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Grotto Mountain


   Chapter 1 Danger in the woods

Its early on a chilly morning it the wooded area of Washington up by ice creek & about the 700 line of a Crown Zellerback logging rd..
We were up hunting for Elk.
Bear and Rock chucks. Deer season is over, Charley got a nice 4 point. about 200 yards off the main rd. nice. Made a bunch of jerky out of that buck & brought up about a half of a pillow case of peppered jerky, couple of beers a a little wild turkey (he says Snake Bite you know)  block of cheese canned chilly and several bags of salted in the shell peanuts. Life is good. o yea and I got my trusty short fishing pole. caught some nice rainbows, Charley says that's why they bring me cause I'm a good fisherman. Love to fish
  I been hunting with old Charley & Jim for about! Well Jim used to hold the rifle for me so I could shoot squirrels, boy I was 7 then and I'm 14 now. He's like my dad, he raised me when my papa died, Jim stay's out on the farm and does all the chores that me and mom can't do, you know fencing fixing the barn and boy could he tame some of those wild horses they catch up in the hills of northern Nevada. beside they used to have a bounty on coyotes, used to scare me half out of my wits in the middle of the night saying bobby bobby I'm going to eat you and chasing me with the head and teeth claws of the critters.
   We got here late, so we are trying to find a spot and set up camp Look Jim their is a spot no says charley, find a spot down by to river where we will have running water and can throw bobby in, yea you and what army I will help you Charley, no Jim your supposed to be on my side. Look their is a great spot, good eye bobby, ok lets back up this old beast, You can fit it back here is about 50 ft back so that will give us about 12ft clearance to set up the table out back of the trailer. Room for the awning Yep its about 75ft wide area , Good says Jim. Bobby get some wood be careful their are bear out their BEAR , just whistle a toon!  No bear could stand how you whistle, he would run for sure. ok here take this light and don't go far, ok charley got that side of the trailer  level ? yep got it, this side is good, ok get in there and make that coffee charley ok,  I will go help bobby, Where are you bobby? over here, You stink bobby what did you get in to, I don't know Jim, I was walking over their and it really stinks, Well lets take this wood back and get warm, I need some of that hot coffee. Looks like you boys got a nice fire going, I got some chilly and hotdogs ready Thanks Charley I'm starved. What's that smell? you didn't catch a ferret or something bobby? no Charley, I got something on my jacket, take it off and hang it on that tree and let it air out, here put this coat on it's light , thanks Jim, Now go get me some of those cookies in the upper drawer, Yea  cookies. What do you think he got it to Jim. I Don't no but it was pretty strong, We can take a look in the morning. ok Charley let get some shut eye 5 a clock comes pretty early,
     Boy is in frosty this morning, hey Jim drag bobby out of bed, lets get up to look out ridge and see if we can spot that heard of elk, Come on bobby get up. Got every thing Jim don't fog get the spotting scope, I will get it Jim ok Bobby get it and lets go.
Hey Charley did you move my jacket ? it wasn't hanging on the tree this morning No, I did not move it either. Ma be a lion thought is was good to eat, are their lion up here Charley some bobby just don't be wondering off  stay close to camp, I will.
   Look up their on that ridge Yea looks like about six mule deer any bucks? no all does. they are really cool. that's what that jerky is made out of bobby but only a buck, That was a nice big buck. now keep your eyes open for those elk. How much further to the look out point. Well were not going that high up yet we are going to go down that small cannon that charley seen that 6 by 7 bull yea big rack . Yea I hope he is still their he might be just waiting for you charley, Stop the truck look fresh tracks going down that draw, little bit of snow up here helps. Ok Jim you and bobby drive down to the bottom and I will go down this draw  and ma be push  an elk or two down to you. Ok give me about 10 min before you start. Got your warlike talkie? ok. Get in the truck bobby This is fun! Now be quite bobby when we get down their and don't slam the door when you get out, I wont I will be quite as a mouse, This spot will do, Be careful where you point that rifle. Sit behind that log . ok , This is a great spot Jim, be quite, ok, Did you wear that stinking jacket? No. I can smell that same smell from last night, Me too now be quite. 
  10 minutes ok Guess their in place,  I better be care full I'm not as young as I was, Halina
I will drop down to that stand of pine trees and work my way to that point, so I can look down to the left of the gully. It sure is quite in here and really wet like it has been raining or humid It must be 20 degrees warmer in these trees Weird and What is that smell. I will climb out on that rock over their, Nice view their is the road way down their where Jim and bobby are. Hey look over their is that a dead wolf? I think I will check it out!
that must be what that smell is from, yea it a wolf alright, what wrong with it's head?
let me get a stick ,

Wooo, the top of his head  has a huge hole in it, about the size of a of my fist, Their nothing in his head no blood brains It's like something has sucked out his brains, and check that out, his right front paw is missing It looks like some thing ripped it off yet left the bone in tact Some thing skinned off his front paw with the claws intact.
What could do that? besides that hole in his head is a perfect circle, no teeth  marks or tearing ,just a perfect hole. Look some elk tracks, Fresh they must of checked out this wolf. Headed in that direction, I think I will check it out. look at that is that some kind of drag marks? heading up to those rocks? That smell is worse like rotten fish. I'm going to head down to where Jim and bobby are. Look Jim their is Charley he sure is walking fast
Hey What's wrong Charley? Don't no but That smell that was on bobby's jacket  was up in that gully by a thicket of maple trees, and I found a dead Wolf,  Dead wolf  I want to see it,  No Get in the truck Bobby lets get out of here. Jim you drive, ok, you are sure shook up,  It was weird up their, What killed that wolf? I don't no bobby never seen any thing like it. Let's head back to camp and eat, Good idea I'm starved , you are always hungry bobby. good idea charley and then we will head up to the ranger station about 4:00 and hunt that area behind old ray's cabin, Will tell that ranger about that wolf, maybe he knows what's going on.

Chapter 2  Bobby meets new friends

Well that was fun but scary. Good to be back at camp Jim,  I know charley, What do you think happened to that wolf. Don't no, Can I go fishing after we eat? yea just don't cross the creek  just stay on this side , and don't go any further then you can see the road. don't go down one of side creeks like you did at Big Bear river, Remember! Yes I got lost I know  but I caught 4 trout, yep and they were tasty but your worth more then 4 fish , think I'm worth 10 fish?  Well ma be What kind of fish?  JIM" be care full I will.

  I grab my pole and tackle pouch, headed down the river bank, I think that river is about 30 yards wide and got some nice pool in it ma be 10 15 feet deep. look, Wow look at that fish jump, got to be a 2 ponder Charley said you can tell cause fish have scales Funny. I better try that Cobart spinner   It's
the one for that baby I get on that log  and cast  perfect come on hit that bait try again can't believe it I thought for sure he would take it. o well I move down stream. hey look a Helgramite They always work  Ok lets see, take this spinner off, put this small hook on  put a lead bead sinker up the line 8 inches hook up that old Helgramite and a little marshmallow Float it off the bottom. Their is a big rock sneak around it real quite fish can feel vibration, look at that I will drop in in this fast moving water and their it goes right in to that pool come on little nibble  come on  Got Ya   great now real slow,  keep my line tight, pole up come to bobby that's it in the net! Yes 17 inch rain bow  pink meat Yep Native. gonna have supper tonight. Now lets take and clean you. love this pocket knife Charley's brother gave me even has
scissors on it.    love it. now lets take the stomach out of it  And put on the hook and put  the net down in the water on that rock put the hook in the middle down in to the still water in side the net and see if we can get some crawdads to smell it and get close enough to grab them. theirs one no two he's big,  that's two on the net look another one come on get in that's it got ya 3 big crawdads put them in the bag now for some more fish ma be a 3 lb momma. what's that noise sounds like a truck door closing. there is the road hey look a couple of kids. Hello up their Hello Hello. The little boy yells back  Got any fish?   Yes,  I yelled hold on I will come up their , ok Kids my age neat, Hi  how are you gyes, fine, lets us see those fish,  Wow he's big,  and what are those? the girl ask, crawdads, can you eat them? yep their good, can I hold one?  No they will pinch you. What are you gyes doing up here ask bobby? We are up hunting with our dad, what's your name? the  little boy said Nicos hold old are you? almost 13 my name is Helina and I'm almost 14, My name is bobby and I'm 14 too be 15 next month,
     Have you gyes smelled that awful smell? yes it smells like my sisters ferrets kind of  worse and we heard some strange growls last night,  hey look theirs my dad. how day he said who might you be? I'm bobby, I'm Ted their papa, nice to meet you. You from that camp below We seen your lights when you cam in,. yea that's us me Jim and charley. Dad says helina, bobby said that he smelled that bad smell to, Yea We were  hunting early and charley found a dead wolf, him and Jim were going to report it to the ranger, something had sucked it's brains out, Yuck said helina, that's gross said nicos Well let's go down and meet your friends and I can tell them some thing they might want to hear. this is sure a nice truck Thanks. what's your dads name  Its my uncle Jim and charley, ok, where's your dad ? He died a few years ago, I'm sorry, It's ok my mom and Jim take pretty good care of us, Where is your mom nicos? shes home, going to have a baby It's twins says helina ,  I'm going to have two baby sisters.
  Looks like your Camp Bobby, hello what bobby get in trouble No said Ted  we found up on the road or should I say he found the kids, we are camped up high on the ridge, past eagle point, we got lots of snow last night, might move camp down the mountain a little. to cold for helina Yea she a girl you know say's nicos, Why don't you come down here their lots of room  right their says Jim , bobby could use the company and it would give him some one to talk to  He drives us craze, my brother Talks talks talks never stops they will get a long good and I can read and not be disturbed,  She's always reading about ferrets and skunks and stuff. Is it ok Charley  I could take nico fishing, Me too yea girls can go  we will have fun, well what do you say Ted, Ok Sounds good. can bobby go up and help us pack up camp says nico Yea sure says Jim  ok.
      Their another  thing we need to talk about We have been smelling this dead animal or something and we had some things taken from our camp the other night and I found some skin or something I don't no, I will take the ranger up their and show him We are going to talk to the ranger today  you can go with us Ok load up kids lets get this show on the road.

Chapter 3 Rumble in the mountain

Just pull in their,  Got every thing?  yes sir, Thanks again for letting us camp by you, Worrier about  that smell and all, No problem Ted, says charley, We love to have  the company Jims a pretty good cook.
Hey Jim meet their dog Beamer, come here beamer come on this is Jim, Hey little feller your sure spunky
Lunch is ready  Going to eat that fish and craw dads and of coerce macaroni and cheese and peanut butter sandwiches yea as nico &  heline and bobby are dancing and jumping around and beamer is barking
 Settle down says charly, let's eat. Well that was a good lunch , can we go down to the river and throw rocks. Be care full nicos  watch your sister ok dad
    Good kids yea,  Tell us what you found,  ok I did not want to say any thing around the kids but yesterday I got up early beamer was growling and shaking in his boots scared of something but not barking,  I notices that the fire pit that we had dug had the coals spread all over and it look like some thing had dug it up. were talking a bed of hot coals, we had a pretty big fire last night  and I had put some big wood on it so that we would have coals for breakfast, well the logs  were deep in the bottom like they had been buried, I went and got my shovel and starting digging around in the bottom of the fire pit, I  notice a hide or something in the coals , I tried to pull it out but is was stuck on something ,I kept digging and their was some ooze like puss from a boil or infection, smelly and very sticky, I went and got a pry bar out of the truck and I pried up a head of some kind attached to the skin I had been pulling on, still could not pull it out, so I got the truck  and tied a rope to it and pulled  this huge distorted oozing glob of something that was dead Could you tell what it was ask Charley, no and it had a bunch of  I don't know legs or
tentacles like an octopus but made of rock like bone, So I drug it out of camp up the road about 2 miles and pushed it over the side of the road  I took my ax and tried to chop off one of the arms, Hold on look at what it did to my ax head
   Let me see that said Jim its chipped but it looks like you got something on it and it dissolving the metal,. Its not melting it, but It looks like something is eating it like a caterpillar eats a leaf. Yea it does,. Charley speaks up and says come on Ted,  let's you and I go up and see it, Ma be we can take a picture of it for the ranger .ok let me grab my coat ,put that ax in the back of the truck, we don't want to leave it here, Ok Jim tell the kids we went to spot elk , Be care full  something is wrong out there.
      Theirs are old camp just a couple of miles up Nice View. look at the road  their is no snow in the middle of the road I drug that thing down this this morning and their a was at least 8 inches and it has been snowing all day  Stop lets check it out Charley does the ground on the road seem warm to you, Yea  and look at the tree trunks  It look like something is eating them Look at that bark, Get me that ax Ted I will knock a piece of bark off it Ok Charley, hit it again I did is like hard as iron I cant even penetrate the wood Unbelievable  Come on lets get up their and check out the spot you dumped it, ok is only about half a mile from here. Go,  lets go, ok,  I took this little landing rd off to the right  and its about 200 yards in on the landing, Their I pushed it off the side. stop Do you smell that, Yes I never smelled it that strong before, Hold on I got a 45 in the back seat for bear , Go get it, ok hey I don't see anything down there It has to be It was right their I know I could see the road a way down from your camp I see the turn where we headed up to camp, ye this was the place.
    Look Jim the mountain looks like it falling like a land slide and Wow It's an earth quack, Hold On Get up Get to the truck  the ground is shaking and the thunder of that mountain big rocks and mud  sliding ,It  wont stop  hold on I'm look the trees are falling their going to hit us,  back up  Back up That was close it almost got us, Wow it stopped  It stopped That was terrible Jim, yea look the road is totally blocked We are trapped up here ,We need to get back to camp, Hurry, I hope my kids all right  I know their scared. You dropped your gun,  Just leave it we got to get back to the kids hurry.

