph fired about 6 rounds from a pistol in to the gopher slowing him down He slammed the door pulled down the lock Bar and pointed the device at the Jbar controlling him back in to a cage. lab, As the men were running towards the truck, Rusty held back watching for any attackers behind them, When they got to the truck Sheriff Bob Yelled come on Rusty, rusty dove in to the truck, Matthew started the truck threw it in to gear and punched it sliding on the gravel road almost loosing control Bob yelled slow down , slow down we made it ,Clark said that was
close, we got to stop Ralph, as they got to the top of the ridge, Bob took the binoculars and started scoping the side of the canyon, Look!! Their is Charlie's  truck now Grab the radio Matthew, Sheriff Bob Said in to the radio  Breaker Breaker Charley come on, Charley come on ,are you their. no reply Come on back charley Come on, Then  Mike at camp herd the radio grabbed it  Sheriff this is Mike over Mike Over, Yes, Are you gyes ok sheriff over, Yes Matthew and Clark are with me , Over We are ok, Linos was here and saved Halina from the Gophers, over, Is Bobby and Nicos their No, with charley over. Ok Back at you later got to find them , over and out. Ok Matthew try to catch up with Charley, Looks like They are headed towards Lake Saree. Ok.
    Jim, Nephi , Larry and Ted were at the main lab Ted said be careful Charley set charges right their, and their, That's looks like it will blow up the whole side of the mountain, That's the plan. Grab the hard drives Their aren't any they must of taken them, Look I just found this lap top, It must be Clarks  and here is a hard drive next to it and this drawer is full of videos and tapes, Grab them Help him Larry ,sure thing, Nephi said lets go to the inter lab, as they entered their were rats and gophers in jars, on the shelves, several glass boxes ,thick glass like aquariums with huge ants floating in some kind of liquid. Right here behind this wall Nephi hit a switch and the wall began to slide open , a chamber of some kind ,It's must be where that had ,What ? I don't no said Nephi ,Look at the teeth and scrap marks ,It looks like something very powerful was trying to get out. Let me see that hard drive , They went back to a computer by the area that they found it , Try this one No won't fit, Here This is it ,Turn it on, Nephi said  lets see Clarks pass word is 4488dive no! It's his boats name was  divercraft, That's it we are in. How did you know that, When we first started  I heard him putting in his pass word, he would talk as he typed,  Ok Files   Try search experiments, Ok  must be hundreds? try experiments  Ralph. Good Idea, Click that folder . WHAT IS THAT? some kind of bear no wolf no. Let me read down  It's a wolverine mixed with a grizzly bear DNA Is he Crazy Yep he is. Where is it now? Get this stuff  in the truck, those files too, Lets Go We need to pull the truck up out of this canyon  so we can use the radio, Breaker Breaker Sheriff you out their over Is that you Jim ,over yes over, You got to get out of their  ,we could not capture Ralf and he has some kind om animal monster in his power over, We seen some files on it , over Go back to camp  we are going after Charley and linos, over, ok we are out of here over and out.
   Nicos and Bobby reached the bottom entrance put the charges in as they were headed back about half way ,Bobby look do you see that? yes it must be a door to the outside and it is opening, Be quite What is it ,A man and a I don't no what that is, What are we going to do Nicos? They will come right by us, Yea lets hurry  Maybe we can hide up the tunnel where those gophers and ants are Yea right  Well safer then here Got a point their, I think they seen us Run Run, Ralph took out his device and put it on kill the Jbar took off after  the boys , He's coming  hurry, their is the door close it, As they enter the big room their were hundreds of gophers and ants, looking at them The Jbar was clawing at the door and big plate glass where you could see in to the room The gophers were getting upset as the growls and pounding of the door What are we going to do ask Nicos? Look climb on that ladder to that rafters and slide towards that vent shaft as bobby was shimming down the rafter he said where are you going Nicos I'm going to open that door ma be the gophers won' t like him and ma be he will attack them  , Nicos dropped off the rafter and got behind the door, un locked it and the door swung open and slammed Nicos into the wall behind it as the Jbar rushed in no way Nicos could not get away  Bobby starter yelling up here waving his arms  up here and whistling loudly The Jbar looked up and lunged towards bobby but the rafter was too high, He jumped again as he fell back to the floor he caught nicos jumping towards the ladder and headed towards him ,Nicos grabbed the rafter with his feet dangling the Jbar jumping and catching his boot with his claw almost knocking nicos down ,Bobby keep screaming  the Jbar jumping again, Nicos was loosing his balance  and .I'm going to fall he yelled Just then the fell  he hit the floor and slid under and behind this counter that was in the Connor The Jbar jumped up on to the counter slashing his long arm and claws down behind the counter hitting nicos in the arm Nicos screamed , bobby started yelling louder trying to get the Jbar attention  but he was fixed on Nicos, the Jbar  hit the cabinet with his strong body and he grabbed it with his big teeth and jaw and ripped the cabinet in half their was nicos no place to go He new he was going to die. All of a sudden the Jbar was slammed in to by a huge gopher and then another gopher rammed him Nicos started to move towards the latter the Jbar was coming after him  fighting off the gophers, nicos grabbed the latter the Jbar grab him down as the Jbars  teeth were heading at nicos head ,He could not believe it a huge red ant with it's huge jaws grabbed that Jbars head and pulled it back with nicos cap in its mouth inches away the and began flinging the Jbar around shaking it's head like a dog shakes a rope 3 other guard smaller ants attacked  him and then a gopher rammed the Jbar right in the belly lifting it up including the ants that were still biting the Jbar , Nicos grabbed hold of the latter and on to the rafters sliding down towards bobby that had gotten the cover off the vent here take my hand and pulled nicos in to the vent they crawled about 200 yards and came to a steel grate they turned on to their backs and started to kick the grate off, They climbed out and started to run Nicos yelled to bobby this way the motor bike  they reached it jumped on it and fled down to the main road. Bobby jumped off the back and said now what ?We got to head up to lake Saree Bobby jumped back on to the bike Nicos gunned it doing a wheelie Yea hoo yelled bobby faster, as they road up the road, as they were getting closer to the lake they could see the trucks, they pulled in, Sheriff bob said,  It's the boys are you all right?  yes, where is Charley setting the charges on the beaver dam, I see him Look at the size of that beaver dam never seen any thing like it,. as Charley and Linos got  closer  Linos said You won't believe what we saw It must of weighed 300 pounds,  What? a beaver  That' s why that dam is so big I guess,
   Bobby and Nicos told what happened Bob said we need to get every one to high ground All of you go back to camp and try to get to the 5,000 road remember when we went down to see if we could get through the main entrance  and we could see those Gophers on the side of the hill Well just before you get to that place you can go left and it will come around to the top of the mountain above camp, That's right said Jim ok Bob said Charley and I are going to set off the charges and try to safe Ralph  Why! He tried to kill us , We will let the Law fix him.  and beside we need to make him talk. What else has he created Look at that beaver said Charley.             

  Chapter 14 Down the drain