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****** Chapter 12 We must destroy this project
     They headed back to the truck and grabbed Clarks motor bike. down the mountain they went pulled in to the camp their was so much joy every one was safe   Jim started to sing  We are Safe We are Safe, in this Place, it's not by chance so let us Dance, can you hear it ring as we sing.  Jim shouted Don't give up your day job, laughter broke out Beamer was barking barking and barking ,Halina was twirling and Dianne was clapping her hands as she hugged her brother mike, Sheriff Bob had a satisfied smile on his face and rusty next to his side,  his tail was wagging just a little trying to be serious and then Lions yelled come here rusty and rusty flew toward him the started wrestling with linos, and  nicos jumped in and rusty started barking happy, and beamer jumped in with halina and they were all roiling in the grass, every one was so happy. Bob looked over to his friend Ranger Larry and nodded, Larry nodded back to say thanks bob, Charley said lets get those steaks out and have a feast. Bobby said yea! and corn on the cob, Jim said I will help you Dianne, Hey you boys Go get plenty of fire wood for tonight, Ted take my truck and keep an eye on the  boys will you? You bet. Come here Ted, Take a rifle with you Yes sir Charley and the radio, don't go to far, Dianne yelled to nicos Take these cookies with you. Matthew said now that is the cookie monster look how fast he was to grab those cookies. I will go with you Ted said Nephi  come on, as they drove away Charley and the sheriff  took Clark down by the river and they started talking. Matthew joined them He has known Clark for years.
  Now Matthew said to Clark Why are you still here and where are the others? Clark said that he was scared ,You remember Ralph The man the feds sent down here, Yes The crazy guy, well he has turned in to a monster he altered the DNA of the ants We had breed them to be docile , well he added a  DNA strain from a

African killer ant, It changed their behavior, he build a device that could control the ants and gophers, He got a couple of the scientist to implant a chip in to them and he can control them when ever wants to, Where is he now  He is back at a second small lab that was build in secrete. they were being backed by the military for a fighting solider and and gopher. Bob jumped in, what were you going to do with these ants and gophers? It started out to be where the government wanted to drop these gophers in to the war zone and they would dig tunnels underneath the enemy so that the army could get behind them , Then they started experimenting on some large ants, They took a dossal ant breed And got the ants that took care of the baby larva ,they call it the nursery, the ants don't fight they watch the young, so then they trained the gophers to grab people without hurting them and then take them to a spot that the ants could take care of them .You know catch the enemy and put him in a contraction camp. but only under ground. then they had to breed ants to feed the nursery ants and captives which they did. and the ants would carry human food to the captives from the military's feed stations that were under ground. It was a great idea they seen where they could help places that had natural Disasters where they could not get supply's in  by truck or air Use the ants and the gophers could rescue the people Perfect, Then every thing changed one day a military convoy came to the lab with new plans and testing equipment. and that is when they had the gophers take you and your brother down in to the holding chamber or nursery, Matthew spoke up I knew something was wrong! I intercepted a memo from a satellite transmission to Ralph and it said their would be a second team, Clark went on and said now Ralph  and the other team designed a killer ant and a fierce gopher that would fight with long tusks not just for digging but for killing, Charley Said we found a dead wolf  with a hole in its head and its brains sucked out , yes that is Ralph he traps wolfs deer and elk and takes an enzyme out of the brains of these animals, he put it in to a mixture of DNA and I don't no what and it caused the gophers to put out a awful odor, they coated the chip before they implant it in the gofers so it won't reject the chip, The ant's the chip did not bother them. We got to stop Ralph said Clark I'm so sorry this has happened The government said if I did not cooperate with them my family would pay. Let me take you to the secret lab Ralph will be expecting me to be back tonight.
  Here comes the boys back from getting wood. Sheriff spoke Lets see if we can find him. Charley call Ted and Nephi and the boys over and said here is the Plan. Mike you need to stay at camp with the girls. Matthew you and I and your buddy Clark, we will go to that secret lab and apprehend Ralph, Jim you and Nephi and Larry and Ted, you go to the main lab, and start getting records and any thing that's looks important that you can Make sure those critters cant get out. Charley You are the demolition expert. You take Nicos, Linos, and bobby, Try to go to the find the tunnels  entrances
and set some dynamite we got to contain these things, Bobby Spoke up You remember what you said Jim about the gophers on the farm about drowning them? Yea Linos Said Good Idea  Your map do you have it, It's in the truck, Nicos took off  I will get it, here Linos, Look Charley see their at the right corner Lake Saree? Yes, That is where the big gophers with the tusk were and the large ants, we could blow up that big beaver dam and the water would flood those tunnels,  Charley said if we blow up the other entrances first and close them up The water would fill it up completely Yes Lets do it Dianne Yells Come and get it steaks are ready ok lets eat. This is sure good said Jim Humm good then  Nicos said to his dad, what's that smell is mom here?  No, it smell like her perfume,. It's you Halina  why are you wearing mom's perfume? because,,,, because those rat's stink  ,I don't smell any gophers right now, Ted said be quite Nicos, why? just because, dad why is she wearing perfume? Then  he look over at bobby and he was chuckling, and then he look at Linos, You like linos don't you? Halina turned beat red Shut up Nicos, and headed for the trailer, bobby said, be quite nicos don't embarrass your sister  Nicos started laughing, and Linos just stood their and started to blush, You like my sister too That's funny. And Halina yelled from the trailer Shut up, as Dianne headed to the trailer to comfort halina, Jim said Looks like you got your self in a mess Linos. Charley started laughing to him self yep she is a love sick pup, Larry heard charley and said linos is to .Sheriff Bob said let eat up got a lot of work to do. Every body got your radio, Yes sir Move out,