Chapter 4 Nicos is missing

What happened? I think it was a earth quack, look at the road their is no snow on it at, all no rocks, no fallen trees, I know I don't understand!  Trees were fallen on that landing, but not here, ma be it's like a tornado hits one farm but not the other, Ma be Stop Look down at the river it must have rose about 10 ft, hurry that is higher then our camp, I know I know,  one more mile, their is the camp pull in, It's not under water it looks perfect. Hey Jim where are the kids, Dad Did you here that rumble What was it. yea says nicos and bobby at the same time. I think an earth Quake. Earth Quake Said Jim We did not feel a thing, The water about a mile up stream or so has rose about 10 ft, Not here look it the same as when you left, Did you spot any Elk Dad What nicos? You and Jim left to spot elk, o yea that's right, Nope but we will keep trying. Come over here Jim  Ok charley I got to tell you something about what happened, ok, charley spoke as calmly as he could telling Jim what happened Jim could not hardly believe, but with everything happening  it's possible. What should we do I don't no, tonight when the kids go to bed you and I and Ted can come up with a plan.
   That was a long day, finally the kids are in bed , I'm glad their safe says Jim  Me to charley agreed, with everything happing we never got up to the ranger station, said Ted I know spoke Charley, and continued Lets go first in the morning down  the valley and see how bad the road is, see if their is another way out, Then lets find that ranger I thought with the thundering mountain and the mountain sliding  down would of got that ranger moving around and checking the area, I never even heard a truck all day, In fact I don't think I heard any birds or squirrels chirping, Me neither and I don't here any crickets now, last night they were so loud that I could hardly sleep sad Ted strange, well get some sleep its going to be a long day tomorrow ok Good night.
   It was almost 4:30 in the morning that beamer starting barking, woof woof woof loud  and more barking running down to the river barking and barking like something is out their. Ted jumped up , What is it beamer Beamer stop barking , but beamer continued to keep barking as hard as loud as he can, charley got up and ran out side and beamer was just frantic and would not stop barking, so Ted yelled  Nicos Nicos come out here and settle down beamer, Then a scream came from the tent Halina was screaming ! nicos is gone nicos is gone , Ted rushed over to the tent nicos was not in his bed, Nicos yelled Ted as well as charley and beamer was barking and running up and down along the bank of the river. shut up beamer  Bobby get that dog  Ok Jim ,as Jim was lighting the lantern, get your truck Ted shine your lights on the river where beamer is barking, Get back here Halina stay away from that water calm down quick crying We will find him. O daddy I'm scared what if he is dead, Now settle down He's not dead  yes he is, no he is not, Find him daddy ,Go sit down and quit yelling so I can think, Pull that truck down here said Charly to ted , use that spot light, shine it over to the other side of the river, Look charley  what is that  its moving up the hill, shine the light on it, The trees are in the way, Get out of the water Jim ,No I'm going after nicos  as Jim plunged in to the river, Their he is said bobby on the other side on the bank heading after nicos, What are we going to do cried Ted my boy my boy I love nicos so much, I got to find him. daddy what are going to do, Bobby get some wood on that fire yes sir charley right now hurry , Bobby get Halina over buy the fire settle her down, and get her a blanket to put around her, hurry bobby. Charley Charley yelled Ted get over here  there is Jim on the other side he's coming back, What did you see Jim you must be freezing get over here by the fire. I seen Something!! What? yelled Helina   It was big, and was moving fast, I could not keep up and it, It was dark, very dark. I could not get a good look it was moving fast and disappeared in to the trees and then Quite,  nothing, Did you see nicos? ask charley,  no,  what are we going to do? first settle down, We can't do anything in the dark, it will be light in about an hour, and we will find him .He's a smart boy He will stay alive He's dead, I know it sob heliana No he is not said Ted, He is your brother and we are going to get him back., Jim Jim come over here to the river yelled bobby Look! Look at all these dead fish  in the water what happening I don't no Lets get with the others and stop that dogs barking, Come here beamer yelled  Halina and picked him up and was crying You got to find nicos beamer please please I love him.  Every one settle down We will find him, What we will do cry Halina.  we will search for him at first light  Now get some coffee going Charley and I will get our rifles out and some gear together and first light Ted and I will cross the river and look for nicos Me too said bobby I'm a good tracker, I'm not scared  Necos is my friend Your right said charley you come with us.       

Chapter 5  Nicos is alive

It's light enough to cross the river Ted said Charley, Grab the rifles Bobby get that back pack. ok Ted do you have that campus Yep. and some rope just in case, Good now jump in the truck about a half mile back is a fallen tree in the river that will help in crossing the river. ok their it is  lets cross. Charley why does the water look like it glows and feel it, It's really warm. Be care full bobby I don't no, now  keep your eyes open and be quite watch for signs, Their is the camp we can pick up the trail here . Look Charley said bobby  some kind of drag marks, look a blue marble. Nicos had a bag of blue crystal marbles tied to his belt Yea he showed them to me said bobby    lots of them, head up that hill.  it looks like those marks are going in three different directions, which way do we go Charley said Ted Look said bobby I see another blue marble down that trail see it shining in the sun. Yes  Nicos must be dropping them so we can follow him  Smart kid I told you He's alive said bobby!!  Get that radio out bobby lets see if we can get Jim on it. Here charley  Breaker Breaker  Jim  Hello Jim  Come on Jim You Their Yea charley breaker , Nicos is alive Breaker Al right Helina grabs the radio  let me talk to him ,Give      that radio halina  sorry, Did you find him Charley breaker No but he left us a trail  with those blue marbles breaker Good find him Breaker Ok Jim get back to you later over and out, Yes lets go be quite. I will go first  said bobby, look a broken branch and some marks on the rock, let me see said Ted it's from bobby its a circle  with a line on the bottom.   he learned it in his boy scout class  to leave a trail marking, Can you smell that Charley said bobby, yea its getting stronger lets go this way towards that thicket of trees, that the kind of trees that I found that dead wolf  in,  Lets go around the back way. up this set of rocks  and behind that hill. look at the trees they are glowing like the water and their is no snow on the trees. We must be getting close. It's dark in here and really stinks, Here charley is a flash . thanks Ted , now get behind me bobby, Keep that rifle ready Ted I got it but I cant see nothing in front of us. be quite, NO No  stop stop Help  I'm slipping Help I can't stop  THUD  Thurd Help I can't see I have fallen in a hole. Move bobby are you ok ,I think  don't come any closer. what should we do Ted , What should we do!! help him, I will throw you a rope grab it, hold on I dropped the flash light , Ma be I can reach it, got it Throw the rope bobby, try again ok hold it Got it Tie it around you said Ted Ok, Now pull Bobby  ,ok,  their he is come on ,keep pulling bobby  I made it.Thank you gyes you saved my life. Shine the light over their what is it ? a huge Hole said charley,  how deep is it ask bobby, I don't know , Hold the rope while get closer I will shine the light in, I cant tell the batteries are getting low, Hold no charley said bobby ,Where is that back pack, here bobby give me the flash light, What are you looking for bobby ask Ted Glow sticks  we always take them with us when we go hunting, Good thinking bobby said charley, Got em here is one charley, I got six of them Great, Lets see break it wow it's bright ,I'm going to drop it down the hole and see how deep it is , Look it's falling ' I can barley see it, but it stopped, it's got to be 250 or more, We cant reach it with what we have , Lets climb down, We Can't The walls are straight down like a well , I got lucky and landed on a ledge where a big root was sticking out. What are we going to do? ask bobby, We got to see if we can get help and more rope and lanterns,  What about Nicos,  I know Their is nothing we can do till we get more rope, Look Charley Ted
another marble, He has to be down their, Hurry lets get help break a couple more of those glow sticks so we can get out of here. 

Chapter 6 Ranger station deserted 

   I hope nicos is all right Ted says bobby, I know he will, He can figure stuff out , I Remember when he got a cat out of a  dry water well, He dropped a wooden box down into that well with a open can of tuna and that cat jumped right in it and he pulled her out. Really, Yep then he accidentally dropped his glove down that well, He took a rock and tied it to his rope and put his bubble gum on the bottom of that rock  and dropped it right on top of the glove ,Yep that glove stuck right to that rock pulled it up. That is cool, he is a genies. and then down at the mall kids would loose their balloon and it would get caught on the ceiling  way up their so they would buy a balloon sand string, put tape backwards on the balloon and tie the long string on it and then run their balloon in to the ones up their and they would stick to their balloon and then bring both down ,they would get about 20 balloons that way, and then he would give the balloons to kids that were poor. He is nice, Just like dropping those marbles We will find him, Their the truck lets get back to camp, As we pulled in to camp Halina and Jim and beamer came running out of the trailer Did you find him? Well we think we know where he is, But we need ropes and lanterns.  Ma be that ranger has some said Jim, Charley why don't you and I go up their and leave Ted with Halina, Helina is real worried and needs her papa , and bobby you keep an eye out, their is some danger out  there, Ok Ted speaks up, I will pack up some food and what ever I can think of,  halina  you can help me ok I have a small first aid kit in my back pack  go get it ok, Hurry back. Lets go charley ok Jim you drive. I'm going to see if I can raise any one on this old radio  ,keep yours on Ted Channel 7 That's the channel the loggers use. How far is that Ranger station Charley well it's about 6 miles from Jim's old camp, ok Their is jims camp  now about 2 miles up is where he dumped that thing he found,  right their to the left  pull in looks like a lot of trees fell when we heard that rumbling, stop, lets look over that edge, see any thing no, you no ,Let get to the ranger station , another 4 miles  their the ranger sign, turn right now about 3 miles up.  Its steep so be care full, got ya,  their it is Honk your horn Honk Honk , lets go knock  Any body here yelled Jim Hello Hello, I don't think he is here, open the door lets go in. look on the table a note.

Tues day !! this is  Saturday  ya and look  that sandwich is stale bread it have been sitting here a while.
  We need to go down their  look for a map of the area,  try the desk, Here is one charley, you see if you can find it their camp. I'm going to look for some rope.  Hey look down by the shed, ok!!
 I found the spot not too far, look  everything we need ropes, lanterns, gas, Flares, hey a hoist grab it and  get those shovels, and pick, what's this?  Those are elk sound bombs They run the elk out of certain areas, Their loud  Grab  a couple of boxes ok Grab all of them,   load this stuff up back the truck up here Jim I'm on it.
    Let's see according to this map turn right at the 5,000 marker Right, now  left go past high water, their stay to the left look like a valley, yea the 3,000 block rd is below us

   theirs winder creek, keep going  4,000 rd another mile,  their turn north now about according to the note about the 1,000, look their is a truck tipped over to the right, Stop,  Get that rifle Jim, ok, can you see any thing hardly It's really humid like a  we are in a fog, their that's smell again. look what was that hold on Bang Bang did you hit it, I'm sure I did I heart the thud and I seen it flinch, What do you think it was Jim? It look like a bid rat but the size of hippo but moved really fast. Yea I thought it was a 500 pound gofer, That it it look more life a gofer then a rat, Any body here Yelled Charley Hello, it was dead silent,  Jim look  just by the tree a upside down table and boxes chair and mattress, Look like it was a barricade for a last stand ,Look at that Jim must be 50 empty cartridges Yea look at that rifle charley! I think the gun barrel was bitten off. hey look at these tracks   Huge what could have made these. We need bobby here, he would know,  and look by that tree its blood and hair,  I think you did get him, look at where that blood is eating into the tree bark, Yea. let do a search for these people or any thing that might help us. I can't find nothing, their is a tow chain rapped around this tree, and it has been bitten off see the marks on the end, He must of caught one. What was he going to do with one? lets go, Did you here that yes it sounded like a woman, Hello Where are you, I think its coming from over their Hello! Hello! Quite Jim I here a tapping noise, Me to its coming from mmmm  from here,  tap on that stump, Tap Tap Tap, Hello we hear you, Get the shovel charley and pick, got it Dig here ok, Chunk Chunk sounds like metal Its a truck door  Pry it up!! help me here it comes. pull it out of the away. shine the light down   O my are you ok? Yes let us help you Thank you thank you How long have you been down their. about 4 days some thing came in to our and grab my twin boys So my brother mike put me in here and went to find the boys, have some water, Get in the truck  Hurry lets get out of here, They took me the day before but I got away and got back to camp then they got the boys. I'm glad you found me we got to find my boys and my brother Mike. Yea they took one of our kids, so ma be we can help each other. What's your name Dianne, ok Dianne we will find them. don't worry. 

 Chapter 7 Beamer acts strange

 As we pulled in to camp, we could see Ted and bobby down by the river, Looked like they are dragging some thing, Then the trailer door swung open and halina came running out Papa has shot something, hurry of coerce beamer is barking franticly happy to see us  settle down beamer, Stay here halina an charley started running to  help ted and bobby, What is it ted it's huge and look at those teeth!!

  Look at those teeth We found a logging chain chewed in half, We better find Nicos, and figure out how to protect our self's Back at Dianne's camp they had a barricade  and it was not good enough.
It's a huge rodent about I would say 150 lb, we shot at one twice that size, I hit him but the took off., I can't believe that something could be that big out here ,Look at his claw it could rip you apart
If the teeth are this big on a small one And how big is the big ones teeth and  claws?
 I don't no.
Bobby said those claws also can dig deep ,We got to catch one. no Shoot one..

What are we going to do with it, Burn it, I guess It Stinks  This is what we must have been smelling, Well one thing when we run into the smell We will have an Idea of what out there.
  What do you think, Jim Man it's ugly that looks like a gofer, Yea it does Jim, You know  I was thinking, That big hole up their in the woods that we found ?  Their might be another entrance, Out on the farm I Shove a hose down the main gofer hole and the water some times would comes out over in the other pasture, they have lots of tunnels that lead back to their nest, This could be one of their babies, Then charley say's I wonder if mike was trying to set a trap  with that chain around that tree, he could of caught a small one and tied it to that tree and Then build that barricade and waited, Could you imagine  what  could of come out to rescue it's baby, He must of shot at it , We found at least 50 empty rounds, and it bit his rifle barren in half. But where is mike , Who's Mike Said Ted? That's Dianne's husband, Who's Dianne? come on I introduce her to you. She's in the trailer with Halina. Halina comes out of the Trailer and says be quite you gyes Dianne was exhausted and laid down ,sound asleep Ok we will talk to her later, Look It's late  said Jim We will get started early first light  Lets go back to where mike put that chain around that tree Ma be we can find a main entrance, Ok said Charley. Whereas Beamer said Halina I don't no he was just here, said Ted You go inside helina I will look for him. Beamer Come on boy where are you, I seen him go down that trail over their,  Thanks charley, Beamer come on. beamer  how far does this trail go   I must of walked 300 yards Beamer where are you at boy, Beamer come here What are you doing, What are you chewing on, Smells like raw hide, where did you get That, Come on It's getting dark  Come on , What? you want to stay out here all night Al right Do I got to carry You,  Man your getting Fat, Good Boy. Now get in that trailer, Halina is missing you. Thank Papa I love you. Did you find him? ask Jim. Yea but he keep looking down  and wanting to keep going down the trail, and did not want to come back with me, I had to carry him, Strange!  he never leaves halina and nicos side, never seen him leave camp like that. Beamer It's 4:00 in the morning I don't want to let you out  Just wait, Bark Bark Bark. Halina said  Ted spoke up Let him out problem needs to go potty ,Ok . Beamer Papa He just ran down that trail, Go back to bed Halena I will get him in a min , He is just checking thing out He's a dog you no, No he's not He's my baby , Go back to sleep , Ok , Don't forget beamer, I WON''T  That stupid Dog where is he it's almost 5 in the morning, Got to get up any way. I will start the fire and throw the coffee on.
    Morning Charley , Got some coffee ready Jim?  Hot and strong Good  I heard you whistle for beamer, Did you find him? No he went back up that trail he was on last night. Ok Let me have some coffee and I will look around.
 he went down that trail ok. I see you found him, Ya  He was was acting like he was waiting for some one or some thing,   Good morning Ted, How is our visitor Dianne, Their she is, Good morning, Coffee, Please and thank you for helping me, Hey we are all in this together, sit down eggs and bacon are going to be ready pretty Quick. Sounds Good. and bobby save her some bacon Ok,
  Hey come here beamer  said bobby where have you been , you are sure acting strange  lately, Halina looking for you. Beamer Beamer come here baby yelled Halina from the trailer  Beamer where have you been  get up here, Don't you be running off I love you baby as halina started to dose off back to sleep.

