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****** Chapter 11 They must be sick in the head
      See if you can nock that lock off, with that hatchet you have Linos,          I can split that lock one slash, Wow said bobby that is sharp did you see that Jim? Yes. Give me that light, What is this Bob? Its their dynamite shed, Now that's what I'm talking about said Charley. Look at this Stuff  It's the same kind of explosives  we used in the service Desert storm,  I was a demolition expert Well I guess your in charge of blowing up things said Ted And see this ? This is a multi explosion switch You can set off dynamite at 7 different locations at one time or one at a time with in a 15 mile radius It works like a CB radio the loggers use see the antenna, Look how far it extends said Linos It's perfect  bobby get that pack over their and put this stuff on the table in it, this too and this Lino you get that C4 and switch .    and that fuse, see that package?  that's for blowing open a door, ok What is this some kind of sound device I guess I turned it on but can't here any thing, see the needle is on 2 and when I hit this button It jumps to 6.Turn it off and bring it.
     Deep down in the tunnel, all of a sudden Nicos Jumped up hey Mike what's happening?  look at those ants, what's wrong with them, I don't no It must be my dad they must be at the lab, What ever happened the century ants did not like it. What are we going to do. It's time to do some thing said Nicos, That mineral that we have been scraping off the wall that glows get it Pat, no I'm Dave,. I can't tell you a part .just get it. I know what happened said Matthew Your dad must of found a sound gun ,that they used to control  the ants, When we were working here Nephi and I discovered what they were doing ,and we said we did not want any part of their experiments, and they used these sound guns to get the ants to bring us down here and lock us up, Nephi said I'm so sorry that you gyes became captives. We had no Idea what the government was up to. In fact I made a disk and hid it in a explosive storage shed by the back entrance of the lab. Yes Yes said Matthew I seen those guns their they must be by that back entrance. Nicos took off his belt and said mike give me your belt, here is what we will do Matthew and Nephi you get that big rock, it will take both of you to lift it, Pat" Hello I'm Dave, stop playing around, Ok Dave you take this mineral dust and throw it in the ants eyes, and when mike and I will  throw these belts at it's front legs, Ranger Larry you start screaming try to keep it focus on you  you two smash him in the head with that rock got it,  pat get the ants attention , How?  run over their as fast as you can right by us Whistle real loud  several times and then run. Pat Whistled  and the ant got real excited  and he whistle again The ant acted like he could not stand it, Nicos Yelled wait don't run yet  Yelled every body whistle loud keep Whistling, Look He cant stand it , he is getting confused,  ok pat run and pat ran, the century followed right behind him trying to catch him as he brushed by Nicos and Mike, Dave through the dust right in his eyes, they had the belts tied together and tripped the ant, as it lunged forward ,its front legs being being taken out from underneath him He hit the floor right in front Mat and Nephi they slammed that rock as hard as they could , direct hit right on that critters head "THUD" that century ant laid motionless.We did it Be Quite sheeeee we don't' the others to come. Now what Nicos , Here is what we do we have about 3 hours before that other comes and replaces this one We got to get to that lab where my father is We are right behind you nicos lead the way Then Let's go said nicos.. First though lets make us some weapons, break off that ants front legs and we can make some spears, Good Idea Get that rock" knock off those pinchers, here take my jacket said Matthew and take the zipper off and use it to tie those pinchers on that Leg, Nice,  Now make another out of his other leg. Rip the jacket into long pieces Yea that will work said Nephi .we can tie it perfect, look at is eye? said Dave, we knocked it's eye out when we hit it with that rock and when you look backwards through it It's like night vision glasses I can't believe it, Nicos speaks up, I took a class in school about, ants that how they see at night.
Get the other one, Larry said I got itLet's go.
 As Charley and and Sheriff Bob got closer to the rocks Jim shouted Look a trail It's hard to see but lets follow it ,Their said bobby a door We found it It's locked Yes  Before we try blowing it open, We might alert the ants and gofers  lets look around, bobby started around the hill with linos soon they spotted a air vent I will go get Jim said bobby , Hurry Jim we found an air vent, Lets see if we can get it off  Pull Pull. Hold on said Charley get that rope and they doubled it tied to the vent and wrapped it tight around a tree, now get a stick Bigger They put it through the double rope and twisted it soon it got really tight  and started to pull the vent Off Got it I can climb down that vent said linos and starter down, Hold on said Ranger Bob I found a motor bike out behind that hill Some one is in their. Ok said linos I will be careful and get that door open..