    Clark told the Sheriff, stop here we can go behind this hill and  hike up and be above the secret lab. They started hiking up the hill and came to the top. as they looked down at the the hill their was movement by the back door .It was several gopher wit the tusk guarding the area, Clark said he must know that you got me. and that I would cooperate with you. He never trusted me. Matthew said If those gophers are hear he must have of let some out. We got to warn Jim. Hand me that radio Jim Breaker Breaker Jim,  Jim here go ahead Breaker, Jim, Ralph has let some of the big gophers out
 over, ok copy that. Breaker  Breaker this is Charley, Jim over, Yea Charley Sheriff Bob just said that their are some big Gophers out, over. Got it, we will be on the look out, over and out. Charley turned and said we need those sound guns, Bobby said we need to go back to camp and get them,  Ted said I will go, Linos Said I will go You need the truck here I can take the back elk trail and I will ride the motor bike back, Can you ride, Yes my father's friends had one and we rode it. Ok then Hurry, as bobby turned and said hurry, Mike and the girls are in danger. down the mountain Linos flew, Charley and nicos and bobby and Ted continued to the lab.
     As linos got closer to camp he heard some gun shots and yelling, He climbed up a tree and could see this big gopher carrying, It was Halina, his heart went into a panic beating out of control, Halina he said  to him I will rescue you, he slid down and started running towards the other side of the raven, The gopher was heading around the hill  where it comes out to the bottom, as he turned the Connor their was a rock he climbed on to it ,he could see the gopher coming ,he got behind it and their was halina is the jaws struggling and yelling Help Help me The adrenalin in linos heart raged for Halina's safety as the rat got closer, then he got his Tommy hawk out and lunged off the rock on to the back of the gopher He grab the gopher flesh and started to slash at the top of the gophers head, the gopher released halina from his jaws an let out a squeal out from the pain that lions was inflicting on him Linos yelled to halina Run Run as halina look up and their was her hero linos rescuing her, He yelled again Run and she came to her scenes, she heated towards the rocks, the gopher then kept bucking and turning  like a bull Linos was thrown to the ground the gopher charge at him with those big sharp tusks and teeth  Linos rolled to one side and slashed at the leg of the rodent hitting him in the knee, his Tommy hawk went flying to the side, the gopher fell and linos lunged at him jumping on to his belly and grabbing the tusk as he pulled the rodent head to one side, Linos grabbed his knife trust his knife deep in to his throat, the rat squirmed but could not get away from this young warrior. as he laid dead Linos rushed to halina and grabbing her, are you all right? yes as she was crying you saved my life and squeeze him hard like a bear, He was so happy that he saved her from that rat, Then they heard some more gun shot and around the Connor came Mike and Dianne You saved her life yelled Mike as he grab Linos Thank you Halina rushed over to Dianne  and Halina said he saved me he is my hero, Linos blushed and said I would have saved any body But you could see in his eyes this was not just any body this was Halina.      

  Chapter 13 Set the Charges