Chapter 8 Beamers new friend

Well it's about time you got up, Halina , come here beamer Want a piece of bacon You love it ,    Good morning Dianne, Good morning Halina, Charley and Jim and my Dad will find my brother and your boys and mike, I know it, They seem pretty smart said Ted, Here is your breakfasts halina, thank you Papa,

    Look at that!! the road is blocked  their is no way around it said Jim as they got out of the truck. I don't under stand, something does not look right, What do you mean Charley  climb up here , Look down the valley every thing looks normal ,no trees down no land slides, no Big rocks on the Road, Yea it looks like this slide was deliberate so that no one could get out of this area, Lets climb up this side, looks like a trail of some kind, yea to wide for elk , Look Jim big tracks like those other one, Go get the rifle and some of those elk bombs, ok be right back, Hey what did you find? It looks like a ranger jacket see the patch on the sleeve, let me see it It must be the rangers. the name tag says Larry on it, their is something in the pocket. Looks like a letter from the sheriff's office. What does it say Jim,


Here I will Read it.
   Larry We heard back from the feds about the things that were happening  that you were talking about. They said They don't no any thing about the matter. But we got a call from a man , would not say who he was, but told me that years ago they had a research lab up in that area and for some reason it was abandon and an old Indian chief from that area said their was a big explosion and the mountain covered the entrance of the place Be careful, he said they were doing experiments with nuclear waste and some kind of gamma partials and some kind of enzyme and some kind of DNA research. Don't no what that means, Just if you find some thing get back to me Bob

  Charley see those 38 casings over there, Larry must of got off a few shots off, Yea,  Look up their see how the rocks are It looks like some thing has push them in to those other rocks and it starter the land slide, That must be the rumble that they heard at camp. But the ground was shaking where we were said  Charley, Why,  ma be !!!Scary..

 Lets follow this trail, How much further do you think charley? well we are about the same level as those rocks are, Quite Look Where? Their,. it must be at least 10 of those gofers about the same size as that one Ted shot . look ? it looks like they are smelling the air and they are all looking in the same direction Yea, Look Look Where? There It must be the Mom  of those other 10, Look at those teeth. Their are  like a saber tooth tiger from the ice age 







They must have a main entrance here Yep looks like it Jim. Lets go back to camp and get Ted and see if we can find some thing over at mikes camp, Ok It's sure stinks. But that's good they cant smell us we are down wind

  What did you did you find out ask Ted? Let's load up the stuff you got and we will tell you on the way Ted We don't want to worry the girls any more then they already are. Ok Get halina and tell her to mind Dianne, Bobby we want you to come with us,  We might need to do a little tracking. ok let me get that glow in the dark caution tape I use for tying on trees so I can get back to camp when it gets dark, Then charley remember that's right we used that tape when we were trying to find that bear I shot, and it ran down in to the canyon and you tied some of that tape about every 500 yards and it was easy to find our way out, Good thing because I or got the flash light  and it was pitch black no moon said bobby as they all chuckled. See you gyes in a little While. I love you papa I love you to Halina

    Dianne Dianne,  Yes have you seen beamer? No halina, he has been gone for about an hour at least
Well lets walk down the path and see if we can see what's up helina, Lets be quite  and sneak up on him  Ok. .Do you see him yet no? I can here him barking, up that trail Halina, be quite! look Their is a man down their playing with beamer , No I think is a Indian boy. your right Dianne I wonder who he is  Lets see if we can talk to himHello!!  Hi how are you,  Don't run Please help us said Dianne Then Halina   step in front of Dianne and said What's your name min is Halina Have you seen my brother? The young Indian stopped and just keep looking at them as they walked closer them beamer  ran right to halina and wagging his tale and barking in excitement, Who's your friend beamer as beamer turned to and ran back to his new friend, My name is linos brave of the Chinook Tribe, My father was Chief  living water Son of Chief Sun Eagle, I'm not afraid I have been watching you sťance you arrived. You speak English very well. My mother taught school at fort saddle horn and I learned from her. It's so nice to meet you spoke Dianne Please come back to camp with us, Halina spoke My dogs name is beamer he likes you please come, we are scared and we can't find my brother nicos as she started to cry. I have seen him, You have, yes Please come with us pleaded Dianne, and I have seen two boy who look as one My Boys Are they alive Yes, my husband is also missing  he and the ranger are with them and alive,  Please Hurry! we got to tell my dad Ted, thank you hurry.

Chapter  9 Charley Finds the main Tunnel

 Their is your old camp Ted , How far do we got to go ask bobby not far, Stop the truck I want to take a look at the Terrain Jim, said charley,

Here is that ranger Map Looking at the terrain you see that area where the ranger station is  pretty steep now look at mikes old camp  it flows toward the small canyon now down  by the main road that is blocked we seen all those rodents it's on about same elevation as the canyon below Ted's camp. I bet where Ted dumped that gofer is that could be the place where that research lab was, Yea lets start their  Bobby said I agree said Jim I know that area I hunted all day over their, But I did not see any thing, You weren't looking for odd stuff  Yea just that
 big Buck, lets go charley

Breaker Breaker Charley are you their over,  Hey bobby grab the radio, Dianne is that you, over, Yes, Over Every thing ok, over Yes nicos and and mike and my boys are alive Over, They are, are they at the camp Over, No over we met a young Indian boy that has seen them and knows where they are Over, Where is he now, Over Here at camp Over, We are on our way ,Over and out, That's good news They are alive. Hurry. I'm so glad my boy is alive,  I miss him so bad, we will get him back won't we Jim,  yes bobby you bet says charley
    Their back. yelled halina as she ran to the truck grabbing her papa  nicos is a live  Yes Yes  ,we will find him, now lets talk to that boy, Hello I'm charley and this is Jim and Ted, and I'm Bobby My name is Linos, how old are you 17, where are your folks? my mother died 2 years ago and my father is ill and his brother has taken him to Seattle to get help ,When? 5 mounts ago. Tell us what you know about the boys and where they are. I can show you. But we must clime a mountain and cross a river and then we must travel up stream for several miles and then climb up to the forest and you can look down  at sun set and see them being brought out side the cave. Who is bringing them out? You must see. Ok said Ted Lets go! Lino spoke is a days joinery their are no roads just elk trails and rock. Ok We will leave first light said Charley, We must stay their at night and decide what to do said Jim. I want to go said helina No It's to dangerous spoke Lino, He is right, Lets get a good nights sleep and save our families in the morning,
    Charley was up about 4:30 am  got the camp fire going, put the coffee on and started heating a big pot of stew that he had made early, figured every one should have some thing in them to start the trip , He got in to the utility trailer and got out that jerky they brought up Plenty for a couple of days. Jim your up? you to Ted  bobby and Lino are most likely still sleeping, Don't think so I heard Lino leave about 4:00 Get bobby up, Hope he comes back, me too because he knows the way to get their. Lino your back we got worried, I went back to my camp I got this a while back from a truck that went off the road and they left it. Let me see it, That's a Geiger counter. it works, Yea it dose said Ted, I had to take a class on uranium in collage, Great said Jim your in charge of the electronic gismos. also this was in their some kind of key, here Ted your department. The girls are getting up and bobby too Dianne are you sure you will be all write?  Yes I got a rifle, Beamer and Halina, Yea I can shoot can't I papa, yep. Lets go we are burring day light Day Light said bobby that's moon light. Load up good buy see you soon. said Jim.
  Let me see that map you have Sir No it's charley, ok charley  those blue line what do they mean That's where I thought they might have dug their tunnels, in those directions My father and ranger Larry were friends, our Camp was above this blue line where it says 5000, their is a lake to the south and large stand of pine trees, I seen many of those animals their. We are going right here, see where you have those lines meeting each other, The way you have drawn the lines it looks like you have found the main tunnel  their where you put the blue x .see Yes, if you follow your blue line and up a little from the 3000 mark, That is where I seen the boys down in a valley below.
     Why did wait to tell us where the kids were? Ask Ted,

  Their were some men here a 2 mounts ago and I told them that I have seen big animals, and they said I was Lying,
and grab me and tied me up and took  me to their camp, I heard one man say we have to get rid of him, I got free from the ropes and got away ,They shot at me and tried to follow me, but they were too slow I hid and watch for several days, They were looking for some thing, They had a big truck with a dish thing on top that turned. Did the truck have any markings on it? Yes the letter U.S. Jim Spoke up I new it. the government has to be behind this. Charley then said The letter that was in that Rangers jacket that we found said they were doing experiments with nuclear waste and some kind of gamma partials Bobby Said and kind of enzyme, and DNA research It looks like it up to us to stop this, Well Lets first rescue every one before we  try to save the world spoke Ted  Your right let get those kids .    

    Park here, Jim Get all our stuff, bobby you and Lino go in front. Ted you keep a eye behind us ok charley. Do you see that ridge? said Lino We need to get their buy that set of trees. This is a pretty good elk trail. You no I have not seen 1 elk or a deer, said Ted Bobby said we seen some mule deer earlier, but that's it . Yes lino spoke  up, the squirrels and birds have been missing too, We found lots of dead fish in the river. but I caught some live ones. some thing strange here that. for sure Jim said, ' We got to stop and take a rest soon said lino its just up a little ways and we will be on that ridge,. here we are. Bobby where are you going I want to go over to those pine trees and look around , I will go with you said lino. Come on lets go . Their is that smell but not very strong, and look some tracks,  they go over here. look a dead elk, yes and a hole in it's head  like the wolf that Jim found. Look over down their! we are going down to that Big rock them along that ravine and back to that ridge, from their we can be in place to see your friends, Lets go back and tell Jim about this elk.!! Jim Jim !! We found a dead elk with it's brains sucked out How about it's feet Lino spoke up Yes It looked like it had been caught in a trap and the elk had pulled his foot out and ripped the sin all the way to the bone off same as the wolf said Jim, Let go! Ted said, I want to see my boy nicos  as he grab his back pack, Slow down you boys Its Steep going down , We are old men,  Lino laugh so is my dad, and bobby said their so old they new chief Sitting bull ,Struck lino funny bone and replied Like to see them ride a buffalo like old sitting bull did,  Jim got thrown off a horse last year and had to use a cane for about a week acted like an old woman Lino and bobby just laughed and laughed What so funny  up their said Charley? and that just laughed some more. I'm glad you came to help us, Me to you are a great friend bobby, and helina is very nice too, You like her don't you? No Just as friend, and they started laughing again.
  Here is the big rock, we will snake our way along this edge of this gully  them we will have to climb to that ridge  pretty steep but we can do it,. Jim ok said charley after about an hour  they came to a spot where rocks had slid down .Lino said another 500 yards and we will climb up. when they got to the spot Jim said lets eat first Every one agreed, that got out that jerky and cheese, It's good Then Ted Had a surprise and got out of his pack a hole bag of Hershey kisses, Lino had never eaten them But had no problem eating 10 or more and bobby he keep right up with him, then they started up the hill and about half way  Ted said we need that rope , Lino took the end of the rope and climbed up and tied it to a tree limb  about 100' ft up  .They used as a guide for they were slipping on the shell rock,  They climbed over some more rocks, lino showed them a trail and took it and came around to the top, Now be quite and  lets go through this thicket of trees, they came through the trees and in front of them were a bunch of huge rocks, so they went slowly towards them and their was a space between the two biggest rocks,  then just on the other side of them it was flat like a table and about 15 yards wide so they crawled to the edge and they look down to the bottom of the ravine and they could see a big hole in the side of the mountain like a tunnel Their he said they will bring them out here Jim Said Who will Bring them out Lino said you will see. as charley looked down he ask lino   where do they bring them too Lino said right by that big rock about 200 ft from the entrance. they let them walk around and get warm I think they are shivering . It must be cold under ground their Jim said, Charley thought for a moment  and said If we could get a note  down there do you think nicos could find it Yes lino said yes I will take it their  Charley said I will take it, No said Lino I can get in and out,  they will never here me I watch your camp, and took a jacket off the tree and you did not here me, That was you, why did you take the jacket. I wanted your dog to find me , I knew he would follow nicos smell on it. I wanted to make friends with him It's was lonely since my father left. Ok here take this note   Be care full Give me that rope.
    Look said  bobby Their  he is all most their, where said Ted Their on the rope sliding down, That boy is good, charley said You can tell this is his back yard, Their he is putting that note on that limb buy that rock, give me those binoculars. look like he is taking that red feather out of his hair and tying it to that limb it it blowing in the wind Smart said Jim ma be it will catch nicos eye Yea said bobby kind of like that glow tape. He's coming back he is climbing the rope.
Where is he ? ask Ted bobby said it's harder to climb then go down hill, I see him  their he is he is moving like lighting  said Jim , Your Back Good job son , Now all we can do is wait , how long said Ted  when the sunlight reaches that set of rocks to the west , They will come..

  Chapter 10 They find the lab

The sun is getting closer to those trees Be quite said Charley as they all were laying on their bellies and looking
    over the edge,
What is that? Yelled Bobby     Be Quite said Lino
You don't want them to see us!
     keep down!!! look they are huge ants, and they are bringing some thing out what is it ? It's a man and their are some more ants they are bringing out more people Look Yelled Ted Be Quite  Ted Get Down as one of the sentry ant turned and looked up I'm sorry but it's nicos I don't think he saw us sad charley Lino said their are sentry that keep the people from running. and escaping. Their the ranger Larry spoke lino, that must be mike Dianne's brother, and the twins Who are those other people? I don't no said Jim, lino says their are ma be 4 more. that ant is next to that branch, he is got to move,  they are walking around. give me those glasses, I think that the ranger sees that note , He just stood next to nicos and  then nicos turn and looked right at it , They can't get to it that sentry ant won't move, what can we do Do nothing , look the ranger is running away  from the direction of the tree, He must be trying to get that ant attention , its working it is after him and nicos is reading the note, He is looking around, he is tanking off his belt and holding it up Look the flash Its His belt buckle he is signaling us, Good job Nicos The ranger Larry is ok the ant just pushed him back with the others and nicos too. We did it Lino we did it, Yea now me must find that lab and the entrance, Lets go Quit now lamented Charley , as he put his arm around Ted and He's alive .we will get him home.   

