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****** Chapter 10 They find the lab
   The sun is getting closer to those trees Be quite said Charley as they all were laying on their bellies and looking
    over the edge,
What is that? Yelled Bobby     Be Quite said Lino
You don't want them to see us!
     keep down!!! look they are huge ants, and they are bringing some thing out what is it ? It's a man and their are some more ants they are bringing out more people Look Yelled Ted Be Quite  Ted Get Down as one of the sentry ant turned and looked up I'm sorry but it's nicos I don't think he saw us sad charley Lino said their are sentry that keep the people from running. and escaping. Their the ranger Larry spoke lino, that must be mike Dianne's brother, and the twins Who are those other people? I don't no said Jim, lino says their are ma be 4 more. that ant is next to that branch, he is got to move,  they are walking around. give me those glasses, I think that the ranger sees that note , He just stood next to nicos and  then nicos turn and looked right at it , They can't get to it that sentry ant won't move, what can we do Do nothing , look the ranger is running away  from the direction of the tree, He must be trying to get that ant attention , its working it is after him and nicos is reading the note, He is looking around, he is tanking off his belt and holding it up Look the flash Its His belt buckle he is signaling us, Good job Nicos The ranger Larry is ok the ant just pushed him back with the others and nicos too. We did it Lino we did it, Yea now me must find that lab and the entrance, Lets go Quit now lamented Charley , as he put his arm around Ted and He's alive .we will get him home.   

      We must hurry it will be dark soon,  we are almost back to the truck and It's getting dark I cant wait to tell every one nicos and mike and the ranger are all right halina will be so happy  said bobby, The truck  now lets load up this gear and get back to camp said Jim,  As they pulled in to camp Dianne and halina and of coerce beamer came running out of the trailer  Your back Your back we have been worried, Charley jumped out of the and yelled We have seen Mike and Nicos  They are alive. What said haline my brother is alive? yes we have seen them Dianne burst into tears of joy I'm so happy and the twins Yes they were with them. You must be starved  I have a big pot of beans and , Halina broke in and said we made muffins and a big cake for you gyes, then Halina turned to Linos and said to you like cake Yes, O good I made a small spice cake with sprinkles for you, and bobby started to laugh, I mean for every body, Linos smiled and said sounds good,  Jim said lets eat and try to figure out  how to find that lab. As they were eating  their by the fire, they heard a noise Charley told bobby real quietly, go get my rifle , its by that stump be care full it's loaded bobby ran over and gave it to charley then they heard a voice Hello Hello Don' shoot I'm Bob Tunner the sheriff. It's the sheriff  We been saved said halina, be quite halina said Ted, Come on in sheriff , you can call me Sam ok Sam, and whom might that feller be That's Rusty my dog H's a good looking dog and beamer ran up to check him out,  Rusty sit said Sam and he sat right by his side as beamer tried to get him to play Rusty did not budge, Jim said he looks a smart dog, Bobby said can I pet him sure said Sam go rusty and rusty blasted right over to get petted by bobby, beamer right on his tail  Pet me pet me Bobby side I love you to Beamer now settle down .  Dianne ask Sheriff Bob, Hot coffee Please I had a tough time climbing through that slide down below took me most of the day, Are you folks all right? So far we are but we have some family taken captive. Really  Dianne came out and said here is a big bowl of beams and some potatoes, Is that corn bread, Yes sir Good I'm starving. Didn't I meet you and , and  Mike my husband down in town Yes but mike has been taken and the boys too! and  Charley told us that he had seen them alive today. Please help us, Come sit down and we will tell you all about it. said Jim Good said Bob, then said  Have you seen Larry the ranger up here Yes said Jim, he is with the others. Come here son!  aren't you Chief  living waters boy Yes sir Where is your father, He is sick and in Seattle, Seattle for how long, 5 mounts, You been up here all by your self, No The Dear and elk and eagle are my friends, You are like your father and so grown up now I remember you when your father would bring you to town with your grand father, What's his name? Chief Sun Eagle, He new my dad , They used to trap together. and they would take me and your father with them, I know this area just like the back of my hand. We used to have a secret place by the river where we would swing from a big branch over the river and drop and swim, I know of it my camp is above it where the old log hut you and my father built. It's still their? It's getting late Kids time for bed, where is lino bobby ask halina he went in to the woods I guess to sleep. I hope he is all right, O you think he's cute, don' say any thing I think he's brave , Bobby laughed he will be all right he's an Indian, they are tough, You should of seen him climb that rope after he scaled down that steep mountain to get that note to nicos, he Did I'm so happy, Good night bobby Good night Halina Sweet dreamssss As he chuckled to him self. Sheriff Bob laid out his sleeping bag climbed in it and rusty laid next to his head so Bob could use him as a pillow You could tell they were long time friends. Sam scratched old rusty head and he dosed off to sleep..
  Early the next morning Charley woke up I better get up, I got to get that camp fire going,  As he came out of the trailer the fire was going and there on one nee petting rusty was lino, Up early lino? Yes time to save our friends, That's the sprit lino, I will start breakfast, the smell of that bacon will wake up every one for sure. Sure enough Ranger Bob said, as he was walking up to the fire Charley's restaurant  is it open yes sir Coffee Yes sir, That hot yep,

