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Grotto Mountain


  Bobbies Adventures   Danger in the woods

Its early on a chilly morning it the wooded area of Washington up by ice creek & about the 700 line of a Crown Zellerback logging rd..
We were up hunting for Elk.
Bear and Rock chucks. Deer season is over, Charley got a nice 4 point. about 200 yards off the main rd. nice. Made a bunch of jerky out of that buck & brought up about a half of a pillow case of peppered jerky, couple of beers a a little wild turkey (he says Snake Bite you know)  block of cheese canned chilly and several bags of salted in the shell peanuts. Life is good. o yea and I got my trusty short fishing pole. caught some nice rainbows, Charley says that's why they bring me cause I'm a good fisherman. Love to fish.
  I been hunting with old Charley & Jim for about! Well Jim used to hold the rifle for me so I could shoot squirrels, boy I was 7 then and I'm 14 now. He's like my dad, he raised me when my papa died, Jim stay's out on the farm and does all the chores that me and mom can't do, you know fencing fixing the barn and boy could he tame some of those wild horses they catch up in the hills of northern Nevada. beside they used to have a bounty on coyotes, used to scare me half out of my wits in the middle of the night saying bobby bobby I'm going to eat you and chasing me with the head and teeth claws of the critters.
   We got here late, so we are trying to find a spot and set up camp Look Jim their is a spot no says charley, find a spot down by to river where we will have running water and can throw bobby in, yea you and what army I will help you Charley, no Jim your supposed to be on my side. Look their is a great spot, good eye bobby, ok lets back up this old beast, You can fit it back here is about 50 ft back so that will give us about 12ft clearance to set up the table out back of the trailer. Room for the awning Yep its about 75ft wide area , Good says Jim. Bobby get some wood be careful their are bear out their BEAR , just whistle a toon!  No bear could stand how you whistle, he would run for sure. ok here take this light and don't go far, ok charley got that side of the trailer  level ? yep got it, this side is good, ok get in there and make that coffee charley ok,  I will go help bobby, Where are you bobby? over here, You stink bobby what did you get in to, I don't know Jim, I was walking over their and it really stinks, Well lets take this wood back and get warm, I need some of that hot coffee. Looks like you boys got a nice fire going, I got some chilly and hotdogs ready Thanks Charley I'm starved. What's that smell? you didn't catch a ferret or something bobby? no Charley, I got something on my jacket, take it off and hang it on that tree and let it air out, here put this coat on it's light , thanks Jim, Now go get me some of those cookies in the upper drawer, Yea  cookies. What do you think he got it to Jim. I Don't no but it was pretty strong, We can take a look in the morning. ok Charley let get some shut eye 5 a clock comes pretty early,
     Boy is in frosty this morning, hey Jim drag bobby out of bed, lets get up to look out ridge and see if we can spot that heard of elk, Come on bobby get up. Got every thing Jim don't fog get the spotting scope, I will get it Jim ok Bobby get it and lets go.
Hey Charley did you move my jacket ? it wasn't hanging on the tree this morning No, I did not move it either. Ma be a lion thought is was good to eat, are their lion up here Charley some bobby just don't be wondering off  stay close to camp, I will.
   Look up their on that ridge Yea looks like about six mule deer any bucks? no all does. they are really cool. that's what that jerky is made out of bobby but only a buck, That was a nice big buck. now keep your eyes open for those elk. How much further to the look out point. Well were not going that high up yet we are going to go down that small cannon that charley seen that 6 by 7 bull yea big rack . Yea I hope he is still their he might be just waiting for you charley, Stop the truck look fresh tracks going down that draw, little bit of snow up here helps. Ok Jim you and bobby drive down to the bottom and I will go down this draw  and ma be push  an elk or two down to you. Ok give me about 10 min before you start.Got your walkie talkie? ok. Get in the truck bobby This is fun! Now be quite bobby when we get down their and don't slam the door when you get out, I wont I will be quite as a mouse, This spot will do, Be careful where you point that rifle. Sit behind that log . ok , This is a great spot Jim, be quite, ok, Did you wear that stinking jacket? No. I can smell that same smell from last night, Me too now be quite. 
  10 minutes ok Guess their in place,  I better be care full I'm not as young as I was,
I will drop down to that stand of pine trees and work my way to that point, so I can look down to the left of the gully. It sure is quite in here and really wet like it has been raining or humid It must be 20 degrees warmer in these trees Weird and What is that smell. I will climb out on that rock over their, Nice view their is the road way down their where Jim and bobby are. Hey look over their is that a dead wolf? I think I will check it out!
that must be what that smell is from, yea it a wolf alright, what wrong with it's head?
let me get a stick ,

Wooo, the top of his head  has a huge hole in it, about the size of a of my fist, Their nothing in his head no blood brains It's like something has sucked out his brains, and check that out, his right front paw is missing It looks like some thing ripped it off yet left the bone in tact Some thing skinned off his front paw with the claws intact.
What could do that? besides that hole in his head is a perfect circle, no teeth  marks or tearing ,just a perfect hole. Look some elk tracks, Fresh they must of checked out this wolf. Headed in that direction, I think I will check it out. look at that is that some kind of drag marks? heading up to those rocks? That smell is worse like rotten fish. I'm going to head down to where Jim and bobby are. Look Jim their is Charley he sure is walking fast
Hey What's wrong Charley? Don't no but That smell that was on bobby's jacket  was up in that gully by a thicket of maple trees, and I found a dead Wolf,  Dead wolf  I want to see it,  No Get in the truck Bobby lets get out of here. Jim you drive, ok, you are sure shook up,  It was weird up their, What killed that wolf? I don't no bobby never seen any thing like it. Let's head back to camp and eat, Good idea I'm starved , you are always hungry bobby. good idea charley and then we will head up to the ranger station about 4:00 and hunt that area behind old ray's cabin, Will tell that ranger about that wolf, maybe he knows what's going on.

  Chapter 2  Bobby meets new friends