      We must hurry it will be dark soon,  we are almost back to the truck and It's getting dark I cant wait to tell every one nicos and mike and the ranger are all right halina will be so happy  said bobby, The truck  now lets load up this gear and get back to camp said Jim,  As they pulled in to camp Dianne and halina and of coerce beamer came running out of the trailer  Your back Your back we have been worried, Charley jumped out of the and yelled We have seen Mike and Nicos  They are alive. What said Halina my brother is alive? yes we have seen them Dianne burst into tears of joy I'm so happy and the twins Yes they were with them. You must be starved  I have a big pot of beans and , Halina broke in and said we made muffins and a big cake for you gyes, then Halina turned to Linos and said to you like cake Yes, O good I made a small spice cake with sprinkles for you, and bobby started to laugh, I mean for every body, Linos smiled and said sounds good,  Jim said lets eat and try to figure out  how to find that lab. As they were eating  their by the fire, they heard a noise Charley told bobby real quietly, go get my rifle , its by that stump be care full it's loaded bobby ran over and gave it to charley then they heard a voice Hello Hello Don' shoot I'm Bob Tunner the sheriff. It's the sheriff  We been saved said halina, be quite halina said Ted, Come on in sheriff , you can call me Sam ok Sam, and whom might that feller be That's Rusty my dog H's a good looking dog and beamer ran up to check him out,  Rusty sit said Sam and he sat right by his side as beamer tried to get him to play Rusty did not budge, Jim said he looks a smart dog, Bobby said can I pet him sure said Sam go rusty and rusty blasted right over to get petted by bobby, beamer right on his tail  Pet me pet me Bobby side I love you to Beamer now settle down .  Dianne ask Sheriff Bob, Hot coffee Please I had a tough time climbing through that slide down below took me most of the day, Are you folks all right? So far we are but we have some family taken captive. Really  Dianne came out and said here is a big bowl of beams and some potatoes, Is that corn bread, Yes sir Good I'm starving. Didn't I meet you and , and  Mike my husband down in town Yes but mike has been taken and the boys too! and  Charley told us that he had seen them alive today. Please help us, Come sit down and we will tell you all about it. said Jim Good said Bob, then said  Have you seen Larry the ranger up here Yes said Jim, he is with the others. Come here son!  aren't you Chief  living waters boy Yes sir Where is your father, He is sick and in Seattle, Seattle for how long, 5 mounts, You been up here all by your self, No The Dear and elk and eagle are my friends, You are like your father and so grown up now I remember you when your father would bring you to town with your grand father, What's his name? Chief Sun Eagle, He new my dad , They used to trap together. and they would take me and your father with them, I know this area just like the back of my hand. We used to have a secret place by the river where we would swing from a big branch over the river and drop and swim, I know of it my camp is above it where the old log hut you and my father built. It's still their? It's getting late Kids time for bed, where is lino bobby ask halina he went in to the woods I guess to sleep. I hope he is all right, O you think he's cute, don' say any thing I think he's brave , Bobby laughed he will be all right he's an Indian, they are tough, You should of seen him climb that rope after he scaled down that steep mountain to get that note to nicos, he Did I'm so happy, Good night bobby Good night Halina Sweet dreamssss As he chuckled to him self. Sheriff Bob laid out his sleeping bag climbed in it and rusty laid next to his head so Bob could use him as a pillow You could tell they were long time friends. Sam scratched old rusty head and he dosed off to sleep..
  Early the next morning Charley woke up I better get up, I got to get that camp fire going,  As he came out of the trailer the fire was going and there on one nee petting rusty was lino, Up early lino? Yes time to save our friends, That's the sprit lino, I will start breakfast, the smell of that bacon will wake up every one for sure. Sure enough Ranger Bob said, as he was walking up to the fire Charley's restaurant  is it open yes sir Coffee Yes sir, That hot yep,

Stop rusty settle down all right
come here I scratch your ears, he likes that said lino. What kind of dog is he? ask lino Austrian Sheppard

He sure is smart, Yes sir and has saved my life many times, One time I fell in a river and hit my head and it knocked me out and rusty dove in and dragged me to the bank Saved my life for sure. I would like a dog like that
Yep Hard to fine one like him said Sheriff Bob  In fact one time a wolf came it to our camp and he got a surprise when old rusty came out from the tent and slammed him right to the ground, and ripped right in to him, Ran that critter right out of camp. He is a great dog Come here rusty said lino I will call you Rusty kobay, What does that mean? Ask bobby,
Fear no mountain. I don't know if he's that tough. I think beamer could whip him said halina,  laughter broke out and Ted grab halina gave her a big hug ,Beamer  would protect you even from a grizzly yes daddy he would eat that bear, Every one was laughing. beamer was barking and rusty just quietly sat next to lino why lino was petting him  

  What so funny ? Dianne we were talking about  Bob's dog rusty and halina thinks beamer could eat a grizzly said bobby, He could and beat up a mountain lion, as halina grab Dianne's hand and brought her to the fire He could" couldn't he. Yes he could sweet heart. Coffee Dianne ask Jim, Please, I will get you some sugar as halina ran to to the trailer.
   Ranger Bob ask what has been happening? So as Charley was telling him  he showed him the map Bob said Look right where you lines are meeting together, that's is where the lab is. We were up their And did not see any thing. Well I might be able to fine it, I know a back way in to that lab , I watch them build it They brought in tons of cement and steel I know it is in tack, it was a fortress. Lets get our gear together Ted, Jim, bobby grab some of that jerky Bobby lino you have to ride in the back Ranger Bob Commanded rusty Load up and in a flash rusty was in the back of that truck before those boys could think. Wow said bobby It's going to be fun keeping up with that dog, Linos said he is strong.
 This is where I drug that thing that was burring in our fire pit said Ted, over their their is the edge that I pushed it over, Sheriff Bob started to walk to the other side of that landing and starter up a small hill, Jim said wait up as rusty was already at the top of the hill. We will be right back boys Lets check out the area said charley to Ted and the boy's.

Now see this back trail look out younder at the base of those rocks is a back entrance to that lab, Now let's walk back to the road where we
turned in to this landing







Look at that slide to the left  that is the area where the front entrance was under that slide of rocks Yea you would never know their was any thing their,  Where we were at on that hill you can see weigh back their look right down the middle of that draw see the base of those rocks. The back door

Charley Come here you were right just like you said!   This is where the hub for those gopher are,
  Sheriff Bob say's first as we get closer I will  show you a building that is full of

Chapter 11 They must be sick in the head
if you can nock that lock off, with that hatchet you have Linos,          I can split that lock one slash, Wow said bobby that is sharp did you see that Jim? Yes. Give me that light, What is this Bob? Its their dynamite shed, Now that's what I'm talking about said Charley. Look at this Stuff  It's the same kind of explosives  we used in the service Desert storm,  I was a demolition expert Well I guess your in charge of blowing up things said Ted And see this ? This is a multi explosion switch You can set off dynamite at 7 different locations at one time or one at a time with in a 15 mile radius It works like a CB radio the loggers use see the antenna, Look how far it extends said Linos It's perfect  bobby get that pack over their and put this stuff on the table in it, this too and this Lino you get that C4 and switch .    and that fuse, see that package?  that's for blowing open a door, ok What is this some kind of sound device I guess I turned it on but can't here any thing, see the needle is on 2 and when I hit this button It jumps to 6.Turn it off and bring it.
     Deep down in the tunnel, all of a sudden Nicos Jumped up hey Mike what's happening?  look at those ants, what's wrong with them, I don't no It must be my dad they must be at the lab, What ever happened the century ants did not like it. What are we going to do. It's time to do some thing said Nicos, That mineral that we have been scraping off the wall that glows get it Pat, no I'm Dave,. I can't tell you a part .just get it. I know what happened said Matthew Your dad must of found a sound gun ,that they used to control  the ants, When we were working here Nephi and I discovered what they were doing ,and we said we did not want any part of their experiments, and they used these sound guns to get the ants to bring us down here and lock us up, Nephi said I'm so sorry that you gyes became captives. We had no Idea what the government was up to. In fact I made a disk and hid it in a explosive storage shed by the back entrance of the lab. Yes Yes said Matthew I seen those guns their they must be by that back entrance. Nicos took off his belt and said mike give me your belt, here is what we will do Matthew and Nephi you get that big rock, it will take both of you to lift it, Pat" Hello I'm Dave, stop playing around, Ok Dave you take this mineral dust and throw it in the ants eyes, and when mike and I will  throw these belts at it's front legs, Ranger Larry you start screaming try to keep it focus on you  you two smash him in the head with that rock got it,  pat get the ants attention , How?  run over their as fast as you can right by us Whistle real loud  several times and then run. Pat Whistled  and the ant got real excited  and he whistle again The ant acted like he could not stand it, Nicos Yelled wait don't run yet  Yelled every body whistle loud keep Whistling, Look He cant stand it , he is getting confused,  ok pat run and pat ran, the century followed right behind him trying to catch him as he brushed by Nicos and Mike, Dave through the dust right in his eyes, they had the belts tied together and tripped the ant, as it lunged forward ,its front legs being being taken out from underneath him He hit the floor right in front Mat and Nephi they slammed that rock as hard as they could , direct hit right on that critters head "THUD" that century ant laid motionless.We did it Be Quite sheeeee we don't' the others to come. Now what Nicos , Here is what we do we have about 3 hours before that other comes and replaces this one We got to get to that lab where my father is We are right behind you nicos lead the way Then Let's go said nicos.. First though lets make us some weapons, break off that ants front legs and we can make some spears, Good Idea Get that rock" knock off those pinchers, here take my jacket said Matthew and take the zipper off and use it to tie those pinchers on that Leg, Nice,  Now make another out of his other leg. Rip the jacket into long pieces Yea that will work said Nephi .we can tie it perfect, look at is eye? said Dave, we knocked it's eye out when we hit it with that rock and when you look backwards through it It's like night vision glasses I can't believe it, Nicos speaks up, I took a class in school about, ants that how they see at night.
Get the other one, Larry said I got itLet's go.
 As Charley and and Sheriff Bob got closer to the rocks Jim shouted Look a trail It's hard to see but lets follow it ,Their said bobby a door We found it It's locked Yes  Before we try blowing it open, We might alert the ants and gofers  lets look around, bobby started around the hill with linos soon they spotted a air vent I will go get Jim said bobby , Hurry Jim we found an air vent, Lets see if we can get it off  Pull Pull. Hold on said Charley get that rope and they doubled it tied to the vent and wrapped it tight around a tree, now get a stick Bigger They put it through the double rope and twisted it soon it got really tight  and started to pull the vent Off Got it I can climb down that vent said linos and starter down, Hold on said Ranger Bob I found a motor bike out behind that hill Some one is in their. Ok said linos I will be careful and get that door open..
  It was a tight fit, lions worked his way down, the vent ended into a large vent where he was able to crawl on his hands and knees. It came to an end their was a vent cover . He look through the vent cover ,he could see a large corridor   He got out his knife chipping on the wood frame and prying the screws out as he lifted to vent off he hung down from the edge and dropped to the the floor  the cushion from his moccasins made no sound at all. As Linos worked toward the back entrance he could see large rooms of computers and tables , lab rooms with large windows, and glass containers with some thing in them. He could hear a humming sound in front of  him like a truck engine running, as the hall turned it opened in to a large room, with huge glass tanks he hunch down and moved close to one as he looked in the tank their was a huge ant suspended on chains in some kind of light bluish green liquid. that had streams of bubbles randomly floating to the top of  the tank They were alive, he had never seen ants this size by the entrance where they seen nicos, it had an eggs sack on it, and eggs were coming out of it and flowing down a glass tube to another room, What are they doing, he thought to him self. The room had silent  motion sensors in it that you could not see. Linos notice a light started blinking , He was not sure of what it was, but was moving Causley  toward the huge door on the far side of the room,
 When The motion censor caught him movement it set off a alarm in a room where the man that was on t the motor bike was He looked up at the monitor and could see Lions, The man mover toward a button on the wall and pushed it, Linos became motion less as a round cylinder door started to open ,he could see down  in to it a little but it was a dark hole What have I done he thought. Then their was some movement  in the tunnel , What is it , its some large ants but not like the others they were killer ants soon their were about 5 ants  looking for him Linos  ran to where a latter was attached to a tank one of the ants saw him and it headed towards him he grabbed the latter and climbed , another ant climbed over to the other tank and reached across like a bridge and another ant ran across him and now was above him  he was trapped  their pinchers were at least two feet long and they must of been 9 feet in length. An ant hit him with his pincher as is was trying to grab him ,He fell from the latter to the floor below another ant and came across the floor, He jumped to his feet and pulled his  hatchet from his sheaf swinging at it with all his might, the other ant that was on top of the tank  ran towards him Lions remember what his grand father had told him when you are trapped by wolfs stay calm they cannot think as a man, linos started to calm him self , he then ran toward the far wall as the ants followed him He began to jump up and down as an ant lunged at him he jumped up off his feet  then buried that Tomahawk  deep in to it's head, as the other and came at him he jumped and throw him self under the ant and and trust his knife in to the belly of this ant ,the ant squelled out a loud sound and it curled up,  lions then  slashed at another ant as he was backing up to the door, their was the latch to open the door Lino was yelling ants  ants. Charley and Jim were prying at the door to help lions they could here him yelling , lion grab the latch as the ant grab him The door swung open and their was Jim with  that sound gun and  he pointed it at the ant charley was shooting at it ,The ant reared up and dropped linos and started towards the it's hole, bobby took a shot at it and got it in the head it dropped to the ground.  Ranger Bob grabbed linos are you ok yes he said I  thought he was going to eat me, Bob said Aw he would of spit you out.  Linos laughed in relief and said thanks, come on charley Their is a man it that other room let's get him, Jim shot at the lock of the door and and. swung it open yell at the man stop or I will shoot. The man raised his hands up he was no fighter just a book worm of a man  ma be 5Ft 4 and 145 ld Charley grabbed him and said you almost got that Indian boy killed , I'm sorry , You will be ,That's right as sheriff Bob enter the room You are going to jail for attempted murder. How do we get to our friends MR, Here let me close the hatches and secure the ants and gofers  from the main corridor. follow  it down and they are at the bottom look at the monitor I see nicos wait their are some gofers by them ,They must of got out before I closed the hatches You better hope they are all right. as they started down the tunnel and you go first Mr.
  As nicos and the rest were coming around a Connor, Larry said I heard gun shots and just as he got the words out of his mouth  Nicos yelled stop he grabbed the eye their in front of them were about 10 gofers, we got trouble hurry turn around run  look a door yelled pat , hurry get every body in, We are trapped said mike. the gophers were digging at the walls with sharp claws they were breaking through  the walls Nicos and  mike were swinging their belts and Pat and Dave were trying to stab them, with their ant leg spears one got through and had Dave trapped just then Matthew grab pats weapon and ran right at that rat and plunged in deep into its side. more were breaking through they had no chance. all of a sudden a dog jumped on top of a gopher and started ripping in to his flesh Nicos could not believe his eyes, he grabbed his belt and keep swinging at it's  head as the dog  grab the gopher  by it sought and blood starting pouring out then the dog grab the side of another one and all of a sudden a hatch flue through the air and into the head of a gopher that was just about to rip apart Dave, then some one Yelled Get down on the floor, as flash lights shined in to the room, get down, and then gun shot rang out Bang Bang bang the gophers starting falling  bobby grabbed nicos and pulled him out of the room and the others starting following him ,they were all out and charley slammed the door. They were in the dark What just happened said Nephi, Its papa nicos  Dad Day You came for me and they hugged Then all of a sudden lights starting coming on , I found the main switch .Is this that dog that saved my life nicos ask Come here boy You are sure Brave , What's his name said  nicos That's Rusty Sheriff Bobs dog. Thank you rusty Your a good dog. Dad is Helina and beamer ok Yes son and Pat said is my mom  Yes Dianne is ok O good My sister is ok said mike as as heaped a sigh of relief Hey MR get us out of here, said Bob, his name is Clark he alright He's just a fool, said Nephi Well he all most got nicos eaten by ant's You did your an idiot Clark, now get us out of here said Matthew  as Matthew smacked him  in the head  I told you you were and "Idiot" Please I'm sorry I am stupid I'm just afraid of my bosses, said Clark. Who are your bosses ? barked the sheriff . Matthew said we will get him to talk let get this placed closed  down and get out of here. As they reached the doors Clark spoke up all the files are in their, and ledger books get them  and Over here in here Stop I will get it I don't trust you Clark said Jim My diary it tell ever thing and names. even the names in Washington that authorized this project All right Clark  Said the sheriff We might not fry you  ma be just life in prison. 