Stop rusty settle down all right
come here I scratch your ears, he likes that said lino. What kind of dog is he? ask lino Austrian Sheppard

He sure is smart, Yes sir and has saved my life many times, One time I fell in a river and hit my head and it knocked me out and rusty dove in and dragged me to the bank Saved my life for sure. I would like a dog like that
Yep Hard to fine one like him said Sheriff Bob  In fact one time a wolf came it to our camp and he got a surprise when old rusty came out from the tent and slammed him right to the ground, and ripped right in to him, Ran that critter right out of camp. He is a great dog Come here rusty said lino I will call you Rusty kobay, What does that mean? Ask bobby,
Fear no mountain. I don't know if he's that tough. I think beamer could whip him said halina,  laughter broke out and Ted grab halina gave her a big hug ,Beamer  would protect you even from a grizzly yes daddy he would eat that bear, Every one was laughing. beamer was barking and rusty just quietly sat next to lino why lino was petting him  

  What so funny ? Dianne we were talking about  Bob's dog rusty and halina thinks beamer could eat a grizzly said bobby, He could and beat up a mountain lion, as halina grab Dianne's hand and brought her to the fire He could" couldn't he. Yes he could sweet heart. Coffee Dianne ask Jim, Please, I will get you some sugar as halina ran to to the trailer.
   Ranger Bob ask what has been happening? So as Charley was telling him  he showed him the map Bob said Look right where you lines are meeting together, that's is where the lab is. We were up their And did not see any thing. Well I might be able to fine it, I know a back way in to that lab , I watch them build it They brought in tons of cement and steel I know it is in tack, it was a fortress. Lets get our gear together Ted, Jim, bobby grab some of that jerky Bobby lino you have to ride in the back Ranger Bob Commanded rusty Load up and in a flash rusty was in the back of that truck before those boys could think. Wow said bobby It's going to be fun keeping up with that dog, Linos said he is strong.
 This is where I drug that thing that was burring in our fire pit said Ted, over their their is the edge that I pushed it over, Sheriff Bob started to walk to the other side of that landing and starter up a small hill, Jim said wait up as rusty was already at the top of the hill. We will be right back boys Lets check out the area said charley to Ted and the boy's.

Now see this back trail look out younder at the base of those rocks is a back entrance to that lab, Now let's walk back to the road where we
turned in to this landing









Look at that slide to the left  that is the area where the front entrance was under that slide of rocks Yea you would never know their was any thing their,  Where we were at on that hill you can see weigh back their look right down the middle of that draw see the base of those
rocks. The back door


Charley Come here you were right just like you said!   This is where the hub for those gofers are,
  Sheriff Bob say's first as we get closer I will  show you a building that is full of

  Chapter 11 They must be sick in the head