  It was a tight fit, lions worked his way down, the vent ended into a large vent where he was able to crawl on his hands and knees. It came to an end their was a vent cover . He look through the vent cover ,he could see a large corridor   He got out his knife chipping on the wood frame and prying the screws out as he lifted to vent off he hung down from the edge and dropped to the the floor  the cushion from his moccasins made no sound at all. As Linos worked toward the back entrance he could see large rooms of computers and tables , lab rooms with large windows, and glass containers with some thing in them. He could hear a humming sound in front of  him like a truck engine running, as the hall turned it opened in to a large room, with huge glass tanks he hunch down and moved close to one as he looked in the tank their was a huge ant suspended on chains in some kind of light bluish green liquid. that had streams of bubbles randomly floating to the top of  the tank They were alive, he had never seen ants this size by the entrance where they seen nicos, it had an eggs sack on it, and eggs were coming out of it and flowing down a glass tube to another room, What are they doing, he thought to him self. The room had silent  motion sensors in it that you could not see. Linos notice a light started blinking , He was not sure of what it was, but was moving Causley  toward the huge door on the far side of the room,
 When The motion censor caught him movement it set off a alarm in a room where the man that was on t the motor bike was He looked up at the monitor and could see Lions, The man mover toward a button on the wall and pushed it, .Liono became motion less as a round cylinder door started to open ,he could see down  in to it a little but it was a dark hole What have I done he thought. Then their was some movement  in the tunnel , What is it , its some large ants but not like the others they were killer ants soon their were about 5 ants  looking for him Linos  ran to where a latter was attached to a tank one of the ants saw him and it headed towards him he grabbed the latter and climbed , another ant climbed over to the other tank and reached across like a bridge and another ant ran across him and now was above him  he was trapped  their pinchers were at least two feet long and they must of been 9 feet in length. An ant hit him with his pincher as is was trying to grab him ,He fell from the latter to the floor below another ant and came across the floor, He jumped to his feet and pulled his  hatchet from his sheaf swinging at it with all his might, the other ant that was on top of the tank  ran towards him Lions remember what his grand father had told him when you are trapped by wolfs stay calm they cannot think as a man, linos started to calm him self , he then ran toward the far wall as the ants followed him He began to jump up and down as an ant lunged at him he jumped up off his feet  then buried that Tomahawk  deep in to it's head, as the other and came at him he jumped and throw him self under the ant and and trust his knife in to the belly of this ant ,the ant squelled out a loud sound and it curled up,  lions then  slashed at another ant as he was backing up to the door, their was the latch to open the door Lino was yelling ants  ants. Charley and Jim were prying at the door to help lions they could here him yelling , lion grab the latch as the ant grab him The door swung open and their was Jim with  that sound gun and  he pointed it at the ant charley was shooting at it ,The ant reared up and dropped linos and started towards the it's hole, bobby took a shot at it and got it in the head it dropped to the ground.  Ranger Bob grabbed linos are you ok yes he said I  thought he was going to eat me, Bob said Aw he would of spit you out.  Linos laughed in relief and said thanks, come on charley Their is a man it that other room let's get him, Jim shot at the lock of the door and and. swung it open yell at the man stop or I will shoot. The man raised his hands up he was no fighter just a book worm of a man  ma be 5Ft 4 and 145 ld Charley grabbed him and said you almost got that Indian boy killed , I'm sorry , You will be ,That's right as sheriff Bob enter the room You are going to jail for attempted murder. How do we get to our friends MR, Here let me close the hatches and secure the ants and gofers  from the main corridor. follow  it down and they are at the bottom look at the monitor I see nicos wait their are some gofers by them ,They must of got out before I closed the hatches You better hope they are all right. as they started down the tunnel and you go first Mr
  As nicos and the rest were coming around a Connor, larry said I heard gun shots and just as he got the words out of his mouth  Nicos yelled stop he grabbed the eye their in front of them were about 10 gofers, we got trouble hurry turn around run  look a door yelled pat , hurry get every body in, We are trapped said mike. the gophers were digging at the walls with sharp claws they were breaking through  the walls Nicos and  mike were swinging their belts and Pat and Dave were trying to stab them, with their ant leg spears one got through and had Dave trapped just then Matthew grab pats weapon and ran right at that rat and plunged in deep into its side. more were breaking through they had no chance. all of a sudden a dog jumped on top of a gopher and started ripping in to his flesh Nicos could not believe his eyes, he grabbed his belt and keep swinging at it's  head as the dog  grab the gopher  by it sought and blood starting pouring out then the dog grab the side of another one and all of a sudden a hatch flue through the air and into the head of a gopher that was just about to rip apart Dave, then some one Yelled Get down on the floor, as flash lights shined in to the room, get down, and then gun shot rang out Bang Bang bang the gophers starting falling  bobby grabbed nicos and pulled him out of the room and the others starting following him ,they were all out and charley slammed the door. They were in the dark What just happened said Nephi, Its papa nicos  Dad Day You came for me and they hugged Then all of a sudden lights starting coming on , I found the main switch .Is this that dog that saved my life nicos ask Come here boy You are sure Brave , What's his name nicos That's Rusty Sheriff bobs dog. Thank you rusty Your a good dog, Dad is Helina and beamer ok Yes son and Pat said is my mom  Yes Dianne is ok O good My sister is ok said mike as as heaped a sigh of relief Hey MR get us out of here, said Bob, his name is Clark he alright He's just a fool, said Nephi Well he all most got nicos eaten by ant's You did your an idiot Clark, now get us out of here said Matthew  as Matthew smacked him  in the head  I told you you were and "Idiot" Please I'm sorry I am stupid I'm just afraid of my bosses, said Clark. Who are your bosses ? barked the sheriff . Matthew said we will get him to talk let get this placed closed  down and get out of here. As they reached the doors Clark spoke up all the files are in their, and ledger books get them  and Over here in here Stop I will get it I don't trust you Clark said Jim My diary it tell ever thing and names. even the names in Washington that authorized this project All right Clark  Said the sheriff We might not fry you  ma be just life in prison.              
  Chapter 12 We must destroy this project