   Chapter 12 We must destroy this project

They headed back to the truck and grabbed Clarks motor bike. down the mountain they went pulled in to the camp their was so much joy every one was safe   Jim started to sing  We are Safe We are Safe, in this Place, it's not by chance so let us Dance, can you hear it ring as we sing.  Jim shouted Don't give up your day job, laughter broke out Beamer was barking barking and barking ,Halina was twirling and Dianne was clapping her hands as she hugged her brother mike, Sheriff Bob had a satisfied smile on his face and rusty next to his side,  his tail was wagging just a little trying to be serious and then Lions yelled come here rusty and rusty flew toward him the started wrestling with linos, and  nicos jumped in and rusty started barking happy, and beamer jumped in with halina and they were all roiling in the grass, every one was so happy. Bob looked over to his friend Ranger Larry and nodded, Larry nodded back to say thanks bob, Charley said lets get those steaks out and have a feast. Bobby said yea! and corn on the cob, Jim said I will help you Dianne, Hey you boys Go get plenty of fire wood for tonight, Ted take my truck and keep an eye on the  boys will you? You bet. Come here Ted, Take a rifle with you Yes sir Charley and the radio, don't go to far, Dianne yelled to nicos Take these cookies with you. Matthew said now that is the cookie monster look how fast he was to grab those cookies. I will go with you Ted said Nephi  come on, as they drove away Charley and the sheriff  took Clark down by the river and they started talking. Matthew joined them He has known Clark for years.
  Now Matthew said to Clark Why are you still here and where are the others? Clark said that he was scared ,You remember Ralph The man the feds sent down here, Yes The crazy guy, well he has turned in to a monster he altered the DNA of the ants We had breed them to be docile , well he added a  DNA strain from a

African killer ant, It changed their behavior, he build a device that could control the ants and gophers, He got a couple of the scientist to implant a chip in to them and he can control them when ever wants to, Where is he now  He is back at a second small lab that was build in secrete. they were being backed by the military for a fighting solider and and gopher. Bob jumped in, what were you going to do with these ants and gophers? It started out to be where the government wanted to drop these gophers in to the war zone and they would dig tunnels underneath the enemy so that the army could get behind them , Then they started experimenting on some large ants, They took a dossal ant breed And got the ants that took care of the baby larva ,they call it the nursery, the ants don't fight they watch the young, so then they trained the gophers to grab people without hurting them and then take them to a spot that the ants could take care of them .You know catch the enemy and put him in a contraction camp. but only under ground. then they had to breed ants to feed the nursery ants and captives which they did. and the ants would carry human food to the captives from the military's feed stations that were under ground. It was a great idea they seen where they could help places that had natural Disasters where they could not get supply's in  by truck or air Use the ants and the gophers could rescue the people Perfect, Then every thing changed one day a military convoy came to the lab with new plans and testing equipment. and that is when they had the gophers take you and your brother down in to the holding chamber or nursery, Matthew spoke up I knew something was wrong! I intercepted a memo from a satellite transmission to Ralph and it said their would be a second team, Clark went on and said now Ralph  and the other team designed a killer ant and a fierce gopher that would fight with long tusks not just for digging but for killing, Charley Said we found a dead wolf  with a hole in its head and its brains sucked out , yes that is Ralph he traps wolfs deer and elk and takes an enzyme out of the brains of these animals, he put it in to a mixture of DNA and I don't no what and it caused the gophers to put out a awful odor, they coated the chip before they implant it in the gofers so it won't reject the chip, The ant's the chip did not bother them. We got to stop Ralph said Clark I'm so sorry this has happened The government said if I did not cooperate with them my family would pay. Let me take you to the secret lab Ralph will be expecting me to be back tonight.
  Here comes the boys back from getting wood. Sheriff spoke Lets see if we can find him. Charley call Ted and Nephi and the boys over and said here is the Plan. Mike you need to stay at camp with the girls. Matthew you and I and your buddy Clark, we will go to that secret lab and apprehend Ralph, Jim you and Nephi and Larry and Ted, you go to the main lab, and start getting records and any thing that's looks important that you can Make sure those critters cant get out. Charley You are the demolition expert. You take Nicos, Linos, and bobby, Try to go to the find the tunnels  entrances
and set some dynamite we got to contain these things, Bobby Spoke up You remember what you said Jim about the gophers on the farm about drowning them? Yea Linos Said Good Idea  Your map do you have it, It's in the truck, Nicos took off  I will get it, here Linos, Look Charley see their at the right corner Lake Saree? Yes, That is where the big gophers with the tusk were and the large ants, we could blow up that big beaver dam and the water would flood those tunnels,  Charley said if we blow up the other entrances first and close them up The water would fill it up completely Yes Lets do it Dianne Yells Come and get it steaks are ready ok lets eat. This is sure good said Jim Humm good then  Nicos said to his dad, what's that smell is mom here?  No, it smell like her perfume,. It's you Halina  why are you wearing mom's perfume? because,,,, because those rat's stink  ,I don't smell any gophers right now, Ted said be quite Nicos, why? just because, dad why is she wearing perfume? Then  he look over at bobby and he was chuckling, and then he look at Linos, You like linos don't you? Halina turned beat red Shut up Nicos, and headed for the trailer, bobby said, be quite nicos don't embarrass your sister  Nicos started laughing, and Linos just stood their and started to blush, You like my sister too That's funny. And Halina yelled from the trailer Shut up, as Dianne headed to the trailer to comfort halina, Jim said Looks like you got your self in a mess Linos. Charley started laughing to him self yep she is a love sick pup, Larry heard charley and said linos is to .Sheriff Bob said let eat up got a lot of work to do. Every body got your radio, Yes sir Move out,

    Clark told the Sheriff, stop here we can go behind this hill and  hike up and be above the secret lab. They started hiking up the hill and came to the top. as they looked down at the the hill their was movement by the back door .It was several gopher wit the tusk guarding the area, Clark said he must know that you got me. and that I would cooperate with you. He never trusted me. Matthew said If those gophers are hear he must have of let some out. We got to warn Jim. Hand me that radio Jim Breaker Breaker Jim,  Jim here go ahead Breaker, Jim, Ralph has let some of the big gophers out
 over, ok copy that. Breaker  Breaker this is Charley, Jim over, Yea Charley Sheriff Bob just said that their are some big Gophers out, over. Got it, we will be on the look out, over and out. Charley turned and said we need those sound guns, Bobby said we need to go back to camp and get them,  Ted said I will go, Linos Said I will go You need the truck here I can take the back elk trail and I will ride the motor bike back, Can you ride, Yes my father's friends had one and we rode it. Ok then Hurry, as bobby turned and said hurry, Mike and the girls are in danger. down the mountain Linos flew, Charley and nicos and bobby and Ted continued to the lab.
     As linos got closer to camp he heard some gun shots and yelling, He climbed up a tree and could see this big gopher carrying, It was Halina, his heart went into a panic beating out of control, Halina he said  to him I will rescue you, he slid down and started running towards the other side of the raven, The gopher was heading around the hill  where it comes out to the bottom, as he turned the Connor their was a rock he climbed on to it ,he could see the gopher coming ,he got behind it and their was halina is the jaws struggling and yelling Help Help me The adrenalin in lions heart raged for Halina's safety as the rat got closer, then he got his Tommy hawk out and lunged off the rock on to the back of the gopher He grab the gopher flesh and started to slash at the top of the gophers head, the gopher released halina from his jaws an let out a squeal out from the pain that lions was inflicting on him Linos yelled to halina Run Run as halina look up and their was her hero linos rescuing her, He yelled again Run and she came to her scenes, she heated towards the rocks, the gopher then kept bucking and turning  like a bull Linos was thrown to the ground the gopher charge at him with those big sharp tusks and teeth  Linos rolled to one side and slashed at the leg of the rodent hitting him in the knee, his Tommy hawk went flying to the side, the gopher fell and linos lunged at him jumping on to his belly and grabbing the tusk as he pulled the rodent head to one side, Linos grabbed his knife trust his knife deep in to his throat, the rat squirmed but could not get away from this young warrior. as he laid dead Linos rushed to halina and grabbing her, are you all right? yes as she was crying you saved my life and squeeze him hard like a bear, He was so happy that he saved her from that rat, Then they heard some more gun shot and around the Connor came Mike and Dianne You saved her life yelled Mike as he grab Linos Thank you Halina rushed over to Dianne and Halina said he saved me he is my hero, Linos blushed and said I would have saved any body But you could see in his eyes this was not just any body this was Halina.

Chapter 13 Set the Charges

As they heated back to the trailer their  lay a big gopher off the trail Mike had shot it , and their  were 3 other ones dead by the camp, Mike explained how the rats surrounded the trailer, Mike slid out the back window and came around the side gun a blazing one of the rats knocked him down Halina and Dianne came out yelling to get the rats attention, then mike jumped to his feet the one gopher grabbed  Dianne the other Halina as mike turned he could not shoot at the rat that had halina for he might hit her ,he quickly turned and shot the gopher that had Dianne twice in the side hitting the gophers heart then Mike and Dianne ran after Halina, And Dianne said you know the rest of the story, Halina just looked at Linos and sighed. Linos said where are those sound gun, Mike said here is two of them Linos grab the motor bike  Said how do I start it  Mike said here let me on it and got it started , Linos Jumped on it as halina rushed up to Linos please come back Be care full, Dianne yelled hold on and ran to the trailer grab some cookies and gave them to Linos, Halina said I made them, Linos said I will love them and I will come back to you and rode off. beamer was barking Halina gave beamer a cookie and said  He will be back. Dianne agreed with a sigh, I hope soon, Me too
   Linos rode the bike right to where Charley and Bobby were, setting up some explosives  by the back entrance, They had already set up the
C 4 explosive in the front entrance Linos ask what about the entrance that we saw the boys at, Nicos said I will go down the corridor and put the charges at the end I have been down their, Bobby said I will go with you. Ok here I got a big brief case out of the office, So charley filled it with C 4 and said set this next to the entrance and active this beacon so that when we are ready I can hit the switch on this unit Ca BOOM!!! Be care full. we will leave the bike for you and we will head up to the lake Saree an set charges on that beaver dam So they took a sound device with them  and down they went Charley and Linos and jumped in the truck and headed up the mountain.
    Sheriff  Bob and Matthew and Clark, with Rusty in the lead Bob telling Rusty Be Quite Be alert, worked their way down the other side of the secrete lab so that the Gophers would not see them, Rust's ears stuck right  up and he was looking right at the lab with his nose sniffing They could here some loud Growls coming from the lab  Matthew said what is it Clark O No!! Ralph must of got him revived, Who? Ralph had a wolverine and a grizzly bear sent here and was
trying to put the DNA from the bear in to the wolverine, and then some genetic altered genes  from the warrior red ants And the wolverine collapsed and went into a coma, I thought he died, this is not good. What was he going to do with it? He wanted to clone it. and so that the military would have a solider that would go in and destroy any thing alive. in an area where the enemy could not be over taken, Like a secret weapon including the gophers and ants. Including any prisoners that they had captured .grizzly bears are foresees eaters and would eat any thing dead or alive and their would be nothing left to find. Then how would they get rid of the them? Ralph put a chip implanted in it's brain and a homing device to get it to return to their cages and then they could move them to their underground facilities  like the feed stations for the ants and prisoners. he named it Jbar. Short for Jaw Bar, I watched him bite a steel bar right in half. What are we going to do ask Matthew? Clark said I was really scared of it and I took the chip and put a second code in it, But  the code that I put in it would not control it, It would shut down it's ability  to function. It would put it in to a coma, Sheriff  Bob Said good now how do we activate the chip? Their is the problem! you have to reprogram the hand held device that Ralph keeps on him, Great back to trying to get Ralph, with his new body guard .Yea Ralph can control it to do any thing he wants it to do. that why you have not seen many elk and deer, he takes it out at night to let it feed it even eats birds It is a great tree climber. What about the sound guns? ask Matthew. No they don't do a thing to it. Their is a window behind those trees Matthew see if you can see any thing.      

 That was Quick? I could see Ralph and his buddy Jbar.Their must be something wrong with it ,It look like it was having a seizure or something, Yes it's the DNA mixture that he gave it It started doing that after he used the ant serum. He was using some kind of shock electrode gun on it. Sheriff Bob ask Clark how do we get in. I got a key  hurry lets get to the side door, keep an eye open for those rats out back , Clark open the door and they slipped in Bob told rusty you stay guard, as they worked they way down the hall they could see Ralph their by the table working on Jbar, Bob turned the Connor and pointed his 38 long barrel at Ralph and said Don't move,  Ralph jumped  and turned out of surprise, Don't move or I will shoot. Jbar was startled also as he was starting to revive from his seizure, a huge growl came from him as he lunged towards the sheriff as he came off the table he could not get his balance Bob shot three rounds at him ,at that moment Ralph turned and headed for an open door ,Matthew tried to grab him but tripped on the wires that were strung across the floor Jbar turned towards Matthew and was going to attract him, Bob could not shoot ,he might hit Matthew Clarke grab a chair and through it at the animal  and just as it grab Matthew by the leg with it claws Rusty in a full run jumped Jbar right at Jbar throat who was still woozy from the drugs, Ralph slammed the door and locked it, Clark could see him through the glass reaching in to his pocket, and pulling a hand held device out as Rusty was fighting with Jbar and was no match Matthew yelled Run Run so they headed for the side door as they went out Sheriff Bob was yelling at rusty come here come here Rusty turned and ran for the steel door, Clark slammed it shut, then rusty turned and caught site of a big gopher coming right at them, He lunged forward grabbing and biting the critter. Bob starting shooting at another gopher as it started at them, Matthew got to his feet and was trying to grab  his sound gun, the door was being pounded by the Jbar trying to get out at them, He turned and pointed the sound at the gopher that was now on top of rusty in a fierce fight and pulled the switch instantly the gophers started to respond as they turned to run. Clark said give me that gun ? Matthew threw it to him Clark turned and was turning a dial  just at the same time the door started to bust open by the Jbar as he was trying to squeeze through the door they all started to run up the hill the Jbar got through the door and started after them He was fast, Clark put that sound gun to another setting and pointed it at the gophers They responded to the frequency and turned toward the Jar bar and attack ,It was a fierce fight 4 gophers were trying to tear at the Jbar. The Jbar grabbed one of the gopher and lashed at his back ripping him apart it fell to the the ground as it jumped on to another rats back it started ripping it's neck then another gopher rammed the Jbar with its tusk another gopher rammed him as he was falling from the back of the other gopher They were getting the best of him because he was still not completely revived from the drugs, Just then Ralph came out of the back door, He pointed his device at the Jbar , The Jbar turned back towards the door He swung  the door out wide so that the Jbar could enter The gopher was right behind him and Ralph fired about 6 rounds from a pistol in to the gopher slowing him down He slammed the door pulled down the lock Bar and pointed the device at the Jbar controlling him back in to a cage. lab, As the men were running towards the truck, Rusty held back watching for any attackers behind them, When they got to the truck Sheriff Bob Yelled come on Rusty, rusty dove in to the truck, Matthew started the truck threw it in to gear and punched it sliding on the gravel road almost loosing control Bob yelled slow down , slow down we made it ,Clark said that was
close, we got to stop Ralph, as they got to the top of the ridge, Bob took the binoculars and started scoping the side of the canyon, Look!! Their is Charlie's  truck now Grab the radio Matthew, Sheriff Bob Said in to the radio  Breaker Breaker Charley come on, Charley come on ,are you their. no reply Come on back charley Come on, Then  Mike at camp herd the radio grabbed it  Sheriff this is Mike over Mike Over, Yes, Are you gyes ok sheriff over, Yes Matthew and Clark are with me , Over We are ok, Linos was here and saved Halina from the Gophers, over, Is Bobby and Nicos their No, with charley over. Ok Back at you later got to find them , over and out. Ok Matthew try to catch up with Charley, Looks like They are headed towards Lake Saree. Ok.
    Jim, Nephi , Larry and Ted were at the main lab Ted said be careful Charley set charges right their, and their, That's looks like it will blow up the whole side of the mountain, That's the plan. Grab the hard drives Their aren't any they must of taken them, Look I just found this lap top, It must be Clarks  and here is a hard drive next to it and this drawer is full of videos and tapes, Grab them Help him Larry ,sure thing, Nephi said lets go to the inter lab, as they entered their were rats and gophers in jars, on the shelves, several glass boxes ,thick glass like aquariums with huge ants floating in some kind of liquid. Right here behind this wall Nephi hit a switch and the wall began to slide open , a chamber of some kind ,It's must be where that had ,What ? I don't no said Nephi ,Look at the teeth and scrap marks ,It looks like something very powerful was trying to get out. Let me see that hard drive , They went back to a computer by the area that they found it , Try this one No won't fit, Here This is it ,Turn it on, Nephi said  lets see Clarks pass word is 4488dive no! It's his boats name was  divercraft, That's it we are in. How did you know that, When we first started  I heard him putting in his pass word, he would talk as he typed,  Ok Files   Try search experiments, Ok  must be hundreds? try experiments  Ralph. Good Idea, Click that folder . WHAT IS THAT? some kind of bear no wolf no. Let me read down  It's a wolverine mixed with a grizzly bear DNA Is he Crazy Yep he is. Where is it now? Get this stuff  in the truck, those files too, Lets Go We need to pull the truck up out of this canyon  so we can use the radio, Breaker Breaker Sheriff you out their over Is that you Jim ,over yes over, You got to get out of their  ,we could not capture Ralf and he has some kind om animal monster in his power over, We seen some files on it , over Go back to camp  we are going after Charley and linos, over, ok we are out of here over and out.
   Nicos and Bobby reached the bottom entrance put the charges in as they were headed back about half way ,Bobby look do you see that? yes it must be a door to the outside and it is opening, Be quite What is it ,A man and a I don't no what that is, What are we going to do Nicos? They will come right by us, Yea lets hurry  Maybe we can hide up the tunnel where those gophers and ants are Yea right  Well safer then here Got a point their, I think they seen us Run Run, Ralph took out his device and put it on kill the Jbar took off after  the boys , He's coming  hurry, their is the door close it, As they enter the big room their were hundreds of gophers and ants, looking at them The Jbar was clawing at the door and big plate glass where you could see in to the room The gophers were getting upset as the growls and pounding of the door What are we going to do ask Nicos? Look climb on that ladder to that rafters and slide towards that vent shaft as bobby was shimming down the rafter he said where are you going Nicos I'm going to open that door ma be the gophers won' t like him and ma be he will attack them  , Nicos dropped off the rafter and got behind the door, un locked it and the door swung open and slammed Nicos into the wall behind it as the Jbar rushed in no way Nicos could not get away  Bobby starter yelling up here waving his arms  up here and whistling loudly The Jbar looked up and lunged towards bobby but the rafter was too high, He jumped again as he fell back to the floor he caught nicos jumping towards the ladder and headed towards him ,Nicos grabbed the rafter with his feet dangling the Jbar jumping and catching his boot with his claw almost knocking nicos down ,Bobby keep screaming  the Jbar jumping again, Nicos was loosing his balance  and .I'm going to fall he yelled Just then the fell  he hit the floor and slid under and behind this counter that was in the Connor The Jbar jumped up on to the counter slashing his long arm and claws down behind the counter hitting nicos in the arm Nicos screamed , bobby started yelling louder trying to get the Jbar attention  but he was fixed on Nicos, the Jbar  hit the cabinet with his strong body and he grabbed it with his big teeth and jaw and ripped the cabinet in half their was nicos no place to go He new he was going to die. All of a sudden the Jbar was slammed in to by a huge gopher and then another gopher rammed him Nicos started to move towards the latter the Jbar was coming after him  fighting off the gophers, nicos grabbed the latter the Jbar grab him down as the Jbars  teeth were heading at nicos head ,He could not believe it a huge red ant with it's huge jaws grabbed that Jbars head and pulled it back with nicos cap in its mouth inches away the and began flinging the Jbar around shaking it's head like a dog shakes a rope 3 other guard smaller ants attacked  him and then a gopher rammed the Jbar right in the belly lifting it up including the ants that were still biting the Jbar , Nicos grabbed hold of the latter and on to the rafters sliding down towards bobby that had gotten the cover off the vent here take my hand and pulled nicos in to the vent they crawled about 200 yards and came to a steel grate they turned on to their backs and started to kick the grate off, They climbed out and started to run Nicos yelled to bobby this way the motor bike  they reached it jumped on it and fled down to the main road. Bobby jumped off the back and said now what ?We got to head up to lake Saree Bobby jumped back on to the bike Nicos gunned it doing a wheelie Yea hoo yelled bobby faster, as they road up the road, as they were getting closer to the lake they could see the trucks, they pulled in, Sheriff bob said,  It's the boys are you all right?  yes, where is Charley setting the charges on the beaver dam, I see him Look at the size of that beaver dam never seen any thing like it,. as Charley and Linos got  closer  Linos said You won't believe what we saw It must of weighed 300 pounds,  What? a beaver  That' s why that dam is so big I guess,
   Bobby and Nicos told what happened Bob said we need to get every one to high ground All of you go back to camp and try to get to the 5,000 road remember when we went down to see if we could get through the main entrance  and we could see those Gophers on the side of the hill Well just before you get to that place you can go left and it will come around to the top of the mountain above camp, That's right said Jim ok Bob said Charley and I are going to set off the charges and try to safe Ralph  Why! He tried to kill us , We will let the Law fix him.  and beside we need to make him talk. What else has he created Look at that beaver said Charley.   

Chapter 14 Down the drain

As every body reached camp they were all a buzz about what has been happing ,Halina yelled your back your back and hugged everyone, yes including Linos. who this time hugged her back. as he softly spoke I'm glad you are alright.
  Jim started to hook up the trailer, No don't hook it up It won't pull that hill,  you are right Ranger Larry. Just load the blankets and gear in to the trucks  and we got to go. Nephi said look everyone I grabbed a bunch of stored food from the lab , Must be 20 boxes of food, yes beans canned cake, carrots, meat and also a box of candy, It's the new army rations. Good!  ok stay behind us, you take the lead Larry, Mike Ted you get Dianne and some of the kids, Hurry, come on beamer get in said nicos I'm riding with Dianne and Linos said Halina, Nicos said under his breath who would of guessed that and then he yelled back at halina ,don't for get your perfume ,She just ignored him, But it was in her back pack. There is the turn, they traveled up about 4 miles     We will be at the top soon around six or seven more turns, It's steep said Dianne, yes but we will be safe up here. good said Dianne to Mike
    Sheriff Bob and Charley parked the truck at the cross road to the lab, quietly worked their way up to the back entrance door. Charley put his ear to the steel door he could here movement in side. then he heard the latch on the inside of the door release, he grabbed Bob and they turned an ran to  a big rock  that had a few small trees in front of it, The door opened and Ralph set down a pack and then went back in, a few moments later he came back with a case that looked like like a small glass case. Hold on Charley Said Bob in a whisper. let him shut the door first, as Ralph turned and shut the door. Sheriff Bob stood up and pointed his gun right at Ralph Don't Move Ralph, Ralph turned and seen them ,he turned and began to run Bob shot two rounds just above his head and yelled the next one will be right in the middle of you, Ralph came to a stop Drop that stuff and put your hands up, He did! now turn around, Bob said to Charley hand cuff him  Charley took the hand cuffs that bob hade on his side and secured Ralph's hands.
Where you headed , Your going with us. Charley searched Ralph and found a hand gun in his belt and a device in his jacket .Look Bob It must be that device that he controls that animal. Good we got you Now get to the truck. What's in this foggy glass container ? Don't open it  yelled Ralph What's in it Bob Grunted , Please don't open it Charley grab it be care full, When they got back to the truck they tied Ralph feet and hands to the back roil bar. and secured the glass case by putting it into a cooler in the back of the truck. The Sheriff said time to blow this place to Charley. Head up to the ranger station we will have good line of sight.  Call Jim on the radio! ok Jim over Jim you there over, yea over, we are going to blow the beaver dam over, ok  bombs away over, ok over and out. As they got their They grabbed Ralph and headed up the stairs of the look out I can see Lake Saree said Bob  Ok hit that button Charley Charley took the Explosive multi switch and hit the button of the tunnel where they seen all the young Gophers down below where Mike and Halina and the rest had gone up high on the mountain Ga Boom they could here it go off below them, Nicos yelled They blue up the entrance look below  Yes it completely cover it, with rocks and trees, Then another explosion to their right way off in the distance it was where they first found the whole where nicos was taken close by where the dead wolf was, Another explosion , Bob said that's where you seen nicos alive in the cave entrance, yes lino got nicos a note to him. Ok now blow up that beaver dam Here Goes Ga boom Ga boom Ga boom three charges went off you could here it for miles then as they looked towards the lake they could see the water moving but not going down the side of the mountain like a river  it was flowing right down into the cave, We did it ,will see said Bob. As they watch from above Dianne said look water is trickling out of the rocks  It must be working Sheriff Bob got out his field glasses and started to focus on the area where the lab is but could not see any water, Charley got on the radio called Jim ,over Jim here over, Can you guys see any thing over just a little water coming out of the rocks  over Ok we will head in that direction in a couple of hours over ok we will hold tight over ok over and out.
  Three hours had gone by and Jim got on the radio Sheriff Bob over, go ahead Jim over  you won't believe this but the gopher entrance that is below us  just burst water running down the mountain like a water fall and river   their are hundreds of dead ants and gophers every where. their is all kinds of boxes metal tables equipment with it. Bob yelled You did it charley you got the lab  Charley was jumping up and down and laughing yes , Bob said to Jim we will head in that direction soon ,over and out.
    Sheriff and Charley with Ralph a gained tied up in the back headed to wards the secret lab, Sure enough it had water running out the doors Charley said lets blow it up so nobody can use it Good idea said Bob Charley went in It was totality washed out  mud and debri every ware he set the charges,  got back to the truck, Ga Boom That's done now to the main lab. They got to the road where the main lab was and Charley took his device and at the same time was going to set off the charges that they put inside by the front door and back entrance early. Charley turned to the Sheriff you want the honors? Yes sir Charley said hit both buttons at the same time  Ga BOOOMMMMM  Rocks cement water  went flying 200 ft high completely destroyed that lab. Let's get back to the others Let's go Bob.
   Look Linos, bobby and Nicos yelled as they were standing on a hill above camp, It's the Sheriff and Charley! As they got out of the truck every one gathered around hugging each other and laphing and patting each other on the back even Rusty starting barking beamer was jumping all over as halina was trying to calm him down Soon those rusty was standing quietly next to Sheriff bob, Dianne said to Bob He sure is a wonderful dog. She bent down and said rusty come here but he just stood by bob and would not move. then she pulled a cookie out of her pocket and rusty could not resist Bob whispered a command to rusty go ahead she is a nice woman. so their he went Dianne started petting him as he chewed on that chocolate chip treat, Bob look at Dianne and said look like rusty has a new friend, And  she walk over and pored a cup a coffee and offered it to Bob with a cookie Bob said softly thank you Dianne. Dianne and mike had cooked a bunch of that  army canned meat and vegetables from the lab and started feeding every one. the kids already got in to the caned cake and candy ,The boys threw some more wood  on the fire.ok lets bed down in the tents, we can all fit and then in the morning we will try to get the the canyon to the main road ,  beamer climbed in to Halina's sleeping bag,  Linos and Rusty and the Bob bedded out by the fire taking turns watching the camp just in case.

Chapter 15 Finally safe in Red Bluff

Good morning That coffee smells good Jim what time is it 6:30  good Dianne what are you doing ? I'm making a big fruit bowl and pancakes  , Big ones? Charley, Dianne turned and their was rusty What want a cookie here boy. You are going to spoil that dog, Sheriff Bob sad go ahead,

he has done a good job for us , sure has said bobby and Linos agreed, How long have you boys been up Jim said they are the ones that got the fire going, where's Nicos  Sleeping with beamer I thought beamer was with Halina  , Think those cookies Nicos got  last night  had something to do with it. You heard that didn't you rusty beamers eating your cookies. Dianne said don't worried boy I got a pocket full for you. Just then Bob said I thought they were for me Dianne, Well get up I got pancakes for the big boys! Coffee Bob, black is good ,Hot, you bet Thank you Dianne. soon every one was up  Charley and Ted jumped in to the truck and said we will check out the road below Bobby jumped in the back rusty right behind him then linos grab the side of the truck and swung over the edge landing on bobby they laughed and down the road they went. Nicos came out We got any hot chocolate Yea  look in those army rations  their is some Hershey powder, and powder milk.
  It wasn't long and they got to the road  where they could see the valley and the main road below, over their where the water ran down  , It looks like it cleared a path for us   see right from the cave entrance, down the mountain then it
    pushed those big rocks to the main road. Lets get the others      .Ok lets go.
  We can get down Ted told Ranger Larry  Charley said we got plenty of rope from your look out if we need it. Pack light little water and some cookies, grab that first aid kit the radio we will be able to reach my office in Red Bluff when we get to the main road and up around Casper pound. They headed down the mountain ,they tied ropes together and Linos and Nicos would go in front and tie the rope off where it was steep  ,they would all hold on the rope and then do it again. That was a good Idea Nicos said Bob with the rope Nicos said, that's how we learned to work as a teem at our summer camp. Look at all those dead gophers and ants, Don't tough them  just get around them Matthew was carrying the cooler with the glass tub in it, and  Nephi had Ralph tied  by a rope on his right arm with  hand cuff attached on his belt and to the rope on his arm keep him from lifting that arm any higher then the rope they used to hold on to to get down the trail. They reached the bottom to the main road and started walking ,soon they got to dry creek and about a mile further it was Casper pound as they turned the Connor Sheriff turned the radio back on hoping he still had enough battery life, Breaker Breaker Red bluff come in Red Bluff come in over,  Sheriff is that you said Marry, Yes over, Where have you been? we have been worried sick about you over, Is Tom there over, Yes, over Get him, Bob , where are you over, Tom bring the big van the patty wagon out to Casper pound and pick us up over, patty wagon  who is us?  over, a bunch of hunters and their families. Ok I leaving right now be their in 20 min or so over, Bob out, Who's Marry? sheriff ask Dianne, she runs the hardware store and is the school teacher "O" said Dianne. She is the wife of our preacher "O" said Dianne with a slight grin on her face. Bob just nodded nice folks.
  Sheriff Bob and Ranger larry  were looking down the road when they seen some vehicles coming It was several police cars the Patty wagon with all its lights flashing, and about 10 cars behind them and honking their horns as they pulled up to the sheriff, He took off his hat and said It's half the town. Every body was happy, two of the officers grabbed Ralph and put him in a squad car and put the cooler with the glass cylinder in the trunk, Clark put his hands up  Bob said no he is ok and charley said your right ,he can go with us, most of the friends from the town made every body jump in their cars  Tom said no body is going to ride with me in the patty wagon Nicos said I want to can I turn the siren and lights on Yes sir get in, as soon as he open the door linos and bobby jumped in with him Tom said That's more like it, Lets lead the way, Sirens blasting and lights a flashing the boys for a moment forgot all the things that were happening. Here boy grab the radio get Bob on it.
   Nicos grabbed the radio Breaker Breaker Sheriff Bob you got your ears on over, I do said Bob over Tom  grabbed the mike we will go to the Hospital lobby and we can get you folks checked out I radioed ahead to them and they will be waiting for us. as they turned in to the parking lot their must have been the other half of the town including  old Sammy the barber. Hey Sammy said Bob. Just thought you might need a shave , Yes sir and a steak and a shower, Well I can wait on the shower Jim Yelled No way you need a shower.  Ok Man It's good to be home. Ted went in side and got to a phone and called Kristy to see how her and the twins were doing, Darleen ,Kristy's friend answered and said that she was at the hospital and she might have the babies early. Ted said tell her we will be their as soon as we can. My truck is up on the mountain Don't worried said Peter I have a  4 seated plane I use to bring our mail and in with we will fly you to Port Angles and you can get  a flight to Settle. Ok be out at the airport say 2 hours and I will ready to go. Ted got Nicos and Halina over to the Hotel where the folks of Red Bluff had set up a place to shower and get a bite to eat. beamer right behind them. Every one else got checked out  by old dock Fredrick, who by the way is also our vet on the weekends and emergencies. In fact he gave rusty a tetanus shot, He had a pretty bad gash on his rear leg from that critter he was fighting with. He loved old rusty In fact his dog  Cappie  is one of rusty puppy's well Grown up puppy.
  They all ate and seen Ted and Halina and nicos off , Linos just moped around like he had lost his best friend.
 Next morning they all met at the sheriff office and  wrote down what they had seen and heard Bob told Mike and Dianne and the Twins they could use the car out back to get home and they could bring it back latter. Charley went down to the used car lot in town and worked out a deal for a van.   so Charley and Jim and bobby were ready to go home Jim ask Loins to come and stay with them Just for a while and he would drive him up to see his dad in Seattle and if his Dad was better he would bring them back here,. Linos said I don't want to be a bother .Bobby said you won't I will take you fishing and their are plenty chores to do, and then whispered Halina just lives a few towns away. I will work and stay in your barn, Well we will see about that, Bobby's mother Sara loves kids and can she cook apple pie, Matthew and Nephi got on the phone and called a government friend that they could trust, his name was Torry. He told Matthew he would drive down and get him and Nephi and Clark that what happened down their was just the tip of the ice berg, They also told him that they had a glass cylinder  from the lab. Tom had locked up Ralph in the jail house and was standing guard, a sleep on Bob favorite chair feet on the table and a twelve gage double barreled scatter gun, Rusty was right next to him, wide alert, They called rusty their 4 legged deputy. would put a hat and badge on him during the towns parade during rodeo days in July. Bob was out at his place  to get a little shut eye before reliving tom and the jail, when woke up to a loud knock, He grabbed his 45 and open the door all of a sudden a light shown bright in to his eyes Drop your weapon said the voice This is the us military .Their must have been 4 jeeps and a truck with ma be 12 fully armed marines, what do you want ,Drop your weapon No I'm the sheriff, then he heard a sound he was familiar with being an x Marine himself, it  was the sound of an M 16 slamming a round in to the chamber,. All right he laid the gun down . two marines grabbed him and loaded him in to the truck. Where is Ralph Hamilton ,Who Don't mess with me ! The man you brought down from the mountains. He is at the  Jail They drove to the jail, Rusty jumped up and started barking Tom flew to his feet and glared out the window, could not believe his eyes , Open the door commanded the Captain. Bob Yelled Barricade your self in, Don't give him the prisoner, one of the marines smashed him in the gut with his rifle barrel and he bent over I will kill your sheriff right now grabbing the sheriff and pointing a fire arm at his head ,then we will blow up this town , We mean business. The sheriff yelled let the prisoner go  so tom got Ralph out and un hand cuffed him  Ralph walk out the door Put him in my jeep Now where is that glass cylinder? What Cylinder said Bob as a marine smacked him in the head with his gun barrel I will kill him ,where is the cylinder  It,' in the back storage room  Two marines burst by him and into the storage room they came out with the cooler a Load up and the Marines left. Tom rushed over to bob yelling get the doctor, Fredrick was coming down the street get him to the hospital hurry for bob was bleeding pretty bad from the gash on the right side of his head. As dock was fixing his wounds, Nephi Charley and Clark came in the the room. Bob said they got Ralph Was it a captain  real big gye? Yes they must of have wanted him and that cylinder, Matthew said  I only talked to Torry about Ralph and the cylinder. They have most likely have had our lines bugged for a long time I remember their were new lines put in by the phone company  last spring We never thought any thing about it. they said it was just an up grade of service,  they did run new lines past Casper pound. Now what? We wait for Torry to get here he has a high official  that he trust with his life Senator Patrick. Ok we will wait. Later  in the afternoon I got a call from the airport and they said a military helicopter was landing it must be my friends, Bob grab the truck and we went down to see, Yes sir it was Torry  Come on and we headed back to the hotel and went in to the dinning room Marge had a private room in the back. We order lunch and started to tell Torry all the things that were happening. Lets take a fly over and look at that road and slide ma be I can get a military road crew to open it up. Ok so we headed back to the airport, The chopper had been refueled and was set to go. as they flew over the slide Torry could see the huge gophers and ants He flew real close to them. and turned to Matthew . This is where they developed these but they now have them in the war zone .Just no way to get close enough to their operation to learn exactly what they have Pretty scary. No said Nephi  That not scary It was the wolverine and Grizzly that they mixed DNA together a fighting machine  a real killer critter soldier. That's what Ralph was doing and they also have some thing in that glass case .Did you see in it. No it was sealed and that marine captain got it .That's not good, Ralph must be working with them I think so. Their is the old lab Wow You blew that in to smithereens yea and the other lab too. Let's head back before it's dark. said Matthew  Wait swing up to Saree lake as they got closer They could see that something had the dam half rebuilt. Fly in closer Look at the size of that beaver no Beavers They are dragging through the water a 150 ft long tree. I wonder what else they have mutated. What's in that glass cylinder? Torry said we got to find out.
   Ted and the kids were just arriving at the hospital in Seattle, as they entered  what floor are you looking for The baby floor said Nicos Halina all grown up said the maternity ward, That nice sweaty 3rd floor turn right. they headed to the elevator 3rd floor their is the nurses station We are looking for my mom, What's her name Kristy she is having twins. O Kristin she is down in room 34 and are you in for a surprise , Are you the father? Yes Ted.  Hurry down their ok as they turned the Connor room 34 ,they walked into the room Kristy yelled my babies your safe, Ted looked and then took a second Look an turned as white as a sheet. Halina said it's triplets  Kristy said 2 girls and a bob Nicos jumped up and down I got a brother yea  Ted was speech less mouth wide open, Kristen said your more of a man then I thought, And  Ted said theirs the proof. He was proud and gave the babies a sweet little hug and Kristen a kiss I love you she said. How is beamer, He is ok and halina ask how are my ferrets? and eggie?. still in the bathroom
 Jim and the boys arrived at the farm and a few days later Jim got Linos up and said lets go see your dad, they drove to Settle and got to his room .My son My father Chief  living water I miss you so much are we going home. One day we will I must take some medicine and get better and we will run with the wind. Please get better my father. This is my friend and I'm staying with bobby and his mother on a farm I will wait for you father. Jim spoke He is in good hands his friend is bobby and is his same age they have horses and good fishing we will let you rest and call you every day I promise. father I will be here so we can return to our camp .your a good son..
 As the winter passed and linos and bobby were in school summer came and the fall leaves were here, Halina is learning DNA research and is top of her class, Torry was working with Matthew and Clark with Nephi to infiltrate the captains military operation. to try and stop this madness Dianne wrote to Sheriff Bob, and he has went to visit with Mike and
Dianne out on their ranch several times They have all became good friends Linos write short  reply's to halina letters, and check the mail box in town almost every day. Bobby has stayed close to Nicos
   It has been about a year since all this has happened  Halina received an email from Torry who is a good government agent. I need your Help I heard from Charley that you have done quite well in your class on DNA research Their is no one that I can trust here at our lab, I need you to see if you can Identify this strand of DNA  Ma be at your small lab  Nicos was telling me about. that You can't tell any one. I will have bobby and Linos come visit you and they can bring it to you. I don't want to send it in the mail it has to keep 10 degrees above zero. Please destroy this Email .She replied to him Everything is good here I can do this. Torry received her reply, He thought to himself is this the end of humanity or can we stop them before they destroy us?

Chapter 16 Devious plans Back fire

Halina got up in the morning and Ted had the day off , Kristy was asleep with the babies. a knock at the door . It was Bobby and Linos Ted said come in we have not see you for at least a month, Linos said we been cramming for finals at school, I heard you were studying Genetics. Yes and Halina got me interested in DNA. Halina came around the Connor through her arms around Linos I have missed you ,did you get my last letter ? yes Hi Bobby You are getting prettier every day, and where  is beamer? Their you are come here boy. good dog .They all went in to the kitchen Halina was cooking her mother some breakfast. Bobby said smells good. I got  lots of bacon and eggs and I'm making waffles.What are Waffles ask Linos?  You will see. Bobby said their the best. Nicos turned in to the kitchen, yea if she could cook! Nice to see you gyes, Halina said you were coming. They started to talk about old times ,Ted said got to run ,see you gyes later , Halina asks Linos, How is your father? He said he is much better Jim got him in a assisted living apartment in town, The doctors said that his condition need to be medically monitored 24 hours a day. But he is walking and sleeping good, He loves it their has many friends. They love his stories. Our tribe received the mineral rights to Grotto mountain. Good jester to the area Red Bluff is now growing. My dad and I now receive our Indian rights check every month, It pays for schooling and my fathers care. and we received a large amount at first. I put in in to savings ma be for a lad some day Sheriff bob has four deputy's now. and wants to retire and settle down, Halina said I talked to Dianne  last week and she said he had spent several days with Her and mike, I bet the get hitched said linos. Oh I hope so said bobby I like Bob.

They finished breakfast and went down stairs to Halina  small home lab that Ted was helping her fix . This is nice, Papa is very good at design and look at those computers and that lab equipment  My dad got them for me. and redesigned them for the new technology of DNA research Their was a fire at this collage that he was doing some computer work for, and they had a fire in the lab, So he traded some work for most of it ,They got a grant for new stuff for their new lab. Pretty nice. Come on Nicos said bobby lets get those boxes that Torry sent And that cylinder. Bobby and nicos returned with several heavy boxes, What is in them ?       Here is a note for you Halina!
Open them Look at this stuff It must be worth Millions said Halina, Linos laughed and said this genetics computer is perfect, Look at all these Data research disk  We got lots of work to do. Well you and Linos have lots of work to do Come on Bobby Nicos said lets go ride my new 4 wheel Grizzly bear  The new one Yep the 480-ZX turbo and off they went.  

    Ted got home and help the kids set up their new equipment, This is the latest high tech stuff their is. Linos said the government always buys the newest, best and most expensive.  look at this small cooling box ,it goes down to 65 below zero Wow Even the cylinder that he sent you has a battery operated cooling system in it  here hook it up to that out let must be some kind of liquid oxygen around the inside of the cylinder that when you recharge it and the batteries it activates and keeps it cool. Sweet Now lets get to work
  The Military operations header by the Marine Captain was under way in a small country that had several rebel bands that were warring each other. They pick the most powerful tribe The Gardeekus and said they would help them to take over power the Dunggee tribe They brought in the head rebel Kantar of the Gardeekus and explained what they would do, they provide new trucks guns, clothes packs boots, and food for their people  and provided lots of cash He agreed, that was a little over a year ago and the operation was in full swing. They were now implicating their new weapon that Ralph and some other military scientist had developed. So far the Gophers have dug tunnels under the enemy lines and were taking prisoners underground to the holding chambers where the ants were feeding and guarding them. The emery Rebel tribe could not figure what was happening to their men .They were disappearing A great success . But the Captain wanted more he did not want a bunch of prisoners to feed and care for .He was a man of war His thinking was get rid of the emery for ever.
  A convoy flew in to the base operation where the Capitan was. They brought Ralf and several military scientist down an elevator about 1,500 ft down. a small carrier vehicle picked them up an it traveled down a cement and steel corridor. Came to a stop and we entered a set of huge steel doors. On the other side was a room  a command center. The Captain Reached  out to shake Ralph's hand Good to see you! Got The Package? Its on is way down Good. lets get you to your Quarters and after dinner we will get started. 

Cat Face

Here is a photo of what we have done We took a Cat Face Spider DNA and put in into a Trap Door spider The solder spider can run trap and it drag it's pray deep in to its hole and eat him and remember his hole is about 14 ft deep A buried enemy is hard to find.

Trap Door
This solider Spider we call them ( Eaters ) Eaters that a perfect name .Lets get the eaters to the field and see how they do.
How do my men control them They are harder to control then the gophers but we have a chip implanted  in the first lawyer of the skin .We tried it deeper  but they would not respond to the electric pulse. Then we put in just the first lawyer of skin and they think it is the out side danger and then they responded like if it thunders means rain get to cover or vibration  like walking  they can feel it and respond That is where the trap door spider is good  he can feel the vibration of his pray We used the Hind legs DNA of the cat face to give him the ability to run and jump Ok then
Tomorrow let's release them said the marine captain. Good job Ralph Ok we start early. How many do we have? 16 weigh about 95lb
about as much as a saint Bernard but 20 times stronger.

The captain loved the reports that he was getting  the enemy was disappearing The only problem was the Eaters did not hide  like the gophers and the eaters came out during the day where gophers were night critters Like the captain said Doesn't matter they will think spiders are doing it not us That's what i call a secret weapon.

   Back at the Helena's lab they have been running test on the DNA that Torry sent them Linos had been up most of the night when Halina came in with some coffee Linos said  Their is just something I'm missing. Halina started  one of the computers up that calculated known DNA and you know ma be we have been looking at this the wrong way. Ralph used Gophers and we have been searching rodents I was focused on the beaver The beaver said Linos . What about the ants  ,Yes maybe he is using Bug DNA what kind of bugs? Halina  clicked on another program and started running it , she typed in some information for types of bugs the area, elevation of Grotto mountain. it was scanning the DNA at a rate of 4,000 clicks a minuet Then it stopped They looked at the screen and both of them said at the same time spiders, Halina said spiders what kind The computer could not  give them that info, Linos said We have mixed DNA we have to call Torry for Help. I will call right now she dialed and got a recording ,Linos said Don't say any thing just what he told you to say on the note. Ok Hello Torry I miss you, and she hung up. they started looking at some types of spiders in the area on the internet their were hundreds in that region. The phone rang, Halina grabbed it Hello, It's Torry , We got a hit on the DNA It's some kind of spider, What kind of spider? We can't tell we need more equipment. Ok Torry said I will call you back later today Remember this is Top Secret Ok we will wait. Linos and Halina were excited they work on it all day
     The phone rang Hello Halina answered, It's Torry I talk to Senator Patrick He said He wants you and Linos to come to a private military lad. It has every kind of computer their is and we have several private Scientist  that are civilians .and some good friends of yours Matthew and Nephi .Is Ted their?  Yes I will get him. Ted It's Torry Hello Torry , Halina and Linos they have broken the DNA sample But we need them to come stay at a private location for more research Senator Patrick has ask me to ask your permission. You all will well compensated. What will they need ask Ted We will provide every thing they need and you have my word nothing will happen to them. Yes sir You got me on your side Torry could hear in the back ground Linos and Halina jumping up and down with excitement. We will pick them up in the morning .And how is Kristin and the babies? Their walking and they act just like Nicos. He has been teaching them the moon walk What never mind you have to see it Next summer when we have are reunion again .That's right It has been almost two years all most. They will be ready, Later. They arrived at the Lab It's so nice to see you kids said Matthew. You rember Clark he is with us  He didn't lie His family was threaten  and we been getting messages from some one warning us about what was going on at Grotto mountain  It was Clark, We just didn't pay attention on the problem like we should have. How did you get this DNA ask Linos Matthew spoke up Charley you tell them. Torry has a friend that worked with all of us at Grotto Mountain  and He left with the group of scientist when they closed the lab down He started being concerned about the things Ralph was doing, He called Torry and Torry had him keep quite and then The Marian captain contacted him and ask if he would help them to continue the research from the mountain. So we have an informant since He got us this sample to us .Their were only a few that new what it was, But now we know. Thanks to you kids Lets get to work and figure out just exactly what the military has.
three weeks had gone by Linos and Matthew gave Clark a sample that they had been working on ,He put it in the incubator and the next morning it was moving could not quite figure what it was yet but Friday morning it had grown in to a spider and weighed about 4 ounces by that Monday it had reached 25 lbs They moved it in to a large square glass container the size of a bed room in the middle of the lab. They put some rats in the cage and it devoured them instantly they brought in a live roster and it killed it and was starting to eat it with in another 3 days, the spider was up to 95 lbs, The threw a full size wart hog in the cage, they wanted to see if it could give  some resistance to the spider with it's tusk. It devoured in in about 2 hours. What a hideous weapon the army has created.  12:30 on Friday. Torry got a call from Senator Patrick What is going on I got a call from General Billings He is supposed to meet some Marian brass and a few other 4star Generals  to fly to some country to see the new secret weapon that will change the way we conduct war? Torry said we have duplicated  his secret weapon The way he altered the gophers and ants, He has been doing a test run with them in some country, only He has introduced a 100 lb killing spider as a weapon Spider you say Is he crazy yes sir we are working as hard as we can to learn more. Well I'm stuck right now I don't out rank some of these players and I don't no how far it goes up the chain Just find a solution. Yes sir said Torry.
   The Generals arrive at the air base The Captain in his best uniform meets them Welcome You will be proud .Let's see what you got said General Billings Yes sir. We will head out to the war zone main military camp. In the morning we will fly you over the area and you can see it in action.
 They arrived at the camp You three Generals can stay is these quarters, This is nice, just like hotel on the in side and military building on the out side. We were preparing for your stay with us. General Billings your quarters, Pretty impressive. This Better been worth the money. O yes sir! You will be impressed.
  Bang Bang Bang a gun shots and a loud sound of fire from a m50 machine gun General Billings came to his feet What is going on? several flares went off then warning sirens It sounded like we are being attacked. He glanced at his watch 3:00 in the morning. He looked out his window and it was was like daylight with all the flares lit
He look over at the Marians Generals barracks and yelled what is going on what are those? They are attacking the generals. One of the spiders drug out a 4 star general then another one men were firing at the trees the Spiders  nothing was stopping them the spiders over took many of the solders and all the generals in their quarters The firing stopped,  you could here some firing in the distance as marinas were chasing the spiders soon a silence just people yelling medic medic .General Billings flew in to the middle of the camp Their stood the Marian Captain he grabbed him what have you done?. What have you done? I don't no what has happened, You better find out you are responsible for those Generals. The Captain ordered a helicopter pilot to fire up a bird and get the general out of here to the safety of the main base. As the General chopper was in the air ,the captain assembled some of his men .What has happened why are those spiders attacking us .Sir the controlling devices were not working they would not respond at all. They are functioning perfect just would not control the spiders.We could not stop them.They could hear some more gun fire in the distance The captained order Kill those spiders, All of them. Yes Sir. As it got morning they could see that their losses were heavy many men were missing.

Chapter 17 Nature solves the problem  

The phone line at the pentagon were jammed What's is going on? No ones knows! Senator Patrick Called General Billings on his private line You need to come see me. I have some of the answer that you want.  I have all ready consulted with the President  I will be at he capital  in the morning. See you then
  The General arrived  a little past 9:00 and met with Senator Patrick, He could not believe this Who authorized this? Patrick Said that some one was working directly with the Captain, Who? We are not sure .Just then Patrick secretary entered and whispered to the senator  Their are 2 Marian Sergeant Majors here Bring them in. as they sat down Senator Patrick started to tell them what he knew. General Billings said we will get to the bottom of this .Just then The President entered they all came to their feet At ease boys. We got a problem. An ambassador of Dungee has called a special session of the UN about being attack by a member nation. We have a teem trying to calm him down, We have to work fast You have what ever you need now get to it. Yes Sir. The the Majors left. Patrick told General Billings about the lab that he was working with , The general said you get them on this and use us  how ever you need, I am taking a company of men to secure the area We have already had The Marine captain arrester. They have a lab some where General You must shut it down. We will find it, that captain will talk we got methods . Good. After the general left Senator Patrick called the lab where Halina and Linos were He talked to Nephi and said he was on his way, gave him a little detail and said I will fill you in when I get their.
  Patrick arrived at the lab ,  They all were going to met in the conference room.  They showed him the Spider that they had .You are kidding What were they thinking?  They sat down all the scientist and Halina and Linos. We have got to stop these spiders they are powerful and move swiftly  They over ran that out post with in minutes. They were trying to figure it out Morning had pasted and it was later after noon Linos and Halina with Matthew were working on some  formulas  but nothing. frustrated. Halina cell phone rang It was Nicos, What has happened ? On the news their was something about a bunch spider that attracted a military base. Halina told him some Detail  and she said that the men that were in charge of the spiders said that the spiders were not responding to the chip that they had implanted in their skin. Nicos not really thinking said their skin?  Theirs the problem spiders shed their skins don't they. Yes said Halina Hold on, Yelled across the room, Matthew spiders shed their skin  Da  Matthew said the chip was in the skin and they can't control the spiders because they don/t have the chip any more. Bobbie was on the other line and said Halina I got an Idea What ? I took a class in  Entomology, In What? Study of insects, O yea , Well their was a wasp that ate spiders, Yes  you are right I got to Go I will call you later, Thank you I love you gyes said Halina, She called a meeting with the other scientist and told them what they learned Ma be we can stop these spiders ,We could drop these wasp in the area where the spiders are. Nephi said we can put put some wasp in with our eight legged friend. and see if they will eat them  Yes Senator Patrick said I will make a call to our research lab and they can locate some wasp and get them here. Great 

   The Wasp arrive and they put them in the case with the Spider. 
                          It was working
Senator Patrick Called General Billings . Send us some trucks with some containers for the Wasp,
   It's Working

Now to get rid of the wasp Put those birds that we had sent to us from the area that the spiders are from, in the spiders cage. They are eating the wasp Nature takes it coerce
Problem Solved And we have learned don't mess with
nature ,That's for sure said Linos

           The General also had some Weapon Designers come and they designed a Air gun with a tank that would work like a flame thrower that could through wasp in stead of flamesPerfect. Then the trucks arrived and took the wasp and throwers to the air base and off to the war zone.
  Senator Patrick was able to get ambassador of Dungee to his office We have to work together to remove this threat. you must talk to your men, and we will provide you with the equipment that will stop these spiders, He was still upset How could your country do this to us, having our people killed for your war fare research We have done nothing to you.. You will be compensated You have my word on it.
    The truck arrived and they loaded up the  containers with the wasp, The military had a large transport plane ,loaded the equipment and fresh troops. they landed and unloaded they cargo to choppers and headed to the main area where they last sited the spiders   it wasn't long till they had the spiders killed and they piled them up and burned them. But secretly One of the chopper crews Under who's orders?, took one of the spiders It was not dead but almost. is was paralyzed from the stings of the wasp. and took it to a place where a truck was. They loaded it up and took it to a private small airport where they put it in to a solid steel container and on to a small private cargo jet.
  The news of the success of the spiders being killed and the area secured reached Senator Patrick who now was back in Washington. He made a private phone call to the president and informed of the success of the mission. The president told the Senator that he would like the ones that brought this disaster to the attention of the authorities to be brought to his office So he could personally thank them. Senator Patrick had Nicos Halina Bobby and Linos flown to Washington They were so  excited ,they got off the plane and they were taken to the Royal villa hotel in a Black 6 door limousine. After lunch they were taken to Devon's exclusive boutique, where Halina was outfitted with a beautiful sleek suit from chenl The boys were custom fit with Botney 500 suit with a silk black tie. Linos came out of the dressing room and Halina said Wow is that you Linos He blushed and walked up to the full length mirror I never thought I would have clothes like these Look at you Bobby said linos as Nicos was standing their looking like a million dollars and they started to all laugh and giggle.
  They arrived at the white house and entered in to the lobby at were sitting on the most beautiful furniture they had ever seen very nervous Senator Patrick entered Well if it isn't the heroes of the year. Welcome The President will see you now. They enter the room The president stood up and walked up to them and shook their hands, and said It's good to meet such fine young people The future of mankind stands before us. We are honored for your services . Halina spoke up No thank you for letting us meet you, Bobby nicos and linos said thank you. the visit was not long for the president had to attend to important  business. Senator Patrick had arranged for the kids to go on a tour durning the rest of the day Then he met them at a 5 tar restaurant and the ate Fillet minion and lobster and imported, shrimp from Mexico. He gave them each a check. to show the country's gratitude. Give this checks to Matthew and Nephi. and one to your father Linos and your father Nicos Yes sir. and Nicos. Halina I had some Boxes of Lab equipment that the President felt that would benefit you and all of us, Like he said, some times with the right equipment you can become a provider of good. Halina was speechless.
  On the flight back  Halina said to Lions You know their is enough money between you and I that we could open up our own lab. Nicos herd Halina and said we want to help to and Bobby agreed. then Bobby said to nicos and I going to get that new all terrain 4 wheeler, me too as nicos nodded off to sleep.

 Bobby Adventures